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Bebe Confort Iseos TT review

All you need to know about buying, selling and owning a car during the CV crisis. Features Materials, straps and padding around the harness are good, but the Iseos feels as if it could do with a little more padding. Instead of a close-fitting head support the Iseos has an interesting feature where you can narrow or widen the shape of the seat itself by winding the side sections in or out with a knob at the front. This two section dial also reclines the seat, so there are no fixed number of positions, but rather a broad range from upright to laidback. Ease of operation It can take quite a while to wind the seat out to its most reclined position, which you need to do to route the seatbelt behind the Iseos.





11th Bebe Confort Iseos TT 140.99



Toddler car seats


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