He published works in the following genres: encyclopedia, philosophy, medicine, mathematics, science, theology, canon law, Biblical exegesis, grammar, chronicles, other miscellaneous works. For more on the works of Bar 'Ebroyo, see the list which Roger Pierce has produced here. For more on his life, see the transcription of W. Budge, " The Life of Barhebraeus " which comes from his introduction. His first major section covers the territories of the Byzantine Empire and traces church history through the Patriarchs of Antioch specifically the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs after Severus of Antioch. For more on the continuators of Bar Hebraeus, see J.

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The Chronography of Bar Hebraeus gives the Syriac text with English translation of the political history of the world from the creation to the year AD Compiled by the thirteenth-century polymath Gregory Bar Hebaraeus, this chronography contains lists of Hebrew patriarchs and kings of the Hebrews, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks, followed by Muslim Khalifs and Khans, up to the lifetime of the author.

It is in reality a chronological and historical encyclopedia, into which an enormous amount of information of various kinds has been crammed. He deals with histories, religions, languages, the manners and customs of peoples; he adds biographies of great warriors and physicians; he describes battles and sieges, and the capture of cities; he talks of the coming of comets and extraordinary appearances in the heavens, earthquakes, famines, falls of snow, and the freezing over of the Tigris and Euphrates; he also reports court scandals, and repeats gossip of all kinds, and tells "laughable stories".

Some of his remarks on portents, derived from the appearances of the sun and other heavenly bodies, will remind the reader of passages in Old Morre's Almanack. At the age of twenty, he was ordained Syriac Orthodox bishop and later became Maphrian of the East in Budge was knighted in He died November 23, in London.

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Chronicles of Bar Hebraeus

He is noted for his works concerning philosophy, poetry, language, history, and theology; [1] he has been called "one of the most learned and versatile men from the Syriac Orthodox Church" Dr. William Wright. Bar Hebraeus collected in his numerous and elaborate treatises the results of such research in theology, philosophy, science and history as was in his time possible in Syria. Most of his works were written in Syriac. This nickname refers to his Jewish background, which means 'Son of the Hebrew'. His father was a Jewish physician.


Bar Hebraeus

He was involved in numerous archaeology digs in Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Sudan. He also analyzed many of the practices of Egyptian religion, language and ritual. His written works consisted of translated texts and hieroglyphs and a complete dictionary of hieroglyphs. Budge's published works covered areas of Egyptian culture ranging from Egyptian religion, Egyptian mythology and magical practices. He was knighted in Wallis Budge died on November 23, in London, England.


Bar Hebraeus’ Chronography


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