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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jul 28, It is about concept and reference, aiming at fostering brainstorming to contribute to better decision making.

This IP object, not subject is a value proposition which represents a commitment to providing a set of attributes to the expectations of someone subject, not object who, in turn, will be willing to exchange something for it. IP is an experience whose best attribute is its ability to remain in time. Expand this shortness which keeps us from understanding, and, consequently, prevents us from taking action, getting control.

We are limited at understanding, surveying, exploring, assessing; we work and make decisions based on abstract models which can only be conveyed on a piece of paper; we must learn how to train and believe in our own critical and creative thinking.

Only that will enable us to take in information and turn it into knowledge, and be innovative enough to consequently deliver a satisfier other than a cheap imitation. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Intelligent Product. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on.

Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Business , Technology. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Intelligent Product 1. Pablo AristizabalC.

O at Competir. A University of Buenos Aires 1 2. It is about concept and reference, aiming atfostering brainstorming to contribute to betterdecision making. This IP object, not subject is a valueproposition which represents a commitment toproviding a set of attributes to the expectationsof someone subject, not object who, in turn,will be willing to exchange something for it.

IP is an experience whose best attribute is itsability to remain in time. Expand this shortness whichkeeps us from understanding, and, consequently,prevents us from taking action, getting control. We are limited at understanding, surveying,exploring, assessing; we work and makedecisions based on abstract models which canonly be conveyed on a piece of paper; we must 3 4.

Only that will enable us totake in information and turn it into knowledge,and be innovative enough to consequentlydeliver a satisfier other than a cheap imitation. IntroductionThis cheap-imitation culture is the biggestmistake to correct, a mistake which keeps usfrom making progress, stops us in an economywishing to generate wealth through value.

If we can really be touched by the biasedbehavior of our target segment and relate it toemerging attributes of our exclusive offerabilities, the legitimate relationship betweenoffer and demand will generate real positioning,where the customer will be the one setting thefoundations…therefore, creating a sustainablecompetitive advantage.

Every day, we notice a changing behavior incostumers; this change is only the reflection ofchanges in circumstances around them. The immediate access to information in mostcases already processed by many differentspeakers , demanded requirements, the expectedquality and generated expectations, haveproduced and produce substantial changes ineach one of us.

This situation demands from marketingprofessionals an evolutionary decision making 3over each product component, as well as at its3 Decisions in hand with the necessary evolution ofproducts and their components. Continuous dynamicdecision making.

In themidcentury, it was reduced to less than a decade,and, by the end of the century, products andservices last a couple of years on average, or insome cases — as massive consumption products -,much less. There is a new costumer profile, more volatile,less loyal, more demanding, which impactsdirectly on product and portfolio strategiesdeveloped by companies.

With a long term vision, companies used todevelop their products with a traditional methodof making full use of their Life Cycle, planning a 7 8. The projections indicatedtime was a unit usually measured in years. This vision must be reconsidered under thecurrent paradigm, which invites us to learn tolearn 4, to learn to unlearn, to relearn, to create, torecreate, to think, and to rethink about newstrategies to apply in every stage of the lifecycle, in order to reach an effective valuemanagement.

What is philosophy? These concepts refer precisely to changes takingplace in this new starting era, with a new type ofindividual and where new ways to network areturning markets into complex trade networks,where a considerable part of economic life takesplace in cyberspace and the new economicsatisfier consists of buying and sellingexperiences Amazon.

He is alsolecturer and consultant of Fortune companies. A in Economy and InternationalRelations. The companies are re founded towards aconnective tissue, where genuine appliedinnovation is fostered and the offer is not thestarting point, but the real time experience of theindividuals to be satisfied. The goal is to achieve higher competitiveness,boosting company value to reach differentiation,which is increasingly difficult to get and easier toimitate among companies. Strategically speaking, this situation only forcesus to assume the role of businessmen, realizingthat there are new rules in the game, spreadingthem and reinventing them, even to the extent ofconsidering that the first rule is that the game hasno rules at all, and, therefore, take it intoaccount.

To compete, to create real value propositions, itis necessary to create enriching, innovative,significant and moving experiences; but from 10 Resuming the examples mentioned in theprevious paragraphs, in Village cinemas it ispossible to sit comfortably on the seats, listen tosurround sound and even enjoy a hot pizza; thisexperience competes with any other experienceoffered by similar entertaining activity.

Having explained these factors, our thinkingleads us to analyze how to make it possible thateach new product launched into the market canbe reinvented and be dynamic, in order to adopt 11 It is not enoughto take only one stance, but we must go for allthe others. If I relay on my certainties I can hearwhat people say and even repeat what they say,but I will never fully understand them becausemy certainties will block my way to get into theirstories, their sensitiveness, their differencescompared to mine".

At this stage and according to what has beenpreviously mentioned, we may ask the followingquestions: is the maturity stage enough torecover investment and generate positive returnsin the business unit? We understand that the reduction observed inPLC answers negatively the question posed inthe previous paragraph, but at the same time,invites us to think of products from the point ofview of the demand.

According to what can be observed in currentmarkets, through positioning we seek to solvethe present and future of our products, but wemust always consider that positioning is definedin the market.

However, if we work to achievepositioning without considering the fact that theintelligent product is designed to extend its life-cycle maturity stage, in the best of cases what isreached is only just the solution to the present ofour products a present that becomesincreasingly faint. Positioning here only allowsus to solve the short term problem.

Daily business seems to indicate that it is nolonger enough to create a product just taking intoaccount its current or immediate positioningprospects. In this sense, along time, thegoal is to make the product known as the best 15 CONES is the set of attributes expected by the costumer.

That is, it hasvalue or not. This concept is not static. Expected requirements orattributes change, some are adopted, others die. These changes take placedue to countless influences related to economy, technology, society,psychology or culture.

In an economy of opening and closingopportunities amid short times, we must thinkabout companies capable of watching instead ofseeing and of listening instead of hearing, inorder to identify such opportunities.

We must keep in mind that an intelligentproduct should tend to become an experiencewhose distinct feature is its possibility ofpermanence in the market. A product of this kind canhardly enjoy an acceptable performance in thecurrent context.

Thus, today it is necessary topay attention and be dynamic to the product, asin its related Business Model. If our product islikely to be easily copied or imitated we are notaffecting the business unit but the companysustainability.

It is aboutthe thinking, knowing what. In abeginning stage, we will never get a full vision. While starting an idea 2nd stage How? The most usual questions: what is the need to bemet? We statethinking is ability. At this stage, we will analyze the following 2components: generated ideas and alreadyexisting.

Regarding the creation of ideas, we usuallyattribute more importance to the role played bycreativity in this process. Something given, which isimpossible to train. Well, creativity is asintelligence, it helps us solve problems in acreative way 2nd stage How? Therefore,considering it as ability, it is a very useful toolwhich we can be trained and developed.

Now,what is important at this stage is to develop ourcreative thinking, considering it as the ability toimagine, create new worlds, new responses, new 21 Thechallenge has to be huge; the value has to beperceived by all our stakeholders.

An instance ofcreative thinking has a whole story behind to betold, a new world to inhabit. If the dream is big,there is always excitement behind, challengingparadigms from where it was conceived.

Thinking different is essential, we mustbelieve in ourselves; believe it is possible tocreate the impossible. What do we understand by Already Existing? Onthe one hand, there are the personal abilities wealready have.


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