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I just finished reading George Jowett's "Unrevealed Secrets of Man" and let me tell you, I'm going to read it again this weekend! That's how good it is. I've made copies for both my girlfriend and my father to read and if anyone here is interested, I'll make a copy for you.

Actually, Clay's coast to coast gripper gave me an idea because instead of me making a dozen or so copies to send out all over the country world? I'll make one copy to send to one person if they agree to make a copy and pass it on.

So on and so forth. It's a two volume book written in and is now out of print, Bill Hinbern doesn't even have it!!!

I got it as an e-book and re-typed it myself It's a total of 59 single spaced, one sided pages [though I could make it two sided to save space in the envelope]. It's about mind strength and it's relation to our "inner man", our own God given power. It is written from a Christian viewpoint but is not religious text.

The author does not promote his faith nor does he force his beliefs on you. He explains how each and every one of us has uncomprehendable power and strength within us. He doesn't tell you how to obtain this miracle but gives examples of how others have suceeded.

There are things in there that gave me chills up and down my spine! Optimism is the most contagious thing on earth. By the power of its suggestion that radiates from you, your whole household will become a contingent of vibrating dynamos. It squares my shoulders and clenches the fist that drives me onward to a bigger purpose. Strength is health. One cannot exist without the other. They are the inseperable forces that bind the body to direct purpose. If you lack strength your body will collapse and double up like a jackknife.

I exercised and studied until I built for myself a body that has since been pronounced perfect in four countries of the world. I acquired physical powers driven by my psychic forces that harnessed mind and matter into a perfect machine. The muscles became educated to the will of the mind. Science doubled up with strength that eventually threw the athletes previously considered invincible from the heights of their glory and placed me on a higher peak.

Good stuff! So who's interested? Let me know what state you live in first and I'll map out a path. Whoever is closest to me will get it first and they can send it to someone near them. If any of you fella's across the pond are interested let me know and I'll have a second copy sent out you as well. I do hope everyone takes advantage of this opportunity because this really is an awesome read.

It'll make for some good discussion and I'm dying to exchange thoughts with people on this. Oh, and the knowledge obtained will definitely help feats of hand strength! I figured I ought to throw something in related to grip. I'd like to read it. Let me know when you need my full address.

It sounds really good. I've never been one for a the "mental- psych you up" books. Somehow reading that I should just want it more, in order to lift more weight just doesn't do it for me. Since when is "obsessed" not enough? Can't do my man. Read into the in my first post. You retyped it on a typewriter and not a computer? If so it makes sense why you can't make a electronic copy available. It just wasnt real clear in your orginal post. Nowadays when someone says they typed something I assume it was on a computer myself.

Or are you worried about copywrite? It is a Matt Furey E Book. The book it is taken from is no longer copyrighted, and nobody owns the rights to it.

E Books cannot be copied. Why not just scan the typed pages to a file and cut out the paperwork. No need to use mail either. I would be interested in reading it, and if you have the e-file I have some computer friends that may be able to help us copy it if its not protected. With your permission I'll give him your address or you can PM it to him yourself.

Hammerhead, Jake Brooks and a few others have mentioned being interested. Either get your address to me with permission to pass it on to whomever will be mailing you or track the book here and send it to the person yourself.

Study its anatomical geography and survey it with a level of mental deduction. Sell yourself on the scheme of its enormity. After that it will be the easiest thing in the world for you to take a physical inventory of yourself and decide for the future you will do some repair work.

Be expecting an email from Andy [don't know his handle] with his address, he's next on the UK list. The more mental impulses you put behind an effort the less is required. Movements become clockwork, too mechanical, and hauling on a ton of metal is like praying to a bronze Buddha to hand you out a check for a million dollars. Okay guys, copies went out on Monday so Steve you should be receiving yours today and Gary I'd imagine early next week.

So if you want a copy, let me know! Also, would you be willing to expedite the route the book takes in the UK? Ok I lied, I did not retype the book. I printed it out. Otherwise, I'd post it for everyone to see. Dan, I'd like a copy of it as well. I will PM you my address. I can scan this document at work and turn it into a PDF file if you like. How do I sign up? Sounds great! By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy policies. Vote now!

Should we shut the Covid thread in off topic? Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted August 14, edited. Listen up everybody, I just finished reading George Jowett's "Unrevealed Secrets of Man" and let me tell you, I'm going to read it again this weekend!

A little bit about the book An few excerpts: "Never say die, say 'Live. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 14, Also, if there's any concerns you may have, feel free to PM me. Can you send us the electronic version?? The body will not go anywhere that the mind does not want it too!!

DAN,i am in the UK and would be very intersted in this valuable and interesting book,anything written by the old timers gets my vote,thanks for taking the time to discuss and share it with your fellow grip brothers. Gazza, you got it bro! PM me your address and I'll try and get it out today. Bullettooth, Can't do my man. AP, It's too bad you feel the way you do. You don't know what your missing. George Jowett -- Isn't this the same fellow who had a "questionable" lift of a very heavy anvil? Posted August 15, Dan C, Am I understanding that there are about 30 pages two sided?

But it is two volumes? Are they pamphlets or books?


Unrevealed Secrets of Man (vol. One)



Unrevealed Secrets of Man (Two Volume Set)



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