The description is based on the most recent operating system and program versions at the time of printing. No part of this documentation may be reproduced by photocopying or other means without the prior written permission of Siemens VDO Automotive AG. The purpose of this documentation This documentation is intended exclusively for internal use as an aid when performing service tasks; any other use is prohibited. In most cases, the names mentioned in this documentation are registered trademarks and will be used in the following without specific reference to the holder.

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Version 1. The rating of the strength of mechanisms does not include the cryptoalgorithms suitable for.

The confirmed evaluation level only applies on the condition that all stipulations regarding. IT product by the Federal Office for In for mation Security or any other organisation that recognises or. The certification body monitors each individual evaluation to ensure a uni for m.

Further in for mation can be obtained from. Chapter 1 and 2 of this document represents the complete Security Target [5] used for. It specifies the required security en for cing functions. Tachograph cards Smart cards intended for use with the recording. The TOE monitors two chip card interfaces for a driver and a co-driver to detect. The TOE incorporates a real-time clock buffered by a battery. The basis for the. The time resolution value is 1 sec. The external data memory is used for recording all activities of both drivers 1 and 2.

These interrupt sources are separate inputs of the controller. So the reason for the. All of the functions of the program of the TOE are per for med too in the power saving. This manual is the guidance document for authorised workshop staff, fitters and vehicle.

Note: The security data generation is per for med in a trusted environment in the. There for e the security objectives of the VU, contributing to the global security objective,. Controls Law en for cement controls must be per for med regularly. Company remote connection capability is optional.

This paragraph there for e applies. VU manufacturers may for esee dedicated devices for additional VU management. Access controls ensure that in for mation is read from, created in, or modified into the. There for e, the. The recording equipment can output any data to display, printer or external interfaces with the. The TOE provides this security en for cing function of access control for.

Vehicle unit identification data are recorded and stored once and for all by the. The time adjustment function shall allow for adjusting the current time in amounts of. The time adjustment function shall allow for adjusting the current time without.

The TOE provides this security en for cing function of accountability for. The data memory shall be able to hold specific conditions data for at least days. The data memory shall be able to store midnight odometer values for at least Tachograph cards data update shall be such that, when needed and taking into. Audit capabilities are required only for events that may indicate a manipulation or a. It is not required for the normal exercising of rights even if. During this process, the recording equipment shall wait for entries no longer than.

Since the TOE is a single protected entity, this requirement does not apply for. The TOE provides this security en for cing function of reliability of service. The audit record is displayed and stored in the memory for event and faults. The suitability analysis assigns the security en for cing functions and mechanisms to the.

It also shows how the security en for cing functions and mechanisms. It shows that a security en for cing function or. The analysis of the strength of mechanisms lists all security en for cing mechanisms as. The evaluation facility has examined, that all mechanisms identified as critical, fulfil the. The evaluation facility has. The analysis has been checked for. The evaluation facility has per for med. The security target describes the security en for cing functions provided by the TOE.

The security en for cing functions listed in the security target are specified. The security target explains, why the functionality is. The security target correspond fully to the generic security target [13] for the vehicle.

The evaluation facility has examined, that the in for mation provided meets all the. It describes the separation of the TOE into security en for cing and other.

The detailed design describes the realisation of all security en for cing and security. Specifications for the mechanisms have. These specifications are suitable for the analysis interrelationships. The in for mation on the configuration control system describe the use of the system in. For the implementation of the TOE C compiler and the assembler for the vehicle unit. The evaluation facility has searched for errors in the.

The user documentation [9] and [10] describes the security en for cing functions relevant. This documentation is structured, internally consistent, and consistent with all. The procedure for delivery is described. A procedure approved by BSI for this. The following components listed in the Table are provided for a customer, who. On every. If an error is detected, a reset is per for med or the error is displayed or. It must be assured by organisational measures, that the necessary data for.

Six levels for correctness and effectiveness are defined for assessment of the. The confirmed evaluation level only applies on the condition that all stipulations regarding generation, configuration and operation as far as specified in the Certification Results are kept and that the product is operated in the environment described, where one is specified.

This certificate is only valid in conjunction with the complete Certification Report. The notes mentioned on the reverse side are part of this certificate. Bonn, Helmbrecht L. Certification of a product is carried out on the instigation of the vendor or a distributor, hereinafter called the sponsor.

A part of the procedure is the technical examination evaluation of the product according to the security criteria published by the BSI or generally recognised security criteria. The result of the certification procedure is the present Certification Report. This report contains among others the certificate summarised assessment and the detailed Certification Results.

The Certification Results contain the technical description of the security functionality of the certified product, the details of the evaluation strength and weaknesses and instructions for the user.

It includes also the recognition of Protection Profiles based on the CC. This work was completed by the BSI on This Certification Report only applies to the version of the product indicated here.

The validity can be extended to new versions and releases of the product, provided the sponsor applies for re-certification of the modified product, in accordance with the procedural requirements, and the evaluation does not reveal any security deficiencies.

For the meaning of the evaluation levels and the confirmed strength of mechanisms, please refer to the excerpts from the criteria at the end of the Certification Report. Further copies of this Certification Report can be requested from the vendor 7 of the product.

The Certification Report can also be downloaded from the abovementioned website. It states the claimed minimum strength of security mechanisms and the required level of assurance for the development and the evaluation.

The security target states the security functions and assumptions on the environment and describes how they are implemented in the Digital Tachograph DTCO , Release 1. Requirements, referred to in the security target, are those of the body of Annex 1 B. For clarity of reading, duplication sometimes arises between Annex 1 B body requirements and security target requirements.

In case of ambiguity between a security target requirement and the Annex 1 B body requirement referred by this security target requirement, the Annex 1 B body requirement shall prevail. Annex 1 B body requirements not referred by security targets are not the subject of security en for cing functions.

Unique labels have been assigned to threats, objectives, procedural means and SEF specifications for the purpose of traceability to development and evaluation documentation. C equipment certificate EQTj. SK equipment private key EQTj. PK equipment public key EUR. Entity A device connected to the VU specific definition see S1. Motion data The data exchanged with the VU, representative of speed and distance travelled specific definition see O


DTCO digitaler Fahrtenschreiber VDO Tachograph 1381 12v

Quick Links. Instruction manual for contractors and drivers. Table of Contents. Page 2: Legal Notice P. Box Villingen-Schwenningen Germany www. Any rights derived from the copyright remain with Continental Automotive GmbH.


VDO DTCO 4.0 Instruction Manual


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