Dual 4-Channel. That looks to be precisely what I need. They give you a positive and a negative low voltage from the high voltage fed in. When the Enable pin is high, all analog switches are turned off. Possible niaively I assumed that was how it all worked. Is this a sensible way to invert the DC supply?

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Os Aspirante de menor idade: Larissa Machado Nunes. Aspirantes de maior idade: Leonardo Nery. Em , prestou o primeiro concurso para a Academia do Barro Branco. Aspirantes ! Em sala permanecem apen Vinda do interior paulista, foi Soldado, Cabo e Sargento. Comecei a estudar, mas na primeira tentativa fiquei em 2. Ele acreditava em mim e dizia que eu ia passar. Infelizmente ela acabou falecendo. E finalmente conquistei esse objetivo. Prepare-se aqui no CMQ! Jump to. Sections of this page.

Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. Sucesso na nova etapa da carreira! Prepara-se aqui no CMQ! Since he was a child, influenced by his uncle, Maj Res PM Insardi, has always had the dream of becoming a military police officer. In , he held the first contest for the Academy of Clay Branco. In , he joined as a Soldier, always dedicated himself to studies to achieve the goal of approval in the Academy contest.

At the same time, he gave the other internal contests of the Corporation, reaching the graduation of 2st Sergeant. He served for eight years in the Central Kennel, where, after ten attempts, he obtained approval in , being the penultimate place of the contest, improving its classification during the course and finishing the course in th.

Official Student Leandro Rodrigues started working early. He was a Temporary Soldier, Soldier and, after 5 years of hard studies, managed to enter the White Clay. In a few days, it will be aspiring-to-official!

I took the preparatory course for Soldier in , starting the superior de Soldiers de Pirituba in In I started studying alone at home, I remember the several times I stopped having a social life with family and friends just to study becoming study nights. It's been 5 years of frustrated attempts and only God knows how hard it was, but I never lost faith and hope knew God had the best for me. In it was finally my time, I was summoned to start officer training course.

I am very happy, because I am humble family and God blessed for me to get here. A lot of gratitude to God, my wife, my country, my sister and to all family and friends who directly or indirectly cheered for me to get here. My turn is coming! Aspiring ! In the room, only two students remain to assist the instructor with the technical part and to check everyone's presence in the virtual room.

It's technology at the service of instruction in times of pandemic. In the photos we have the brilliant class of Captain Prado of I. Academia de Policia Militar Barro Branco!

Prepare-se no CMQ This is Official Student Andressa Leal. Coming from the interior paulista, was Soldier, Corporal and Sergeant. Served in the 2th Shock Battalion before joining the White Clay, with more than 16 years of his career: " My story started in the year at the age of 19, when I left the media course at Unifeb de Votuporanga to join the Superior de Soldiers School in Pirituba.

In the course of the profession, I graduated the graduation of Cabo pm and in th Sgt pm, the year I started the search for the dream of being official. I studied at home through several apostilas bought from cursinhos and also by video classes on the internet, sharing my time between work and studies. I held the tests, however, could never get summoned for the next stages of the contest.

In the year , in the quest to add more knowledge and new challenges to my career, I went to the 2th Shock Police Battalion, where I found several friends who shared with me the desire to join the Academy, starting a group of studies. When I finally focused entirely on studies, in , already as a 1th Sgt pm, I managed to get approved at all stages, but unfortunately, after 8 attempts, I stayed as a surplus, of the candidates to take possession ended up ranking th I didn't know how to measure the size of the frustration I felt at that moment, because being a police officer is my calling and I wouldn't give up now so close.

But life is a "box of surprises" and, 40 days after a lot of struggle and a lot of waiting, I received the grateful news that it was being summoned because, after starting the course, those who did not adapt to the military routine left.

So I say the dream determines what you want, action determines your achievement. And thank God and the support of my family and friends, today, at the age of 36 and 16 years of service in the corporation, I am an official student of the 1th grade of Officers Training Course, Bicentennial Class of Independence - Aspiring When I decided to join the police I gave a public vestibular course and passed.

I started studying, but on the first attempt I stayed in 2. So my dad asked me if being a cop was what I really wanted, and I said it was my dream. He is a trucker and then started taking long trips, staying away for weeks, so he made more money to help me pay for a specific course.

He believed me and said I would pass. My mom made lunch box for me and woke up early to make me the snacks of the day, because she said it would make me have more strength to study in the course. I lived away from the course so I woke up at 05 pm so I could get there at 08 pm, sometimes I'd stay there studying late. I was firm in studies, but then my aunt was hospitalized, she lived with me since I was born, she was a second mother to me, always supported me in this career and saw me studying a lot.

My routine was to go to the morning course, help my mom with her house chores in the afternoon and stay with my grandma at the hospital at night.

I spent weekends studying at the hospital with my grandma Unfortunately she ended up passing away The lack of her discouraged me a lot, I had no desire to study anymore and I spent a good time procrastinating going back to school.

But I needed to continue, I sought strength in God who was always by my side, and I saw that there were people who supported me to fulfill the dream of being an official student. So I realized I should do the test and be approved in the contest in honor of my parents and my dear grandmother. And finally achieved that goal. Ingresso na Marinha updated their cover photo. So being military in the family was already normal, finally, when the time came to decide which way I would walk, it was inevitable not to think about being pm too, that was when I gave the contest for soldier pm, I passed first and gradually me I was delighted with the profession and, with a lot of difficulty, with new graduations - Cabo and student sergeant - and then, when I was 5 months of essgt, I conquered the most difficult of my goals, to pass to the military police academy White clay.

The first of the family to join this noble home of teaching, an achievement that I dedicate to God and my family that has always been by my side. LutaremosSemTemor Translated. See More.


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