Consolidated Schedule of Portfolio Investments. March 31, Unaudited. Boeing Co. Dassault Aviation SA. Lockheed Martin Corp.

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Mc lc I. M u Gii thiu chung AutoCAD trong h thng cc phn mm ho v vn phng Nhng kh nng chnh ca AutoCad Lm quen s b vi AutoCad Chc nng mt s phm c bit Cc quy c Cc lnh v File To File bn v mi. Lu File bn v. Thot khi AutoCad H to v cc phng thc truy bt im H to s dng trong AutoCad Cc phng php nhp to Cc phng thc truy bt im i tng Objects Snap Lnh Osnap OS gn ch chuy bt im thng tr Lnh v ng thng Line vi cc phng php nhp to Lnh v ng trn Circle vi cc phng php nhp to Cc thit lp bn v c bn Lnh y bn v Pan Lnh Snap, lnh Grid, lnh Ortho Lnh Mvsetup to khung bn v Lnh v ng thng Line L hc trn Lnh v ng trn Circle C hc trn Lnh v cung trn Arc A Lnh v ng a tuyn Pline PL : ng c b rng nt Lnh v a gic u Polygon POL Lnh v hnh ch nht Rectang REC Lnh v Elip Ellipse EL Lnh v ng Spline SPL lnh v cc ng cong Lnh v im Point PO Lnh nh kiu im Ddptype Lnh chia i tng thnh nhiu on bng nhau Divide DIV Lnh chia i tng ra cc on c chiu di bng nhau Measure ME Cc lnh hiu chnh cn bn.

Lnh xa i tng Erase E Lnh phc hi i tng b xo Oops Lnh hu b lnh va thc hin Undo U Lnh phc hi i tng va Undo l Redo Lnh ti to mn hnh hay v li mn hnh Redraw R Lnh ti to i tng trn mn hinh Regen RE Cc lnh hiu chnh to hnh Lnh to cc i tng song song vi cc i tng cho trc Offset O Lnh ct i tng gia hai i tng giao Trim TR Lnh ct m rng Extrim AutoCad 4.

Lnh xn mt phn i tng gia hai im chn Break BR Lnh ko di i tng n i tng chn Extend EX Lnh thay i chiu di i tng Lengthen LEN Lnh vt mp cc cnh Chamfer CHA Lnh vut gc hai i tng vi bn knh cho trc Fillet F Lnh hiu chnh a tuyn Pedit Cc Lnh bin i v sao chp hnh Lnh di di i tng Move M Lnh sao chp i tng Copy Co Lnh quay i tng xung quanh mt im Rotate RO Lnh thu phng i tng theo t l Scale SC Lnh i xng qua trc Mirror MI Lnh di v ko gin i tng Stretch S Lnh sao chp dy Array AR Qun l bn v theo lp, ng nt v mu To lp mi Lnh Layer L Trnh t v mt ct V mt ct bng lnh Hatch H hoc BHatch Lnh hiu chnh mt ct HatchEdit Nhp v hiu chnh vn bn Trnh t nhp v hiu chnh vn bn Lnh nhp dng ch vo bn v Text Lnh TextFill t en ch hoc khng t en.

Lnh nhp on vn bn Mtext MT Lnh hiu chnh vn bn DDedit ED Ghi v hiu chnh kch thc Cc thnh phn kch thc Cc lnh ghi kch thc thng Cc lnh ghi kch thc hng tm Cc lnh ghi kch thc khc Lnh hiu chnh kch thc To khi v ghi khi. Lnh to khi Block Lnh chn Block vo bn v Insert Lnh lu Block thnh File dng nhiu ln lnh Wblock Lnh ph v Block l Explode hoc Xplode In bn v.

AutoCAD I. Hin ti ngi ta hay dng cc th h AutoCAD sau. Th h Th h Thi gian Version 2. Bt u t th h th 10 tr i phm mm AutoCAD c ci tin mnh m theo hng 3 chiu v tng cng thm cc tin ch thn thin vi ngi dng.

T th h AutoCAD 10 phn mm lun c 2 phin bn song hnh. AutoCAD c mi quan h rt thn thin vi cc phn mm khc nhau p ng c cc nhu cu s dng a dng nh : Th hin, m phng tnh, m phng ng, bo co, lp h s bn v. AutoCAD cng nhp c cc bc nh vo bn v lm nn cho cc bn v k thut mang tnh chnh xc. Cng tc ny rt thun tin cho vic lp cc h s thit k c km theo thuyt minh, hay trnh by bo v trc mt hi ng.

Phn mm c th th hin tt c nhng tng thit k trong khng gian ca nhng cng trnh k thut. S tnh ton ca cc i tng v da trn c s cc to cc im v cc phng trnh khi phcs tp, ph hp vi thc tin thi cng cc cng trnh xy dng. Kh nng cng ngy cng mnh v thun tin cc th h sau. Cng vi kh nng b cc mi cc i tng, AutoCad to iu kin t hp nhiu hnh khi t s t cc i tng ban u, rt ph hp vi tng sng tc trong ngnh xy dng.

AutoCad c cc cng c to phi cnh v h tr v trong khng gian ba chiu mnh, gip c cc gc nhn chnh xc ca cc cng trnh nh trong thc t. AutoCad cung cp cc ch v thun tin, v cng c qun l bn v mnh, lm cho bn v c t chc c khoa hc, my tnh x l nhanh, khng mc li, v nhiu ngi c th tham gian trong qu trnh thit k.

Cui cng, AutoCad cho php in bn v theo ng t l, v xut bn v ra cc lai tp khc nhau tng thch vi nhiu th loi phn mm khc nhau. Cc cch vo lnh trong AutoCad Vo lnh t bn phm c th hin dng "Command".


IROS 2004: Sendai, Japan

All Rights Reserved. Note: It is not recommended that you directly ; modify this section of the PGP file. Instead, make changes to the new ; User Defined Command Aliases ; section towards the end of this file. To ensure that ; any changes you make to PGP settings can successfully be migrated ; when you upgrade to the next version of AutoCAD, it is suggested that ; you make any changes to the default settings in the User Defined Command ; Aliases section at the end of this file. The most useful values are likely to be 0 ; start the application and wait for it to finish , 1 start the ; application and don't wait , 3 minimize and don't wait , and 5 ; hide and don't wait.


Mc lc I. M u Gii thiu chung AutoCAD trong h thng cc phn mm ho v vn phng Nhng kh nng chnh ca AutoCad Lm quen s b vi AutoCad Chc nng mt s phm c bit





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