Angelcare AC has been discontinued. See all Angelcare Baby Monitors. I was given this by a friend second hand it still works amazingly as it alerted me when my baby stoped breathing due to a blocked nose. I was able to wake him and nothing serious happened.

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ManAC angl-fra 14 july This monitor is equipped with a digital coding system which eliminates interferences. For use of 2 Angelcare. Angelcare in another household, ensure the 2 monitors have 2 different digital coding. Connect the two sensor pads using the shorter wires.

P osition sensor pads as illustrated. If you are using a bassinette or a small crib, position the one sensor pad with 2. Connect the long sensor pad cord to.

The printed side of sensor pads MUST be face up. DO NOT tuck thick. Make sure all 3 units the 2 parent units and the nurser y unit are on the same channel. Operating tips. T roubleshooting. Figure 2 Figure 3. M ode l AC Ba tter y compartment.

Adapter socket S ensor Pad Socket. Sensor P ad Sensor Pad. Alarm will not sound as monitor is. The Sensor Pad and its cord is entirely passive. They carry no electrical current and do not. The Nursery Unit emits only ver y low power radio signals through its antenna.

These signals do not present. The sound monitor of one AC is sufficient to monitor both babies in the same room. Position Sensor P ad as illustrated Figures 1 and 2. The printed side. DO NOT tuck thick bedding under the edges of the mattress. STEP 2. Movement: T o use the movement only function. This does not transmit an y sound to the parent unit.

Sound: T o hear sounds and see sound lights on Parents Unit. NOTE: The sensitivity adjustment has been preset. If poor capture of movement red flashing. STEP 3. Connect AC adapter to Parents Unit and plug adapter to an electrical outlet. Model ACR: The pre-installed NiMh rechargeable batteries need to be charged for 15 hours continuously before first-time. T o charge, connect the AC adapter to the Parents Unit. Plug AC adapter to an electrical outlet Figure 3. The batteries will charge.

The position of the switches will not effect charging. For longest battery life, recharge the P arents Unit when the orange Low Battery light flashes. Batteries need to be charged. STEP 4. If reception is not clear , switch to another channel. Make sure both units are on the same channel. If you forget. T o a void feedback. It will stay ON for During this time the nursery unit is sending the settings to the parents unit. Once the room temperature is displayed on the.

STEP 5. Otherwise, unit will revert to battery mode. Insert batteries into Nursery. When orange Low Batter y indicator flashes, change batteries promptly or recharge P arents. Unit for Model ACR. Monitoring of. This may disrupt the transmission of the alarm. Ensure that all vibration sources are. Avoid contact. Refer to the Movement. Sensitivity Adjustment and T roubleshooting section. Parents Unit may pick up signals or interference from other nursery. Y our monitor may even be picked up by other.

T o protect your privacy , make sure both units are in the. There are no. Refer all service questions to. Route cords so that they are not likely to be walked on or. DO NOT immerse in. Use a dry cloth to keep monitor free from dust. DO NOT spray with.

Wipe Sensor Pad with a very slightly. T est monitor when moving Sensor Pad to a new location. Consult the Movement Sensitivity Adjustment section. Step 1. Have someone else speak into the Nursery Unit or place a radio near. Nursery Unit. Y ou should hear sound from the Parents Unit. If there is no. Make sure that both units are. If reception is not c lear ,. Step 2. T est monitor to detect movement. Switch Nursery Unit to the. Gently move your hand on the mattress.

Place crib near a solid supporting. The sensitivity of the Sensor Pad may. Step 3. T o stop alarm, place your hand lightly on mattress for Sensor. Pad to redetect movement. The red Alarm indicator light on the Nursery. Unit will continue to flash 1 minute Figure 3. Step 4. Verify that the battery mode is functional by opera ting both units.

The green Power light should appear on both units. Parents Unit: When orange Low Batter y indicator light appears, replace. For Model ACR, recharge. Nursery Unit: When orange Low Battery indicator light a ppears a rapid. If not, the light will. Mo vement Sensitivity Adjustment.


Angelcare AC301 Manuals

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