The origins of Western alchemy can be traced back to Hellenistic Egypt, in particular to the city of Alexandria. One of the most important characters in the mythology of alchemy is Hermes Trismegistus Hermes the Thrice-Great. The name of this figure is derived from the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth , and his Greek counterpart, Hermes. The Hermetica , which is said to be written by Hermes Trismegistus, is generally regarded as the basis of Western alchemical philosophy and practice. In addition, Hermes Trismegistus is also believed to be the author of the Emerald Tablet. The Emerald Tablet is said to be a tablet of emerald or green stone inscribed with the secrets of the universe.

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Sort order. Whether for an interest in history, spiritual reasons or what-have-you, it truly is a remarkable work in both its structure and its alchemical lore. It's actually fairly short, taken up more by separate commentary than the Tablet itself, but its writing is beautiful and the way in which is has such a simple yet complex understanding of the earth and of natural order is very interesting. I don't know whether or not I personally buy into it I'm pretty open-minded, anyway , but it's definitely worth reading and not too difficult a book to find, although various editions and translations vary.

View 1 comment. Jul 06, Claudia rated it really liked it. If so this is a very old book written in the end of the 2nd century. But it first appeared in the West in the 11 and 12 centuries when it was translated into latin.

There have been many translations for this nimble book. One such translations was written by Isaac Newton. The Translation can be found among his alchemical papers that are currently housed in King's College Library Emerald Tablet or Smaradgine Tablet is thought to have been written by Hermes Trimegistus Hermes the thrice greatest. The Translation can be found among his alchemical papers that are currently housed in King's College Library, Cambridge University.

And it reads: '- Tis true without error, certain and most true. Sep 21, John Kulm rated it it was amazing Shelves: hermetic-literature.

Tradition says Hermes Trismagistus carved this text on an emerald tablet several thousand years ago after surviving the sinking of Atlantis and ending up in Egypt. Nice archeology find or movie pitch. More likely the text was written years ago. The actual text is only four pages long, but the commentary in this edition is around pages. Truth is, I don't care about the commentary. I'm no scholar. I just wanted to contemplate the ancient writing. Hermetic texts are the basis of Western Tradition says Hermes Trismagistus carved this text on an emerald tablet several thousand years ago after surviving the sinking of Atlantis and ending up in Egypt.

Hermetic texts are the basis of Western mysticism and paganism. Marie-Louise von Franz wrote, Hermes is the soul guide of the alchemists. I'll share one quote from the book. If I share more there won't be much remaining - it's such a short read.

In other words, as above so below. It seems to me impertinent to "rate" what is generally agreed to be one of the cornerstones of the Western esoteric tradition. Which is why I'll read it again and hope I understand it better next time around. Jun 24, Stacy rated it it was amazing. We have been lied to so much about religion and history.

These tablets are not meant to be read once or even twice but many times to fully absorb it. When the student is ready the master will appear. Known as one of the earliest alchemical works. This short book covers many different versions and translations as well as some notes from the various translators.

To understand a macrocosm above is to be able to gain understanding of and unlock secrets of a microcosm below and vice versa , with the largest macroc Known as one of the earliest alchemical works. To understand a macrocosm above is to be able to gain understanding of and unlock secrets of a microcosm below and vice versa , with the largest macrocosm being the Universe itself.

The turning wheel of constant motion and energy. Picture the observable universe as we know it all inside a little ball sitting in your hand. Full of constant movement of energy going in and out of itself.

Everything going in and out of a cycle of birth and death. Now on the other hand, look at the tip of your finger, inside of your finger on a micro scale is an atom, and at the center of that is a plank, and at the center of that we do not know, but i imagine it to be a scaled down version to the smallest degree of the same ball you were looking at in your hand.

A complete replica of the entire universe thats updates in real time just as it does on the macro scale. And these are everywhere. In every fiber of your being, in the breath you inhale and exhale. Inside and outside of you. As above, so below. The structure of the microcosm is in accordance with the structure of the macrocosm. Curious about this book… … but it bears further reading. There are a lot of translations Curious about this book… … but it bears further reading.

Toward the end of the book there is commentary whereas one can see the translation of the Tablet could be alchemical, physical or spiritual, which reinforces the point of the tablet. Nov 22, Misba Misba rated it it was amazing Shelves: worthy-reading , ancient-knowledge , will-re-read. But of course, to the common eyes, it might seem like just some allegories.

However, the one who can see surely will get the key to becoming the true alchemist. The original tablet is short having a few verses. But, this short compilation has the original translations and the translation of the translations given by era winning researchers, scientists, and philosophers.

At the end of this short book, there are also some explanations and commentaries given by the translators. An excellent read. Feb 17, Briana Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: real-books. It's just a page with many translations. Obviously there is an occult knowledge to this, but I don't agree with the sun is the father and the moon the mother.

Occultism shows you that female energy was first and it is the creator or life, so These are parables like the Bible. W It's just a page with many translations. What I loved about this book is that each person in the book translates it in their own perception and in the end the message differs.

This is a series of translations of the Emerald Tablet alongside commentary and exegesis. I would suggest this to any student of Hermeticism because so many tenets of the Tablet are hard so understand and sometimes, a choice of words really unlocks the symbolism and the power of the words.

The commentary section looked like a copy-paste of somebody's Google Drive notes but they were not without interesting insight to offer. Too long This is a book that is too long for its actual content. The entire book is really ten minutes long. There's an extra 50 minutes of translation and reinterpretation thrown in to extend the book. If you read the first two chapters you've read the whole book.

Offers a Good Commentary as Well. There are several translations to this work which are provided as well as two commentaries, being alchemical in their descriptions. Apr 09, Rene rated it really liked it.


Emerald Tablet 101: The Birth of Alchemy

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov made numerous references to these in his lectures:. Everything that happens below is an exact reproduction, a faithful reflection, of what exists above. No one has ever stated this as well as Hermes Trismegistus. His Emerald Tablet is still the most perfect monument that any intelligence has ever bequeathed to mankind.


The Emerald Tablet – Its fascinating history, Part 3/3

Alchemy, the philosophical and proto-scientific practice that aims to purify matter and improve both the physical and the spiritual aspects of human life, has been around for millennia. Since ancient times, alchemists have been obsessed with achieving immortality and discovering a way to turn non-precious metals into gold. Even some of the most renowned historical scientists were convinced that alchemy is the path that leads to unprecedented discoveries: for example, Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics and one of the greatest scientists of all time, actually devoted more of his time to the study of alchemy and the occult than to his work on his revolutionary principles of physics. The texts were most likely written by the Ancient Greeks in the 2nd century A. Hermes Trismegistus, the alleged founder of alchemy and hermeticism, was reportedly an Egyptian mystic who lived long before the age of Moses.

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