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It is time for our 42RE transmission super sale. The A is also more commonly known as the 42RE. It is a 4 speed automatic that was originally manufactured by TorqueFlite. The 42RE was used in Dodge and Jeep applications from through For a limited time, when you purchase our 42RE transmission we will throw in a performance lockup torque converter and Hayden internal cooler for free. Our 42RE features Performance valve body, throttle valve, manual valve, four spool switch valve, pressure regulator, and governor plugs.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sure Cure Kits combine the best Sonnax products into one box, offering rebuilders a convenient and cost-effective way to address common transmission problems. These kits simplify ordering, stocking and estimating job costs, and include easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions that cover the inspection and repair of the most critical areas of the unit, and even a reference list of rebuilding specifications.

Regular duty, heavy duty, gas, and diesel applications. This package includes a rapid fill manual valve. This valve allows normal converter drainage with motor off but instant fill in park when motor is started. Special lip seal supplied for direct drum. This seal delivers better durability and sealing ability. This package includes a new governor pressure control valve. This valve allows operating pressure to be raised for heavy-duty use without fear of setting code Sonnax overdrive shim kit K eliminates the need to stock multiple OE selective spacers by providing one.

Shaft oil galley is not properly cleaned unless plugs are removed. Plugs that are left out or replaced with larger orifices decrease critical lube to planetaries. This pilot has a reduced orifice for improved lube flow, and end plug allows the shaft galley to be cleaned and a replacement plug installed.

Sonnax offers a specially designed accumulator spring to restore the proper shift feel. This accumulator spring re-establishes proper shift feel in these transmissions. Wear of the OE valve or the bore at the V metering groove circuit causes sensitive , shift timing.

Wear at the sleeve area reduces throttle pressure and causes early shifts. The Sonnax oversized valve and plunger restore proper clearances to prevent cross leaking and throttle buzz. For use in conjunction with 'later pressure regulator valve only. Wear in the valve body casting at the large diameter of either the or governor plugs causes governor oil pressure to leak past the shift valve governor plugs.

View Instructions The TV bore wears out easily in listed Chrysler RWD transmissions, with the 48RE seeing much higher rates of poor line pressure rise and inconsistent shift timing compared to earlier units. Sonnax heavy duty throttle valve kit HDK3 is ideal for earlier, wide-open throttle shift points in new or lightly used valve bodies. The modified valve reduces gear hunting and the need to back off the throttle when shifting under heavy load.

An optional balance spring improves throttle control if the bore shows minimal wear. The practice of drilling a hole between passages is problematic. This outdated technique contributes to slow engagements or — if the hole is improperly drilled — excessive converter pressure and low line pressure. The best way to improve oil flow is to replace the OE valve with Sonnax lube regulatored pressure regulator valve AK, which ensures oil flow under extreme operating conditions and prevents drainback when the truck is off.

Install this steel valve for improved stability. Lube regulation improves converter feed at low RPM and high throttle conditions. Poor converter line feed pressure caused by worn-out PR bores leads to delayed engagements as well as pump bushing and lube failure.

The Sonnax valve kit offers increased stability while lube regulation improves converter feed at low RPM and high throttle conditions. The OEM valve stroke is insufficient to control circuit timing of applied vs. Salvage the worn bore and improve timing and flow to the apply and release circuits with this improved oversized valve. The OE retainer in listed Chrysler applications is prone to cracking and breaking, which allows the boost valve and spring to fall out of position. That causes a leak of 4th gear and TCC oil pressure.

Sonnax boost valve spring retainer eliminates this leakage by securely keeping the valve and spring in place, and is made from steel for greater durability than the OE retainer. The U-shaped bracket at the top of valve body that retains the boost valve and spring breaks, allowing the spring and valve to fall out of position.

OE plastic accumulators in listed Chrysler units are prone to breaking and have poor sealing qualities, and metal rings offered with aftermarket accumulators also have sealing issues. The improved design and material of Sonnax accumulator piston kit K eliminates cross-leaks between circuits. Includes Patented "Mumbly Peg" tool to make install much easier and enough parts for 3 transmissions. Allows use of worn Valve Body. Convenient drop in valves, No special tooling or machining necessary!

Keeps manual Valve properly indexed. Special Instructions: Professional installation recommended. The OE aluminum servo plugs wear and gall due to soft material and also are prone to break at the spring seat area.

Excessive torque converter hub-to-pump bushing clearance is a root cause of code 38, TCC slip codes, front seal leakage, loss of prime code 35, and pump noise. The OE bushing is machined in place, allowing a wide tolerance on pump housing bore diameters.

Bore diameters can vary by more than. This wide tolerance is a problem when using standard replacement bushings. Standard replacement bushings will often have. The Sonnax improved fit pump bushing will restore the clearance necessary for proper operation.

The Sonnax bushings should be used when the housing diameter is greater than 1. Part No. The high reverse line pressure continues to apply against a cocked piston, causing piston breakage. The bore of the piston also wears from side loading, resulting in insufficient band apply pressure. This newly designed piston is much wider and uses a teflon support ring along with lip seal to create a completely stable piston. This piston will not flip in the bore.

The lip seal has been moved up to enable it to work in a less worn portion of the bore. This can prove as a real case saver. Upgraded standard replacement for NK and an oversized NK piston retainer to allow rebuildeers to salvage the expensive reverse drum. The oversized piston retainer requires only turning the I. View Instructions When Chrysler changed the design of its digital neutral safety switch, the case hole was made larger. These late-model 42RE, 46RE and 47RE cases could not be used for applications requiring the early style neutral safety switch.

Sonnax NSS adapter kit K screws into a late-model case and when used with an earlier style valve body manual lever, allows these cases to be used in earlier model vehicles. The tapered threads and the lack of a stop on the OE cooler line fitting can load the case and create a fracture, resulting in leakage that may require replacing the case.

The Sonnax adapter seals on the leading edge, preventing fluid from reaching the fitting threads and crack. The fitting has straight, not tapered threads to prevent the crack from spreading. Categories Toggle Navigation. Find Parts. Downloads 42RE 2. OH A Login to order. OH A,42RE Frictionpack A, 42RE Allomatic.

Frictionpack A up Dynax. Steelpack A, 42RE. VB 42RE Large pump inlet. VB 42RE up Large pump inlet. VB Rebuild 42RE early transducer. VB 42RE up. Transmission Fluid Chrysler 1L. Package Quantity: 5. This spacer works great to clean up the shift as well as better time the servo release on the up-shift.

The kick down will clean up as well. The Chrysler shifter seal saver is designed to be an economical way to add support to the manual control shaft at the case to help prevent a leak at the seal. Allows proper set of end clearance. Eliminates need to stock multiple OE spacers. The rivet must be installed as described on instruction sheet or damage to the insulator will occur. Ease the insulator into place on the detent lever carefully to avoid damaging the plastic material.

The use of the Sonnax pilot allows the salvage or conversion of early, small-diameter pilot A shafts to later, large-diameter applications. The Sonnax end plug allows the shaft to be cleaned, preventing post-rebuild contamination. Symptoms: Poor lube oil control Recontamination of new parts Unable to clean shaft Cause: Shaft oil galley is not properly cleaned unless plugs are removed.

Correction: This pilot has a reduced orifice for improved lube flow, and end plug allows the shaft galley to be cleaned and a replacement plug installed. If used to replace OE steel valves, early upshifts may occur. Spacerplate 42RE. Restores proper shift feel.

Sonnax spring is the duplicate of the OE spring in the 47RE diesel application.


42RE (A500) Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart

TorqueFlite also seen as Torqueflite is the trademarked name of Chrysler Corporation 's automatic transmissions , starting with the three-speed unit introduced late in the model year as a successor to Chrysler's two-speed PowerFlite. In the s, the TorqueFlite name was dropped in favor of alphanumeric designations, although the latest ZF-based transmissions with the eight-speed automatic has revived the name. Torqueflites use torque converters and Simpson gearsets , two identical planetary gearsets sharing a common sun gear. Chrysler Corporation licensed this gearset from Simpson in The first Torqueflites provided three speeds forward plus reverse.


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