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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 4 User settings Page 5: About These Instructions Repairs and installation, if necessary, should be performed by a spe- cialist. All protruding parts, incl.

Page 7: Cleaning Notes For your safety Cleaning notes Solvents, cleaning and scouring agents as well as dashboard spray and plastics care product may contain ingredients that will damage the surface of the device. Your device is equipped with an RDS receiving unit to conveniently listening to the radio. Page Theft Protection Theft protection Theft protection Device card In case of a theft, the device card on the back of these instructions together with the purchase receipt is your proof of own- ership.

Please enter your serial number on the card. Displaying the serial number Every device has a separate digit serial number. Note: Blaupunkt cannot guarantee the proper functioning of all USB media available on the market! The CD starts playing.

Page Muting The Device for the duration of the phone call or the announcement. For further de- tails, please read the chapter "Sound settings", section "Volume". Page The Displays Of The Audio Sources Overview of the operation The displays of the audio sources If you select an audio source, the corre- sponding display appears.

The tuner display Page Tuner Mode Tuner mode Tuner mode This device can receive radio stations in the FM frequency ranges as well as MW and Set the device to the region Europe, USA or Thailand The device is set to the frequency rang- es and station technologies of the region in which it was purchased. Page Tuning Into A Station each. Page Storing Stations Tuner mode The stored station is called up, provided that it can be received at the current ve- hicle position.

The display shows the frequency of the station or the station name, provided that the station broadcasts this RDS in- formation. Set the desired sensitivity with the rock- er switch Scanning all receivable stations SCAN You can scan all receivable stations of a waveband.

The scan time can be set as described in the chapter "User settings". How to insert and remove CDs is de- scribed in the chapter "Startup". Repeating Press the 4 RPT button tracks The chapter "Startup" describes what you must observe when connecting and discon- necting USB media. It also contains infor- mation about inserting and removing CDs. MP3 In your Car. Press the rocker switch the menu. For the functions in Browse mode, please read the section "Selecting a track in the playlist Browse mode ".

Function Interrupting Press the A Blaupunkt CD changer is automatically recognised and is then availa- ble as audio source. Page Bluetooth Phone Call Bluetooth phone call The integrated Bluetooth module in your de- vice allows the hands-free use of a phone via a Bluetooth connection. The cell phone can remain in the bag or the glove compart- ment — you have both hands free for steer- ing. The cell phone recognises the car sound system under the name "Blaupunkt". The car sound system requests a PIN for the Bluetooth connection.

Enter the PIN "" in your cell phone. You can also end the phone call by switching off the device. Storing and calling up a phone number You can store a phone number entered on the station buttons to be able to call them up later.

Press the rocker switch the menu item. The Clock menu appears. The scan function is not available for external au- dio sources. You can change the scan time in the Various menu.

Page Error Correction Station cannot be set manually. Key combination does not work Tuner menu for region, demo mode, version display. If problems still exits, please contact your Blaupunkt authorised dealer.

Possible cause The device is not set to your region. AF alternative frequen- cy is activated. If you want to use this service, you may re- quest a pick-up service for your device via the Internet. For this reason, FM programmes are distributed to different frequencies. If the reception deteriorates because the vehicle leaves the reception area of a frequency, the tuner can automatically change to the best receivable frequency.

Page 57 Glossary changes to alternative frequencies of the set stations that broadcast the same region- al programme. Root folder Main folder of a data carrier. The root folder contains all other folders. Page 58 Index Note: Keywords in capital letters refer to menu items. Tenete per favore il libretto di apparecchio, debitamente riempito, in un posto sicuro!

Bewaar de ingevulde apparaatpas op een veilige plaats! Print page 1 Print document 63 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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Blaupunkt HAMBURG MP57 Operating Instructions Manual



Blaupunkt Hamburg MP57



Blaupunkt HAMBURG MP57 User Manual


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