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Disadvantages: — Expensive for a pocket camera. S95 camera looks very modest, square design and matte black, aluminum painted black floaters. Dimensions are The form is identical machine model S90 predecessor but a little thinner, can put just pocket or handbag. The control system is not much different version of S Location keystrokes at the back was repelling down a bit to make room for the thumb.

Also effective launch direct photo printing mode, Shortcut keys also allow installing one of the 12 air-support features. Typically, users should assign functions to the key film in order not to waste time on the disc even scene selection Mode Dial.

Like the S90, the camera body with the rotation control ring gives users control mechanism parameters like shooting on DSLR cameras, including a roundabout located at the base of the lens, and one located in the to LCD. The rotation can be assigned to control aperture and shutter speed, or can be reset to control a number of other functions ISO sensitivity, exposure, focus.

You also have the option to shoot fully automatic with the face detection function. LCD screen remains the same size 3-inch, , pixel resolution at the ratio of 4: 3. With anti-glare technology PureColor II with the ability to adjust the contrast quite flexible, users can comfortably watch and photograph the sun without fear of being affected by the offset angle or excessive fading phenomenon.

The conventional camera with 3-inch screen average only , pixels, but the S95 doubled to ,, so the image on the screen is extremely sharp. LCD screen shows virtually no motion blur and contrast well with the dark areas. The flash is automatically turned on when shooting in low light conditions, or you can also turn on the lights if necessary.

The lens is the most remarkable thing of the S95, with a mm focal range equivalent to 35mm standard size. S95 3. S95 takes about 2. Imatest software used to evaluate image quality, PCMag gives some remarkable conclusions about S In terms of sharpness, achieved average S95 photo line-height, a good result.

At ISO threshold, S95 keep noise below 1. Even the photos in ISO for quality also is not bad, although not as high Imatest points. S95 for outstanding image quality in low light levels, and can be taken in most situations without using the flash. However, it should be noted that the DSLR still sharper images and less noise.

Experiments on the RAW image file shows, the lens for ultra sharp images on any set focus and aperture. The phenomenon of false colors appear a bit on the edge of the object image with greater contrast, but almost negligible. However, quite a serious distortion 3. If you choose to save it as JPEG, the camera will automatically remove this error so users do not have to bother using dedicated software.

The files are recorded in. The machine is equipped with multiple connectivity options. Canon PowerShot S95 has reached the current limit of image quality for digital cameras pocket. This tiny camera LCD screen sharper, more manual mode, large image sensor, the lens has a large aperture, the image quality is very good. Skip to content.


Canon PowerShot S95

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Insert The Battery Use the included charger to charge the battery. Using The Self-timer Using the Self-Timer Use the self timer for pictures where the photographer is also included in the shot. Correcting The Brightness i-contrast Correcting the Brightness i-Contrast The camera can detect cannon in an image, such as faces or backgrounds, that are too dark and automatically adjust them to the optimum brightness. The clock will appear if too much time passes between pressing the m button and the n button in Step 2.

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