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T o o l s ar'ld Performance Pieces for the Mystery Emerjainer. T o o l s and Performance Pieces for the M y s t e r y Entertainer.

Published b y. Copyright , Doug Dyment. Adelson Used by permission. First Printing, Page 2. In other words, the mind, a t such times, m u s t. Page 3. A Comment o n Terminology. If w e are to believe the preponderance of publications for the trade, the players. Unfortunately, this notion has a r g u a b l y become a self—fulfilling p r o p h e c y , with the c o n c e p t. Thus w e a r e encouraged to believe that the purpose. F u r t h e r , mentalism—the focus of.

Jugglers can throw objects in the privacy of their o w n r o o m s ; magicians c a n produce rabbits in e m p t y theatres; singers can sing to vacant halls; but the mentalist r e q u i r e s the existence o f a w i l l i n g p a r t i c i p a n t in order.

Unlike other forms of entertainment, it exists s o l e l y a s a. So you. My p r o t a g o n i s t is a n entertainer, and the involved. Page 4. Flash Squared. If this. R o y Johnson. Consequently, only four numbers in the identical p o s i t i o n s will differ. Page 5. First, it is based o n a considerably. Second, t h e minimal work necessary o n the part. Thus a s m a n y as 32 different participants can receive. T h e Effect. The participant. A n y number will work, but values. Johnson cleverly s u g g e s t s obtaining an.

T h i s number. The entertainer n o w constructs, on the back of the card, a magic. And after demonstrating. Page 6. Methodology The Mechanics. These grids should be r e a s o n a b l y similar, s o that discrepancies are. Place this l o n g card. Page '7. C 5 Fold down the flap against the prepared card. You a r e now set to perform. This results in a less r o b u s t. Methodology The Mathematics. T h e second.

As we. Page 8. For example, if the target. There a r e thirty—two different. The initial. Using our previous target example of 35, the resulting. Each o f these. Page 9.

Be a w a r e that not all possible internal 2x2. The f i v e shown in the Appendix will always. I rarely. When preparing the. Rotate the p a c k e t 90 d e g r e e s toward yourself, and then extract the c a r d , c o n t i n u i n g to turn the card completely over in order to. Turn the card o v e r again so that the grid faces. Leave the.

Page On Stage. In such circum—. With a l a r g e r staging, it. This particular approach to magic square. R a n d o m l y choose a n audience member, and ask for a single digit from. The m o r e mathematically. There a r e only four possible. IIII I 1. I opposiTe cenTral p a i r s 2. Fill Order: marker in first. The Cover Illusion. A Visual Deceit. T h e Checkerboard Shadow. Nowhere is this m o r e c l e a r l y illustrated than in. In this picture,. A Simpler Form.

Here is a simpler—though not q u i t e as dramatic—example of the s a m e illusory phenomenon. You can find. M a j o r Arcanum. This effect is largely original with m e , but w a s inspired by—and contains. As Experienced in Performance. Mary—as well as. Major Arcana. But these a r e modern casino dice, u s i n g. Before we begin, Mary, let me describe exactly what w e shall do. We will a d d those numbers t o. And the contents o f this sealed envelope, which w e.

Mary, I said when. You would? And n o o n e has changed their order in. Ah, The. H i g h Priestess. Mary, to read aloud t o o u r audience.

Methodology Part One: Preparation. Some appear t o believe. The Cards. Minor Arcana, those cards that closely correspond t o modern playing. A n y four cards c a n be used as the targets; pick. For this.


Moderators: Mandrake , bananafish, Lady of Mystery, support , nickj. Return to Reviews - Books and other printed formats. Skip to content. It also makes for a compelling over-the-telephone demonstration. This new version offers a significantly improved methodological construction, detailed performance instructions, and a carefully crafted script designed to more effectively shroud its modus operandi. I Say : What you get is a small, but nicely presented A5 12 page booklet.


Dyment - Mindsights

T o o l s ar'ld Performance Pieces for the Mystery Emerjainer. T o o l s and Performance Pieces for the M y s t e r y Entertainer. Published b y. Copyright , Doug Dyment.


Posted: Sep 7, am. From him only or a dealer? Does anyone here recommend it? In my humble opinion anyone interested in these techniques needs to read Dougs work on the subject. Dream signs is good, but Sign Language has a wealth of instruction and advice.

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