Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy: distinct phenotypes considering aspects neuropsychological, personality traits and variables clinics. Este estudo teve como objetivos verificar: 1. This study aimed to verify: 1. METHODS: We evaluated 42 patients with JME and a group of 42 control subjects, matched for age, education and socioeconomic status with a comprehensive battery of neuropsychological tests of attentional and executive functions and a standardized assessment of personality traits TCI. RESULTS: Patients with JME showed worse performance than controls on tests of attentional span, working memory, inhibitory control, concept formation, maintenance of goals, and verbal fluency. Patients with JME showed higher expression of personality traits associated with an impaired impulse control.

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Absence and myoclonic status epileptucus precipitated by antiepileptic drugs in idiopathic generalized epilpesy.


2010, NĂºmero 1

These events typically occur either early in the morning or upon sleep deprivation. Additional clinical presentations include seizures with either a motor tonic-clonic seizure or nonmotor absence seizure generalized onset. The characteristic signs of JME are brief episodes of involuntary muscle twitching. These are brief episodes of involuntary muscle contractions occurring early in the morning or shortly before falling asleep.


Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy




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