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Guru Gobind Singh Ji meditating on the 'Hem Kunt' range of mountains, during his previous life - which he narrates in his autobiography "Bachitter Natak". In his narration he mentions his discourse with the Lord Almighty, who instructs him to be born to Guru Teg Bahadur, the ninth Guru in the lineage of Guru Nanak, and create the inimitable "Khalsa Panth".

This narration and other 'Banis' of the Guru were collected by the Guru's most trusted and staunch sikh Bhai Mani Singh, who subsequently compiled the 'Dasam Guru Granth'. The 'Banis of this 'Granth' have been involved in constant controversy. The original letter is given here with Punjabi and English translation. He survived the Guru by many years and was martyred at Lahore. The English version of this letter runs thus Mani Singh makes his humble prostration at the holy feet of his venerable mother.

Further news is that the climate of this place has aggravated my rheumatism and my health deteriorates fast. I will have to listen to the healing parable of the tertian fever. But my illness has caused no slackness in the performance of the holy service of the Hari Mandir Golden Temple. The Khalsa no more hods away over the country and its power has waned. The Sikhs have migrated to the mountain retreats. The Malechhas reign supreme in the country.

There is no security for the Sikh children and women in any habitation. They are hunted out and killed. The opposing states have also joined hands with them. The Hindalis spy on the Sikhs. All the Sikhs have deserted the Chak The earliest name of Amritsar. The Mutsaddis priests have also fled. So far the Immortal Lord protects me. Tomorrow is uncertain.

What is ordained by the Lord shall prevail. The adopted son of Binod Singh has passed away. So far there is no trace of the book "Nam Mala". I found the first part of "Krishna Avtar" but not the second.

I shall send it when available. There is a rumour in the country that Banda Bahadur has made his good escape from the Emperor's jail. May the Guru protect him. The Guru's family the descendants of the Guru at Khandur have sent five tolas of gold as a gift for your son's bride an adopted son of Mata Ji, as all of her four sons were martyred already.

Recover seventeen rupees from Jhanda Singh ; I gave him five rupees to meet the expenses of the journey? These expenses will be incurred by him.

The Mutsaddis have not yet settled accounts, otherwise I would have sent a draft from the city presumably Lahore. If my health improves I shall come in the month of assu. Another thing worth noticing is that a canopy umbrella is adoring the Maharaja while the Granths do not have a 'Chanani' or anything similar. A recent photograph of Hazoor Sahib, Nanded - where both the granths are revered side by side. The 'Bani' of our Satgurus is very sacred to us, the Sikhs. It will be a great catastrophe if this belief is wavered by our dubious behaviour towards it.

The bani of the Dasam Granth is par excellence and could not have been authored by any one else other than Guru Gobind Singh himself. The poetic style of Guru Gobind Singh is matchless and incomparable and none can compare with the phenomenal way Guru Ji has rendered his verses. The variations in the stanzas and poetical styles, which include all the nine modes of life 9 russ can only be delivered by a great scholar of immense knowledge and immeasurable courage.

The courage needed to expose the exploits of women in the "Charitro Pakhyan", so that the strong value system rules could be upheld and followed by the people, and a society free from all mortal sins could exist. I wonder if any of the scholars not agreeing with this would dare write on similar issues? The Adi Granth and the Dasam Granth have both been revered equally ever since their inception.

Grewal, page The eighteenth century Sikhs had no qualms about the Dasam Granth and along with the Adi Granth was present at any meetings of the Khalsa, and was revered equally. Post Guru Gobind Singh period was the turbulent years for the Sikh Panth and the yeoman service Bhai Mani Singh did to the Sikh Panth, by collecting the Guru's Bani from Sikhs and whatever sources he could conjecture, in itself is a phenomenal achievement.

This volume contains some specimens of the extraordinary style of writing and signatures of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, in Gurmukhi, Sanskrit, Braj and Persian scripts. There are many points of historic, literary, military and political significance that can be enjoyed after a thorough study of this magnificent volume.

There prevails a controversy within the panth regarding the authenticity of some of the Banis of Dasam Granth. This letter clarifies all the controversial points and solidifies the authenticity of the Dasam bani and the Dasam Granth. The original note in Panjabi and the English translation is given here.

Anyway some more proofs are available that the bani of the Dasam Granth was as much revered as the bani of Guru Granth Sahib. These two granths were always laid side by side in most Gurdwaras. An oil painting by a European artist August Schoefft done in from a sketch which he had made earlier during the reign of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, depicts this in this painting. Another photograph recently taken at Hazoor Sahib, Nanded shows both these Granths lying side by side.

Gurbhagat Singh, in the Khalsa Samachar of the 6th July It is also known that eminent scholars assembled at the Akal Takht from to , to study the various printed Dasam Granths and prepare the authoritative version. Gopal Singh in his book 'Thus Spake the Tenth Master', writes "While depicting the goodness of God, the Guru also identifies Him with the ravisher of beauty, the drunkard, creator of doom.

The Akal Takht hukamnamah dated 5th July was issued to excommunicate Bhag Singh of Ambala, who had written a book, which included blasphemous comments against the Dasam Granth. The hukamnamah categorically stated, "Bhag Singh had committed a sin by writing this book and criticising the Sikh religious Scripture. The writing of the Guru has been verified by his other writing in the Sangroor Bir and another very antique bir. In a very detailed article Bhai Sahib has explicitly proved with substantial proofs that the whole of Dasam Granth is the penmanship of the tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Because of the complexity of the article I cannot go deeply into it, but it is an excellent work of impartial research. A recently written book in Punjabi by Dr. Satinder Singh Noor, Dr. Tejinderpal Kaur, Dr. Harbans Kaur Sagoo, Sr. Buta Singh, Dr. Jodh Singh, Sr. Piara Singh Padam, Dr. Mahip Singh, Dr. Manjit Singh, Dr. Shamsher Singh, Dr. Surjit Kaur Jolly, Dr. Manmohan Sehgal and Mrs. Chetan Zaidi. This exceptional book which in great detail evaluates the bani of the Dasam Granth, its sources and its splendour, has been printed by Manpreet Parkashan in August and is a must for all 'Dasam Granth' researchers.

The poetry of the Dasam Granth is marked by a vast range of metres, which the Guru applied and invented new metres to describe sentiments in their sublimity. This is something that no other poet has been able to do. The poetry of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is in a class of its own - never attempted or equalled by anyone. Last but not least is the newly printed Sri Dasam Granth in five volumes by Dr.

Rattan Singh Jaggi and Dr. Gursharan Kaur Jaggi, who have translated this mammoth composition in a very modern Punjabi style. It is worth mentioning here that at some stage Dr. Jaggi had refuted the authenticity of the letter of Bhai Mani Singh. But looks like that he has changed his mind and has now accepted the originality of the letter-hence this new creation has been marketed. Jaggi to accomplish this tremendously needed task. Baba Ji's views on the subject are worth reading, which portray the divine essence of the Dasam Gurbani.

These are but a few examples wherein I have tried to establish that the bani of the Dasam Granth is truly and emphatically the utterance of the tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Gopal Singh, the renowned scholar, about the "Dasam Granth". The Dasam Granth By Dr. Gopal Singh. The Dasam Granth consists of pages. According to all available evidence, it was compiled by Bhai Mani Singh, the devout and learned Sikh custodian of the Golden Temple who later became a martyr 26 years after the death of Guru Gobind Singh, at Damdama.

But, some historians assert that it was not the adi Granth, but his own Book that the Guru dictated to Bhai Mani Singh. However, much of its secular portion is the subject of great controversy even amongst the Sikhs who ascribe its authorship not to the Guru but to some of his 52 poets who lived at his court. As soon as the Dasam Granth was compiled, it led to a great controversy among the Sikh divines, especially in relation to its secular portions and more notably in regard to the Charitro-pakhyan and Hikayats.

It was decided to divide the book.


Did Guru Gobind Singh write the Dasam Granth?

The Dasam Granth includes hymns, mythological tales from Hindu texts , [2] a celebration of the feminine in the form of goddess Durga , [4] erotic fables, [2] an autobiography, letters to others such as the Mughal emperor , as well as reverential discussion of warriors and theology. The oldest known manuscript of Dasam Granth is likely the Anandpuri bir. Almost all of the pages in it are dated to the s, with a few folio pages on Zafarnama and Hikayats in a different style and format appended to it in the early 18th-century. These manuscripts include the Indian mythologies that are questioned by some Sikhs in the contemporary era, as well as sections such as the Ugradanti and Sri Bhagauti Astotra that were, for some reason, removed from these manuscripts in the official versions of Dasam Granth in the 20th-century.


This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The Dasam Granth is all rhymed poetry but in the controversy about it there is growing vitriolic diatribe. Now it's blowing up in everyone's face. Last week, a man was stabbed when violence broke out at a Sikh temple in Brampton where Darshan Singh, a former, now-excommunicated head priest of Sikhs, was invited to speak. Singh, who lives in Brampton, is one of the most vocal critics of the Dasam Granth.


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