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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Installation Manual. FortiGate A. Table of Contents. Fortinet fortigate fortigate install guide 56 pages. Fortinet fortigate fortigate install guide 54 pages. Send information about errors or omissions in this document or any Fortinet technical documentation to techdoc fortinet.

Page 4 Server Page 5 SNMP Page 6 New prefix list entry Page 7 CLI configuration Page 8 Phase 1 advanced settings Page 9 Concentrator Page 10 Configuring the web URL block list Page 11 Category block Page 12 Log access The unique ASIC-based architecture analyzes content and behavior in real-time, enabling key applications to be deployed right at the network edge, where they are most effective at protecting your networks.

Page Antivirus Protection Availability HA operation and redundant hot-swappable power supplies ensure non- stop operation in mission-critical applications. Page Web Content Filtering Mail messages can be identified as spam or clear. This means that each of its interfaces is associated with a different IP subnet and that it appears to other devices as a router.

This is how a firewall is normally deployed. This means that all of its interfaces are on the same IP subnet and that it appears to other devices as a bridge. Typically, the FortiGate unit is deployed in Transparent mode to provide antivirus and content filtering behind an existing firewall solution. Each FortiGate unit in an HA cluster enforces the same overall security policy and shares the same configuration settings.

You can add up to 32 FortiGate units to an HA cluster. An active-active HA cluster consists of a primary FortiGate unit that processes traffic and one or more secondary units that also process traffic. The primary FortiGate unit uses a load balancing algorithm to distribute virus scanning to all the FortiGate units in the HA cluster. The International distribution is available to users outside of the United States and the US Domestic distribution is available to all users, including users in the United States.

Page 21 For example, if the file test. The default mail virus replacement message splice mode is Page Document Conventions A space to separate options that can be entered in any combination and must be separated by spaces. Page Fortinet Knowledge Center Fortinet technical documentation, to techdoc fortinet. Customer service and technical support Fortinet Technical Support provides services designed to make sure that your Fortinet systems install quickly, configure easily, and operate reliably in your network.

Please visit the Fortinet Technical Support web site at learn about the technical support services that Fortinet provides. The web-based manager supports multiple languages. Page Button Bar Features The button bar in the upper right corner of the web-based manager provides access to several important FortiGate features.

There are hyperlinks to related topics and procedures related to the controls on the current web-based manager page. Figure 3: Online Help window You can view other parts of the help system as you like. Page Console Access If you simply close the browser or leave the web-based manager, you remain logged-in until the idle timeout default 5 minutes expires. Disconnect from the FortiGate unit. Clear the screen. Configure the router.

Configure firewall policies and protection profiles that apply the network protection features. Also configure virtual IP addresses and IP pools.

Page Lists Clear a log file. Column Select log columns to display. Settings Delete Delete an item. This icon appears in lists where the item is deletable and you have write permission on the page.

Page Status Bar Web-based manager Status bar The status bar is at the bottom of the web-based manager screen. The status information that is displayed includes the system status, unit information, system resources, and session log.

The named administrator upgraded the firmware on either the active or non-active partition. If there is insufficient space for all of the messages, you can select Show All to view the rest of them. The name of the interface. The serial number is Fortinet Inc. Page 39 Note: For information about configuring the FortiGate unit for automatic antivirus definitions updates, see Download the latest antivirus definitions update file from Fortinet and copy it to the computer that you use to connect to the web-based manager.

Page Session List FortiGate unit. You can use the session list to view current sessions. Page Changing The Fortigate Firmware FortiGate administrators whose access profiles contain system configuration read and write privileges and the FortiGate admin user can change the FortiGate firmware. Once the backup firmware image is installed you can switch to this backup image when required. Back up web content and email filtering lists.

Log into the FortiGate web-based manager. Note: To use this procedure you must login using the admin administrator account, or an administrator account that has system configuration read and write privileges. Page 48 [F]: Format boot device. Fortinet Inc. The IP address can be any IP address that is valid for the network that the interface is connected to. Make sure you do not enter the IP address of another device on this network.

The TFTP server should be on the same subnet as port3. FortiGate unit running v2. FortiGate unit running v3. The following message appears: Enter Local Address [ Format boot device. Boot with backup firmware and set as default. Quit menu and continue to boot with default firmware.

Display this list of options. Basic network settings start with configuring FortiGate interfaces to connect to your network and configuring the FortiGate DNS settings. All VLAN subinterfaces must be associated with a physical interface. Page 60 Ping server Add a ping server to an interface if you want the FortiGate unit to confirm connectivity with the next hop router on the network connected to the interface. Adding a ping server is required for routing failover.

To add an interface to a virtual domain If you have added virtual domains to the FortiGate unit, you can use this procedure to add an interface or VLAN subinterface to a virtual domain. To add a virtual domain, domain if you have added firewall policies for the interface. Page 64 Optionally, you can also configure management access and add a ping server to the secondary IP address: set allowaccess ping https ssh snmp http telnet set gwdetect enable Save the changes: for information on PPPoE settings.

Choose an interface and select Edit. Set Ping Server to the IP address of the next hop router on the network connected to the interface.

Select the Enable check box. Page Zone Displays Yes if traffic between interfaces in the same zone is blocked and No if traffic between interfaces in the same zone is not blocked. Select to edit or view a zone.

Delete icon. Select to remove a zone. Page Management FortiGate unit from. Enter the default gateway address. Select the virtual domain from which you want to perform system management. Select the Management Virtual Domain.

Select Apply. Click here to redirect. Click on the message to connect to the new Management IP. Select to change the order of a route in the list.

Enter the destination IP address and netmask for this route. Enter the IP address of the next hop router to which this route directs traffic The the relative preferability of this route. Packets passing between devices in the same VLAN can be handled by layer 2 switches.


Fortinet FortiGate 1000A VPN Firewall Security Appliance Series FG-1000A

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ipsec VPN and NAT (Fortigate 1000a, v3.00, build 318)

FortiGateA Datasheet. FortiGate enterprise security solutions deliver next-generation firewall technology and multi-threat protection integrated into cost-effective security. Point-product security solutions do not provide protection against a new breed of blended threats. Furthermore, assembling an array of point products is costly and requires significant expertise to engineer, maintain. FortiGate solutions cost-effectively deliver complete multi-threat protection against: unauthorized access, intrusion attempts, viruses,. Stateful firewall,.

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