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I bet it would be almost as difficult to find someone unaware of the ukulele. But what about the guitalele? A guitalele is a mixture of a guitar and a ukulele. Also known as a guitarlele, a six string ukulele, a mini guitar, and a guilele, this instrument resembles a baritone ukulele in size but has the six strings common to a full sized guitar.

If you need to know about guitalele chords, tuning, or strings, just scroll past this section for more! Many of the qualities that make their ukes so popular can be found on this six string version as well.

This also helps the intonation be very accurate. If you want to play in a higher key you can tune it that way, though you will loose a little action. One thing that really surprised us while playing this instrument… it absolutely hums. Get a pick on this and everyone will be able to hear you for a country mile. Not trying to annoy mom? The nylon strings finger-picked let off a wonderfully bright, crisp sound. The fact that solid Acacia is used is just a bonus, only Koa is more popular and more sought out by professional ukulele players.

Secondly, this is the only guitalele we chose with a ukulele pickup installed, letting you play it acoustically or plugged into a speaker or guitar amp for on stage performances or to just annoy the neighbors!

The tuner on this guitalele comes with a three band EQ control, chromatic tuner, and low battery indicator. Finally, we picked out this model for the gear pack that comes with it. This guitalele combines a spruce top with sapele sides. This combination has been used for guitars for years and is known for a very crisp, sharp sound at higher registers while keeping a warm tone while strumming. This is a small detail but a really important one. The detail that really sets this guilele apart is the African Okoume neck and fingerboard paired with walnut.

If you are really set on tuning this instrument as a standard guitar would be tuned, there are sets of thicker strings that would allow you to tune it down. This allows the bottom four strings to be tuned exactly as they would be for a soprano, concert, or tenor ukulele using low G tuning. Because you are a 4th away from standard guitar tuning you also have the benefit of being able to use all of your normal chord shapes to play.

For example, an E chord will sound like an A. If you are used to playing a ukulele with high G tuning rather than low G you will notice a difference in the sound of the higher registrar strings. Take a minute to adjust your ear to it before making any changes. The actual mechanics and tools used to tune a guitalele are the same as those to tune a ukulele or a guitar, and a very easy after a little bit of practice!

Both guitar players and ukulele will need to make an adjustment to play chords on the guitalele. A Guitalele chord is the same as a guitar chord, just moved! All of your guitar chords are moved down a 4th capo on the fifth fret. Almost all of the guileles, guitarleles, and guitaleles see what we did there?

When you are looking for your first replacement set, or upgrade, many of the bass strings are wound with a bronze or silver plating while the trebles are a clear, black or red nylon.

Finding the perfect set of strings is difficult, especially as you get better and find that each set has a different feel and sound to them.

There are a few recommendations we can make for you though that may help your shopping process along. First, pick a string that is made for a guitalele, a Spanish guitar, or a requinto.

The size of these strings, both from a length and width perspective tend to match the size of the guitalele better than a set made for a full sized guitar. There are a LOT of strings on the market and each is going to sound and feel slightly different. When you put a new set on take notes on the sound, feel, and experience while playing them!

Many consider these the closest thing to playing real gut you can find.


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