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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter brucemillar Start date Aug 14, Tags alarm button car gemel txshs.

Folks I have one of these alarms fitted in my Pajero. I think it needs re-setting as it is immobilising the ignition. Despite several Google searches I am none the wiser as to how this thing operates as I cannot find a user guide. Does anybody know anything about these things that could offer any suggestions. I have tried: Disconnecting the battery Pushing and holding both buttons Pushing and holding one button at a time All with no success.

FYI: It does lock and unlock the car every-time. The car turns over but refuses to fire or even attempt to fire. It has fuel and good battery. Dec MB Enthusiast. Any other keys other than the remote control? Is there a key hold on the siren for switching the alarm off?

Dec I have two keys and two remotes. Both keys and both remotes are identical to look at and are working but not starting the car There is a LED in the car for the alarm. When you lock the car it comes on Solid when you un-lock it goes off. No visible key holes on the siren. I am now thinking unusual for me that this may be a fuel delivery issue. But it is so intermittent.

It has no pattern as to how it will fail or not fail. I could go up now and the car will start 1st turn. Leave it an hour and will refuse to fire but continue to crank like it has run out of fuel.

Tank is over half full. The remotes and the alarm seem to work, could it be that the alarm siren has back up batteries inside it and the are now leaking and damaging the siren PCB as is very common on ten year old Mercedes at the moment, test the alarm by locking yourself in the car, stay still for 60 seconds then open a door, see if the alarm will sound. The hazards should flash… I would think.. Dec Thank you for taking time to reply. I will 1st check to see if I have petrol being pumped to the engine.

Then look for a good spark. OK I cracked open the fuel pipe at the engine. I can hear the fuel pump relay clicking on ignition so am assuming that is all good? Next I went to the pump.

Opened the fuel line at the pump. There is NO continuity across the main input terminals in the actual pump? So I am thinking that the pump is dead. Is it worth me putting a 12v battery across the pump to see if it fires it up? Assuming it is the pump should I buy new or second hand and what should I expect to pay please. Many thanks Bruce. I would put 12v to it alright, no idea what a pump would cost but cant be too much from a scrap yard. Some progress today. Thank you for your replies.

This is all helpful to me. I ran wires direct from the battery to the fuel pump after disconnect the pump. The pump runs good. Checked current again at the wires too the pump. Connected everything back up and the car fired up 1st turn. But then promptly cut out as the pump was still not running It just used up the fuel from when I fired the pump up on a 12v feed.

I can hear the fuel relay clicking on and off with the ignition. This makes me think Crank Sensor. Do you know where the crank sensor is located on the 3. To complete my day, I got stung by a mahoosive wasp. This was not funny and it hurts like hell. Dec Thanks. I am on the Pajero owners club forum. They seem to think that it is a fuel pump relay issue or a problem with the alarm as either will not allow the pump to run at start up.

So off to try and find the pump relay and test it. Folks It was the alarm that was causing the problem. Here comes the really dumb, stupid bit. This worked and now everything is back as it should be.

As suspected on day 1 the alarm had got itself into a "hung" state. This process is a "generic" re-set for two button fobs.

The above steps have to be carried out as written so that the alarm can go through a cycle of checking switches etc. Thanks to all who offered help on here. Hopefully if anybody gets caught with a two button fob this will help. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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