General search Products Price Download Supply. E3S-AD62 5M. E3S-AD62 2M. E3S-AD61 5M.

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General search Products Price Download Supply. E3S-AD62 5M. E3S-AD62 2M. E3S-AD61 5M. E3S-AD61 2M. E3S-AD43 2M. E3S-AD42 2M. E3S-AD41 2M. E3S-AD63 2M.

E3S-AD64 2M. E3S-AD71 2M. E3S-AD71 5M. E3S-AD72 2M. Market price: U. Number of beams: Protective height: mm. Model: NPN output. Basic Type with a combination of. Up to three sets of series-connected sensors. The muting function is enabled simply with Muting Key Cap. Comes standard with interlock and auxiliary output functions.

Install in dia. Panel Cutout. When Using a Ring. Finger protection mechanism on Switch Unit provided as a standard feature. Use dia. Mounted using either open-type fork-type or closed-type. IP65 oil resistance non-lighted models. IP65 lighted models. Type: Without cable. DC: Cable length L, --; Minimum order, Water- and Environment-resistive FA.

Connectors Save Wiring and Maintenance Effort. A wide array of connectors makes a wiring system more modular, simplifies maintenance, and reduces downtime. Connectors with Cables and Connector Assemblies are available. Three types of Connector Assembly: Crimping, soldering, and screw-on. Connectors with Cables are UL certified.

Cable specifications: Oil-resistant Polyurethane Cable. Cable length L: 2 m. Cable outer diameter: 6 mm. Angled Connectors. Minimum order: 5. UL: Round Water-resistive Smartclick. Connectors That Reduce Installation Work. A newly developed lock mechanism that is compatible with round M12 connectors. A positive click indicates locking. Features the same degree of protection IP67 as M12 connectors. A full line-up of models is planned.

Connectors with Cables are UL approved. Contact type: Microload VAC, 0. Operation: Momentary operation Self-resetting. Output: SPDT. Operation Unit color symbol: Enter the desired color symbol for the Pushbutton, in. Pushbutton Switch Series with. Square mm Body. Combines miniature design with distinct but soft sense of operation. Easy panel mounting from the front and simple lamp replacement.

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Medium Photoelectric Sensors with Built-In Amplifier [E3S-A] (E3S-AD63 2M)

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