Class represents the breakdown in abilities into which Brigandine characters are assigned. Each character has a class, and will retain the skills or magical abilities of that class after achieving expertise in it. After achieving expertise, class upgrade is available once the level of the Rune knight reaches the next nearest 10 i. Level 10, 20,

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Bahasa Indonesia. Brigandine: Grand Edition. PS , PC. Moderated by: Isralyn Isralyn. By Isralyn Isralyn. Last updated 17 May For the teams that are only meant to hold it doesn't matter as much because they will not get enough experience to run out of runepower capacity.

When defending a castle you can run around and waste time for 20 turns and the invading enemy will be forced to retreat. Obviously this is not used in a speedrun, just retreat if you can't hold it's by far the fastest option. And of course this applies to your invasions too, don't lose track of time and be forced to retreat.

Don't spend too much time making decisions on who should do what but also don't carelessly lose an important unit because you overlooked its hit points. Each team should have 2 Unicorns or equivalent and a Pixie for defensive purposes as a rule of thumb. What makes a truly weak team is having no back line firepower, always try to balance melee and ranged units.

One extra melee for the ranged count is the general rule. In the early stages of the game always delete monsters you cannot fit into a team rather than letting them sit in a castle, just by their being there they will drain your monthly mana income.

The opponents AI is such that they will retreat based on stats and remaining hitpoints, normally it's a rule that if you take down one of their three knights it will put them under the strength of force threshold and they will retreat but this is not always the case. Sometimes once you take down one of their knights they will stay with two but even a few simple heals can put you above the line and scare them off. Norgard is the second strongest army behind Esgares, they start out with enough Knights for five teams, decent monsters, and high mana yield.

I opt to summon a lot of Demons early to fill out backlines and the main idea behind the strategy is moving into Esgares and New Almekia far enough to establish good choke points and then seizing Leonian lands first. Send Ector to Flogeru for the most important job of defending it the whole game.

Quest text takes too much time. You can also send him to a castle to summon important units like Unicorns or Angels and then have him bring those units to the team that needs them but that is totally up to your discretion. Guinglain's team takes Esgares first castle, Lidney, easily enough by basically just killing Esclados when he charges in and the others will retreat.

Schutleis joins from taking the first Esgares castle and Luintail joins out of the kindness of his heart, summon 2 imps for Schutleis and send him to Lidney. They begin at the mountain hold Listinoise, this is the strongest team and the spearhead of the offensive. They will be sent to the west coast castle Alliryme - Summon 3 Centaurs for Kirkmond and Noie at their starting location in Leona's castle Damas,the Clay Golem and one Lizardman need to be moved around or deleted to fit the Centaurs.

This team is a close second to Vaynard's and will work hand in hand with them. Morholt joins on organize turn 3 and will start at Listinoise with Vaynard's team and they will be the brave group to take on the first real encounter with Zemickis.

They are sent to Lidney to disrupt Esgares and hold it at all costs, being an island castle it is easy enough to defend. Lidney is invaluable because it forces Esgares to defend four separate castles in the heart of their land, the most important of which being the capital, The Logres. They are sent to Leona's front line castle, Damas, to simply hold. They are weak and may be challenged but Vaynard and the real war front will replace their position in due time. Dillard's team at Damas and Palomides team at Lidney are a little thin at this time but they are just meant to hold.

Morholt's team is also thin but they won't be acting alone yet because this next attack phase both Vaynard and Morholt's team will invade Esgares westernmost castle Orkney. Guinglain's team will encounter New Almekia at the castle Gorule for the first time this attack phase as well but their competition is laughable.

Stack Vaynard, Morholt, and Roadbull with a good balance of your strongest available units, both melee and ranged, and back the team as far into the corner as you can. Usually Cador's team will reach your line first and most commonly the level 20 Lich will be the first to attack anything.

If the Lich is in a spot that you can take him down in one turn do it, otherwise be careful because of all the self-healing he does and the fact that Zemickis group is close behind. The battle is usually ended by either Zemickis or Cador brazenly attacking your front line and getting themselves into a kill position.

This is a tough fight and you can lose monsters, especially a Hellhound or a Wyvern, but it is winnable. Unless you fight like a complete idiot, which The White Wolf does not. Now all 5 teams are stacked and near full capacity, except Morholt's team, which is more about half capacity, but their high levels allow them to hold the highly contested castle of Orkney. Vaynard's team will now reposition to Damas, it's time to wipe out Leona.

They foolishly chose not to join us and we will gain some of their knights after their fall. Guinglain remains in New Almekia one more round to easily seize Camelford.

Guinglain takes Camelford without much issue and can gain quite a bit of experience if the battle is played right. Vaynard travels to Leona's front line castle Damas while Morholt stays behind to hold Orkney against Esgares. We're holding position on the western front now in order to turn our attention to the east and Leona. Having just seized Camelford, Guinglain's team is able to summon and contain the first Cherub of our army, summon the angel and then order his team to join Vaynard at Damas in Leona.

Having successfully held Damas in Leona Dillard's team should now be ordered to hold the much more dangerous position at Camelford. Again, this is the weakest team and meant only to defend which is much easier than attacking. Nothing to note about Lidney other than that it is incredibly hard to invade and we've filled out the team with water units and fliers, they will hold. The last team is Morholt and company, since they are still half capacity now is the perfect time to expend the realms remaining mana and summon 1 Pixie, 2 Centaurs, and a Dragon for them.

With these reinforcements they are the third strongest team mostly because of Morholt's vicious damage output and will remain at Orkney for now. At this point the conquest of Leona will take exactly four advances, on the third advance only one team needs to move forward as it's a straight line to their defeat from there, we will be sending Vaynard's team back to Camelford at that point to begin organizing the swift fall of New Almekia after Leona's surrender.

The biggest worry during the occupation of Leona is that Esgares will attack Lidney or Orkney with a super hero team such as Zemickis, Cador, and their Rune Caster Gish. Essentially Gish will dice up any team if you're not careful, you can handle The Emperor or The Death Knight but Gish will hang back and set your armies on fire. These defensive encounters require skill and a bit of luck, lacking those you may as well just retreat and work around the lost position.

The next worry is that New Almekia will attempt to retake Camelford occasionally as they have a few strong knights and a Salamander and we have the weakest team of Dillard and friends there but these are not nearly as worrisome as a grand wizard like Gish, or in later battles, the leader of Caerleon and Forsena's only RuneWeaver: Cai. All that being said Guinglain's force is headed to Damas and Vaynard's team will be advancing down the east coast of Leona to take the castle Kelilauns.

Vaynard moves on Kelilauns. Leona's only strength is an annoying amount of healing and lots of Roc's that can occasionally turn a unit to stone. Depending on chance it could be that New Almekia is holding the castle Eorsia which is originally an Esgares castle.

If Lance is holding Eorsia this turn you'll need to decided whether or not to force him out with Morholt's team, you definitely can, but sometimes it's better to keep New Almekia split from it's main force but this means that Esgares has one less castle to defend.. This decision takes high level game knowledge and strategy. Summon 2 Unicorns for Morholt if you take Eorsia and have them fall back to Orkney, that's the choke that needs to be held. Now that Vaynard has Kelilauns on the coast and Guinglain has officially established at Damas the true Leona conquest begins.

It is befitting that Vaynard would assault the capital of Leona, the great city of Thala. While the capital falls Guinglain will take the sister castle Whislind. Both fights are Leona fights: Rocs, Healing, and obnoxious tenacity. Their only dangerous knight is Isfas and he can easily get himself killed on the front line. Once summoned every team except Palomides at Lidney will have plenty of healing and a Pixie.

One of the last Leona castles remaining is Glume. Advance on it with both teams and leave no escape open to Lyonesse. Summon for any holes in any teams, equip items if you happen to get them, and don't forget to upgrade level 10 units. Send Guinglain back to Camelford. Vaynard will finish Leona and advance into Iscalio's territory.

There is a chance that Leona had successfully moved out of Hadrian and taken the castle Asten from Iscalio or Esgares but that's fairly low because Leona has such a weak army.

Either way Vaynard is going to be taking Asten after Hadrian. This is going to be a triple strike: Vaynard will move from Hadrian to Asten to secure the most valuable choke point on the eastern front and finishing off Leona if they happen to still linger.

At this point it is pretty much up to you how you advance and where, I will leave the following entries from my own notes from some of the first times I completed this run but my strategies are different now. Mainly I tend to leave Guinglain alone to finish off New Almekia and Caerleon and only bring in a weak hold team occasionally to prevent Lance or Cai from getting behind Guinglains team and my true focus is on the dance of castle taking in Esgares, which is always tricky.

Read on if you'd like or improvise your own strategy from here on out! After Calmary falls under Norgard's control Vaynard will back to Camelford so he can then move to take Eorsia back, we only let it go because it was indefensible earlier. At this time Leona should be subdued and we will be using the new recruits to make a 6th team. However I have experienced a running Leona before that escapes from their end at Asten.

Try to chase them at least one turn but do not under any circumstance lose the choke point of Asten. In the instance of the fleeing Leona I was able to catch Lyonesse at Xanas and finish them there with Guinglain's team, plenty of experience to be had but be mindful of the clock. Attempt to kill every unit and gain as much experience as possible as Lance cannot retreat from the final battle of his diminished kingdom, we want Morholt strong because he will soon gain Meteor Doom the strongest spell when he gains the title of Raven and be key to defeating the Runeweaver Cai.

Now that New Almekia and Leona have seen the error of their ways and are flying blue flags we should have enough recruits to fully form a 6th team. This is where things get messy and this is where Caerleon will fall followed quickly by Esgares.

Iscalio will buckle last but they are almost a comical afterthought to the true war, quite fitting of Dryst their Jester King. Unfortunately the recruits from the conquered kingdoms are few and weak. The best that can be made of this 6th team is as another defense team that consists of:.

Charlene, Chantail, and Carlota. Low level but with two geno casters and seeing that they will start at Camelford with Vaynard we can summon them 2 Cherub's 2 Gryphon's and a Jinn. This is only about half a team but having the two angels will give them tons of healing and kill potential, I would summon more Gryphons as front liners but 2 is the max that I can put in a team and still live with myself. They will need to be filled out at Calmary where we can summon them 2 new dragons and 2 unicorns, I've decided this makes for a solid team because the angels will act as divine rays of destruction to mop up geno kills, dragons have breath weapons, and the unicorns will of course, heal.

In one iteration of the universe Dillard had lost Orkney to the previously mentioned possibility of an attack by the Esgares Runecaster Gish.


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