Ben Rapaport. Personally, I get great satisfaction in a story told, a case argued, a puzzle untangled. This is one of those occasions. As a student of pipe history, I have a theory that the earliest tobacco pipes of wood, clay, porcelain, and meerschaum that originated in one country were eventually either wholly adopted, i.

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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. PO Box , St. Dear Customer Welcome to a new look ! As recipients of our email newsletter will already know weve been making a few changes since the start of the year a kind of New Years Resolution and the look and feel of the catalogue is one of the aspects that has gone under the knife.

It will be an evolutionary process starting with this, Catalogue , and well ensure we retain all of the great content, but weve moved a few bits around to make it a more seamless read. So with so much to get on with, Id better carry on and leave you to enjoy the fruits of our labours! Happy puffing. Aromatic taste The fragrance or scent of the tobacco and the aromatic taste experienced when smoking.

A fine addition to our range. Our master blenders have taken African dark fired leaf which has then been cooked and pressed, then spun into a twist and cut into circles. Aromatic Blends No. An extremely mild aromatic blend, easy to smoke and keep lit due to its finer cut. The natural sweetness of the bright, golden, Virginia tobaccos blend with the mildness and aroma of the double fermented Black Cavendish for a truly satisfying smoke, laden with honey flavours.

Produced from selected thin leaves of bright Virginia tobacco for extra mildness, and blended with specially cured Black Cavendish to give it a most unusual aromatic flavour and aroma.

The addition of dark chocolate and creamy caramel undertones give this light and mild mixture a fully rounded flavour you will find to be the perfect choice every time. Dark and rich and immensely satisfying. Advanced techniques of ageing in its own flavour-laden natural juices gives this Black Cavendish blend of tobacco its deep, dark colour and uniquely aromatic smoking pleasure. Plum and prune flavours to the fore. We have blended the natural sweetness of quality, flue cured full Virginia tobacco with some mellow Burleys to create a ready rubbed Cavendish style, straight cut tobacco full of honey and maple flavours.

A light cherry aroma completes this cool, satisfying and fragrant tobacco. A sumptuous blend of selected Virginia and Burley tobaccos with dark fired Kentucky in various cuts. A cool-burning and pleasantly mild smoke with a full fruit peach flavour and aroma. An original concept in pipe smoking combining the best in tobacco with the best in wine. Broad cut, flue cured Virginia blended with spicy Black Cavendish and a touch of mild Burley. This blend burns very evenly leaving a full, dry flavour of champagne and fruit.

Careys specially blended St Bruno equivalent. A Cavendish tobacco flavoured with sugar and maple and a touch of fruit, toasted and pressed to give a darker colour and rounded, heavy-sweet mild taste. The foundations of this blend are derived from a heady mix of mature Golden Virginia combined with the best Burley available, whilst Black Cavendish ensures sweetness and aroma in the taste. The blend is topped off using spicy flavours and a wee dram of Highland Whisky. Traditional Blends No.

Relax and enjoy this classic natural tobacco, cool, rich and full of fruity character. A special process carefully teases apart the flakes of dark, ripe Virginia tobaccos to produce a blend that lights readily and smokes easily.

This blend is a heat treated Virginia and Burley flake, matured in the press for 8 weeks to allow the natural prune and chocolate notes to come through. Full bodied with superb flavour and cool smoking qualities. A fully teased and rubbed version of the Dark Flake No. A small amount of Oriental tobaccos with a light touch of Latakia, blended with Black Cavendish for a smooth and mild taste.

A more traditional, ready rubbed blend with all natural tobacco flavours, this mixture of well matured Virginia and toasted Burley tobaccos creates sweet undertones of vanilla, chocolate and blossom fruit.

The blend is pressed into cakes and rubbed up to enhance the natural aroma. Specially formulated Balkan Sobranie replica, this is an opulent and intricate blend of Latakia, Red Virginias and Orientals with a touch of air cured leaf, giving a smokey, spicy Latakia flavour.

Samplers No. Hi all at Careys Just a thank you for sending me a free tobacco pouch, and to thank you for sending me my regular supply of tobacco, Careys Bruno Special. I like this very much. At least Ill never run out of tobacco now Tobacco Club ensures that they always have the blends they like whenever desired, whilst saving money at the same time. The benefit for us is that we are able to predict how much tobacco we will sell at any particular time, and thereby order more efficiently from our suppliers the largest and most respected in the world.

Spend some time savouring the different blends and once youve decided which is your favourite and how much you expect to use, drop us an email at mrcarey eacarey. Then sit back and enjoy the benefits of being a member of Careys Tobacco Club! Designed and patented by EA Carey in the Magic Inch system ensures a cool, dry smoke without detracting from the fulsome flavour of our choice tobaccos.

These very popular short smoke ten-minute pipes are light in weight averaging less than 30 grams. Available in two shapes with either rustic or polished finish. A range of beautifully proportioned pipes, named Royale for the filigree style silver coloured ring marrying the shank with the mouthpiece. Quality briar and a cherry walnut stain ensure this looks as good as it smokes. From Northern Italy, a classically decorated briar pipe with a simple rustic finish.

Medium sized this best of both worlds pipe offers great value for the traditionalist. The contrast between an area of dark rustication and lighter polish lend this pipe a flame effect look, whilst the Magic Inch system will ensure your smoke remains cool throughout.

A perfect mix of form and function. These coarsely etched, short smoke pipes have the feel of Autumn and the great outdoors. Hand crafted by a traditional English pipe maker these beautifully proportioned and highly tactile pipes offer great value to the discerning pipe smoker.

Evoking memories of the beehives featured in stories of a certain honey-loving bear of yesteryear, these highly tactile pipes are stained a deep cherry colour and are mated to the mouthpiece with a stylish, filigree style ring. A simple yet stylish pipe, the Woodland range consists of a quality briar bowl hand etched to give the appearance of leaves scattered on a forest oor. The result is a subtle, tactile smoke that will soften further with time.

One of our most popular ranges over the last 30 years, the Sheer Genius is now available in two shapes. The gleaming, highly polished nish has been painstakingly developed to ensure the gloss lasts as well as the pipe itself. A small selection of delightful shorter smoke pipes available in two shapes and two sandblasted finishes. Perfect for a quick smoke when time or circumstance allows these nestle neatly in the pocket and make a jaunty addition to any collection.

Showcasing a unique finish these 9mm pipes are simply stunning. Available in both straight and bent, the natural finish has a mesmerizing depth of colour whilst the midnight is highly polished like a mirror. Set against an opaque ring these are pipes of exceptional style. Something of a rarity these days these self supporting pipes combine beautiful form with function. The natural finish allows the briar to take centre stage whilst the wide 9mm Ebonite stem provides a cool, dry, comfortable smoke.

Another stunning collection from Comoys of London featuring classic shapes. English made from top quality briar, these tawny coloured pipes are simply beautiful. A slim gold band marries the bowl to the acrylic mouthpiece, inlaid with the Comoy logo. The Falcon brand, favoured by many smokers for its unique system for cooling the smoke, is once again included in our guest brands because they are one of the most popular pipes on the UK market.

The Tevere rustic, named in honour of the Tiber river, comes with a nonoxidizing acrylic mouthpiece and beautiful gold toned band with Greek key pattern to add a touch of elegance. To own a Savinelli is to own a piece of art.

Missouri Meerschaum or Corn Cob? Whatever the name there is no mistaking the classic lines. To some they may be inelegant, but these inexpensive pipes require no break in and are steeped in history. The transparent yellow mouthpiece adds a touch of flair. These great value pipes are stained and polished a deep cherry red, and finished off with an acrylic mouthpiece with metal filter. Supplied with polishing bag and folding pipe stand.

The original Aerosphere that started it all! Simple in design and yet unique in the way it conveys to the user such a cool, dry and flavoursome smoke. This range incorporates everything that smokers look for in an easy-lighting pipe. World class pipes from a world famous brand. We have selected the following broad range of styles, shapes and finishes to reflect the true nature of Peterson pipes.

Each pipe is mounted with a sterling silver band and Sherlock stamp 14 x 6 x 2. We have assembled a range of pipes from several top makers composed of unique shapes and finishes. Due to the natural qualities of Meerschaum, sizes are approximate. Plumb Straight with special dental mouthpiece 14 x 4. PIP 3 Green No. PIP 4 Red. PIP 2 Blue No. Vauen Pipoo M44 9mm Charcoal filters, 10 pack Cigar and Smokeless Wilsons of Sharrow Snuff hand made in Sheffield, the historical heart of the snuff industry, to the same secret recipes for over years.

Luis Martinez Silver Selection hand made in Nicaragua with a blend of 3 year old Nicaraguan and Honduran filler selections with its Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper giving it an exceptional smooth rich taste.

C Crystal Churchill 3 large handmade cigars packed and sealed


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Lindstrom Martin. ISBN Martin Lindstrom, Jif, Skippy? New Coke. Commercial Alert,. Camel, Fumar Mata.

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