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Summary: If you have some friends from Philippines, you may want to prepare some Christmas songs in Tagalog for them this Christmas. So here we will list some of the best Tagalog Christmas songs for you to choose. The people living or associated with the Philippines seems to enjoy Tagalog Christmas songs more than pure English Christmas songs.

Come along with me as I take you through the top best Christmas Songs in Tagalog. This is one of the most listened-to Tagalog Christmas songs all time. It is not only popular among the Filipinos but also widely sang by westerners. It is a song loved by most people who prefer this type of Christmas song.

Namamasko is drafted from Filipino word Pasko which means Christmas in English. It is somewhat house-visiting wassailing. This song is very popular and one of the best songs Filipinos sing when they go caroling or visit someone during the Christmas season. The song itself is simply for the sake of visiting people. This Tagalog Christmas song is the favorite of many Filipinos. Almost everyone in Philippines knows how to sing this song because it is easy to memorize. The first line of this Tagalog Xmas song has become a common quotation in Philippines as it describes the Amihan cool , northeasterly trade winds that predominate during the Christmas time in Philippines.

During Christmas, kids and even teenagers in Philippines tend to touch or kiss the forehead of an old person; it could be their godfather or godmother. However, this is a folklore practiced by Filipinos. So, when the kids does this, they expect Christmas gifts from the godfather or godmother. Ninong is the Tagalog word for godfather and Ninang is godmother. Here comes on of the most popular Christmas songs in Tagalog.

The song lyrics will cause you to leap steadily in joy knowing its Christmas season in Filipino! Actually, Noche Buena is a kind of dinner meal eaten by most people on Christmas Eve especially Filipinos. During the Christmas period, most Filipinos play this song over and over again. The lyrics are simple to cram; even a kid can easily recite this song after listening to it a couple of times.

While Misa de Gallo is actually the name of a Catholic mass celebrated in the Philippines. The mass holds usually very early in the morning, before Christmas dawn; at the midnight of Christmas Eve, the Filipinos have composed and dedicated a Christmas song to this mass. The song is the Misa de Gallo song. However, we know that YouTube is all about videos. Below are the detailed steps on how to use this great tool to download these best Christmas songs Tagalog we have listed in this article.

This will launch the app in a different window to prove that it is a standalone app. There is nothing more to do: once the tool detects the video, it automatically starts downloading the file as MP3. Also, if you wish to choose a unique folder where the downloaded files will be saved, then, use the option available at the bottom of the software window to do that.

But you will need the pro version if you want to download YouTube playlists. Keith Urban, is a New Zealand country music singer, who shot into popularity after winning a Grammy Award. Here are among the top latest Keith Urban songs for your listening pleasure. What are the best rap songs of the s? Browse the articles to find the answer.

After that, you can download the songs from YouTube with the quick YouTube downloader we recommend. Do you want to convert WebM to MP3? DVDFab 11 Hot. Downloader Player. Free Download macOS Try It Free. Free Download Free Download. Kampana ng simbahan During the Christmas period, most Filipinos play this song over and over again. What more? Free Download.

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Top 10 Best Christmas Songs in Tagalog

Bartender at The Spirits Library. Buko Pandan is a traditional dessert in our family, and it brings memories of my childhood during happy Christmas gatherings where we sing Christmas songs, exchange gifts, and dining during Nocha Buena. How to make pandan syrup. How to make the cocktail:. On this day, different parts of the world commemorate together w…. We Tasted 22 Kinds of Vodkas!


Merry Christmas BIG HUGE LABS!


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