Augusto Boal, Cedoc - Funarte Contributed by Levana Saxon. Theater of the Oppressed provides tools for people to explore collective struggles, analyze their history and present circumstances, and then experiment with inventing a new future together through theater. Theater of the Oppressed is an arsenal of theater techniques and games that seeks to motivate people, restore true dialogue, and create space for participants to rehearse taking action.

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His explorations were based on the assumption that dialogue is the common, healthy dynamic between all humans, that all human beings desire and are capable of dialogue, and that when a dialogue becomes a monologue, oppression ensues.

Theatre then becomes an extraordinary tool for transforming monologue into dialogue. From his work Boal evolved various forms of theatre workshops and performances which aimed to meet the needs of all people for interaction, dialogue, critical thinking, action, and fun. While the performance modes of Forum Theatre, Image Theatre, Cop-In-The-Head, and the vast array of the Rainbow of Desire are designed to bring the audience into active relationship with the performed event, the workshops are virtually a training ground for action not only in these performance forms, but for action in life.

Forum scenes can be virtual one-act plays or more often short scenes. In either case, a full presentation is offered to the audience. The joker difficultator then says to the audience we will do this again, and if you would do something different than what the protagonist not the antagonists is doing, stand up and yell stop.

The protagonist will then sit down and the audience member is invited forward to show their solution of the moment. Once the intervention is performed, the audience invariably applauds, and the joker invites the audience to discuss the proposed solution, and to offer even more solutions. Skip to content. Posted in News.


Beautiful Trouble

It is also practiced on a grassroots level by community organizers, activists, teachers, social workers, cultural animators, and more. In the U. Inspired by the vision of Paulo Freire and his landmark treatise on education, Pedagogy of the Oppressed , T. It is about analyzing rather than accepting, questioning rather than giving answers. Click Here to Sign-Up for our Newsletter.


Augusto Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’

Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. Log in or Sign up. One reason that so many people like theatre is that it provides an opportunity to escape. You watch someone else's problems, let them deal with it, and celebrate in their triumphs. Who wouldn't love that? Augusto Boal , that's who. Boal , was a Brazilian theatre director who took a strong interest in the relationship between performance and audience.

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