Did you know you can manage projects in the same place you keep your code? Set up a project board on GitHub to streamline and automate your workflow. Add issues and pull requests to your board and prioritize them alongside note cards containing ideas or task lists. Sort tasks into columns by status.

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In this project i am going to interface latches with 89c51, 89c52 microcontroller. Rather they are new and designed by us. This will clear you about the internal structure of…. On software side i am using Hyper terminal. Here is a simple tutorial on how to interface stepper motor with 89c51 microcontroller. We can rotate stepper in clock and anti clock wise direction. Stepper motor speed can also be varied. There are many types of steeper motors four…. Graphical lcds comes in many sizes, they also differ in characteristics.

Some can be…. Numerous microcontrollers are available in market and each has its own programming ide Integrated development environment. In this tutorial we are going to…. Controlling led brightness or fading an led using 89c51,89c52 microcontroller is not an easy task.

How to…. Here is a simple project on counting people, persons, vehicles or any thing passing through certain place. The place may be a gate, door, bridge or some thing else. Project could be named as object counter or visitor counter.

In this tutorial will learn how to interface ADC Analog to Digital Converter with 89c51,89c52 microcontroller. Hence we can not directly measure any analog value voltage, Temperature present in the….

This tutorial is made by following the same steps enlisted in the above tutorial. The only difference is, in…. The main crux of the project lies in the code of the project. To use its buttons we have to write a…. Automatic door locks are becoming popular in industry and many companies are using them to protect their valuables. In offices and homes automatic door locks systems are used for the safety of rooms and to allow only authorized persons to enter the office. Automatic door lock systems are also popular in banks.

Banks use automatic…. Digital alarm with 89c51,89c52 microcontroller is a comprehensive project. Comprehensive in the form that its code is very lengthy. Programming is not an easy stuff for every one , and when it comes to program a microcontroller it becomes more complex to write a code for desired output if you are not familiar with the…. Moving or scrolling text on lcd is not very hard it is only the game of programming the more expert you are in programming the more you can do fun.

In this tutorial i am going to build a simple two digit calculator with 89c51,89c52 microcontroller. Calculator takes two single digits and an operator as input and produces output.

I this tutorial i am going to control the direction of dc motor using 89c51 microcontroller and ld motor driver. In this post i am going to teach you how to use and interface servo motors with microcontroller.

Servo motors are different from ordinary motors. They can rotate from 0-degree to degree depending on the motor specification. Connect with Engineers Garage on Social Media. Search Engineers Garage.


projects with ATMEL 89C51 or 89C52

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100+ Microcontroller Based Mini Projects Ideas

Log in or Sign up. You can now buy finished microcontroller project from us, Check out the Store for the complete list of projects. Need a custom project, Send us some details about your project. So that we can quote the price for it. Buy projects Buy Custom Project? How 89c52 mcu work as Keyboard Controller?


SSI with 89C52

Earlier, we have already published various projects ideas like Embedded Systems Projects , top PIC microcontroller projects, etc. All those projects ideas are gathered from different sources and published here especially for final year engineering students. Due to many impressive features of microcontrollers, any engineering student like to work on the projects based on microcontrollers. So, In this page, we are going to publish the list of mini projects based on microcontroller. These microcontroller based mini projects are very useful for the engineering students of II and III year. Related Post: Projects on Electronics. You may write your comments, feedback, opinions and any new projects ideas by visiting our contact us page.

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