Not so long ago, I got two Aiptek picoprojectors. The Aiptek PocketCinema V60 model has already undergone a detailed review and, after some hesitation, has taken the permanent place of a home device. The next step is the purchase of HDMI-stick on Android, whose review, by the way, will also be published soon. For me, this is somewhat surprising, because it would seem more sensible to bet on a more budget Aiptek PocketCinema V60 with a meager number of competitors.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Well we've just come back from IFA show and have had a sneak preview of what we'll all be wanting for Christmas Often IFA only shows a few brief glimpses of what's coming up but we were pleasantly surprised this year with the wealth of new generation products ranging from pico projectors to eye controlled TV's, quality headcams and car camcorders to help proetct you in the event of an accident.

Aiptek Z3 Sports Camera - If you're into your sports then the chances are you want to be recording your amazing performances on your bike, skis, surf board, skuba dive, windsurfing or even your rally car.

The snag is most headcams or sports camcorders dont come with all the necessary accessories to attach your camera to your chosen equipment.

The good news about the Aiptek Z3 camera is it comes with all the kit you're ever gonna need in the box to mount the camera.

It also offers full HD with a degree viewing angle. Aiptek V pocket projector was on show proving its ideal for home portable enterntainment. It takes a bit of getting used to but in seconds your eyes easily control the TV and can change channels and open documents on the smart TV's.

Just to show how off the wall the guys are at Haier they had people jumping and spinning off the walls all day which actually is one the better PR stunts we've seen. It will however only work with new devices from the latest Galaxy range such as S3 mobile phone or the new ultra cool Galaxy wifi cameras.

You can even use it as a tablet or simply show the person sat opposite you exactly what your seeing so could be great for presentations. They also showed a few other cool concept screens similar to the Asus Transformer laptops.

Lets hope they decide to release them. Samsung Galaxy cameras - they seem to have gone mental for cameras this year at Samsung with 3 new models out to suite everyone from the casual user to the professional. They all have wifi on them and the zoom lens on this samsung camera is x20 optical but its so easy to use and incredibly light. There is a lighter smaller compact version too which you'd be happy to carry around and the wifi and 3G options mean you can always transfer those photos.

LG had some really widescreen displays as well so if your into your spreadsheets then this is pefect for you at 21" wide you're never gonna run out of columns again. Although slightly smaller than other hybrids we've seen we cant see it beating the Casio laser projector specs any time soon with only lumens plus the fact its the heaviest projector we've come across in a while.

AEG Eclipse 10 Designer Cordless Phone - a nice bit of kit to confuse everyone in the office when the phone rings the first time - see if they can guess where the ring comes from My Account Checkout Log In. Tag Archives: Aiptek v pocket projector. Recent Posts. Should i buy a TV or Projector for home cinema?

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Aiptek PocketCinema V100 DLP Pico Projector overview



AIPTEK PocketCinema V100 Brochure & Specs


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Aiptek PocketCinema V100 Pico Projector Review: 120 inches for $ 415


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