Gulavani maharaj was great saint and he was also incarnation of Datta. He is shishya of Pa. Tembe swami. That was a time when swamiji's stay was in pune in Swamiji's close shishya Pa. Pu Pruthviraj bhalerao's Bapu house. Pujya Bapu decided to inform gulavani maharaj about swamijis stay in pune.

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Thanks a lot! This is truely helpful in circulating to those who want know what is Guru Kripa and Shaktipaat path of Self Realization. Thanks again! Jai Shri Krishna. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Sign me up! Devoted to Prabhu Baa! Publications PDF.

The teacher who is possessed to this power of transmission can give his knowledge of Truth or the knowledge of the way of union with the Divine to a deserving disciple in an instant without any effort whatsoever. He who has the good luck of receiving spiritual teaching from a real Guru is at once freed from all dualities and is established in his own real self. The Lord extended His right hand with its dark-blue colour and the radiance of the bracelet round the wrist and embraced His loving devotee, Arjun, to his heart.

The Lord intended to give him that transcendent experience of Self where no speech or intelligence can enter and the embrace was a device for the purpose. It is the grace of the Guru that brings it. He enters the supreme abode of eternal Anand. Thus the Vedas , the Puranas , the Tantras and the Saints of all ages have fully testified to the idea of the transmission of spiritual power.

Thou art really great; thou hast established thy greatness by transmitting the power in an instant. The Nath cult is the most noted of all cults in initiating the disciple through the transmission of power.

The cult is as ancient as spiritual knowledge and the Science of Yoga. Gurus possessing this mighty and effective power of transmission are very rare now-a-days, but they are not altogether extinct. Mahatmas of this rare type roam through the world in disguise and when they come across a deserving disciple infuse in him the power they possess.

It may not be of any practical benefit to the general reader but if it only succeeds in convincing him that there are really men of perfection who can transmit the yogic power in others and that one can avail himself of their grace, I shall consider my attempt to have been amply repaid.

For if a Sadhak fortunately comes across such a Mahatma and succeeds in obtaining his grace, he can easily realize the object and purpose of his human existence. The principal objective of yoga is to attain Samadhi in which state all modifications of the mind are stilled and suppressed. To achieve this object one has to go through the eightfold process of yoga, which is very difficult to practice under the guidance of a qualified Guru.

A slight error in this Sadhan may result in injury to the practitioner. Now, the whole of this process can be brought about almost without an effort by transmission of power. The one thing needed above all others is sincere service to the Guru and gaining his favor. The following verse describes the marks which indicate that the power has been transmitted to a disciple.

The Sadhak feels a great change come over his body. All these experiences on the first day may continue for hours, in some cases for half an hour only and in others for three hours at a stretch and then cease. So long as the Power will work. The eyes of the Sadhak will remain closed and he will not be inclined to open them. An attempt to open them will cause trouble. But when the power stops working, the eyes will open automatically. The closing and opening of the eyes will indicate whether the power is working or it has ceased to work.

Whenever the Sadhak closes his eyes he will feel a variety of movements going on in his body. He should not obstruct or put any obstacle in the way of the inner working. He should simply watch it as a witness without assuming any responsibility for it. For it is the work of a divine power consciously acting from within. And in this state he will feel very happy, indeed, and his faith will grow strong and unshakable.

Once by the grace of the Guru the yogic power of the Sadhak is awakened. Asan and Pranayam and Mudra and other accessories of yoga lose their utility for him.

These Asanas, Pranayams and Mudras are practised only to help the awakened power to reach Brahmarandhra. When the passage of ascent is opened for the ascending power these processes become unnecessary and the mind gets progressively established in peace.

There are occasions when even an illiterate Sadhak possessing no knowledge of Asan or Pranayam may be seen doing all these processes exactly as prescribed in the Shastras under the influence of the transmitted power just like a yogi who had training in yoga for several years. The fact is that Kundalini power; Herself gets all these things done according to the needs and demands of the case for the growth of the Sadhak.

The most difficult processes of yoga are done as if no efforts were needed. The processes of Pranayam — Purak, Rechak and Kumbhak take place automatically. A two minute Kumbhak is mastered in a week or two. All this takes place without any risk to the practitioner for the awakened Power herself takes care that nothing is done which may do harm to the Sadhak. The Sadhak proceeds safe with his Sadhana which practically works out itself.

When a teacher has awakened the Kundalini power by transmission in his disciple, the power of transmission grows in the later. For he grows into the likeness of his Guru. So the power of transmission continues in a line of succession from Guru to the disciple. The seed of the power is sown in him by the Guru, so that the disciple, when commanded by the Guru, may impart the same power to his disciple and thus continue the line of succession.

This privilege, however, is not enjoyed by every disciple. It lacks the power of continuing the line of succession. The disciple of the first type of Guru fulfills his own life and becomes the source of the fulfillment of the life of others and the disciple of the second category only redeems himself but cannot redeem others.

And the line of succession through word thus continues unbroken. The peacock, however, is delighted to hear the thundering of the cloud but cannot, like the cloud, delight other peacocks by its voice. Here the line of succession is not continued. The same difference is to be found in the case of transmission through sight. The tortoise nourishes its young ones by a mere concentration of its sight and the young ones get from it the same power which awakens in them when it is needed for the same purpose.

They are not conscious of it until they grow and give birth to their own babies. A disciple of this category, similarly, is not conscious the succession given to him by the Guru so long as he does not find his own disciple. The ruddy goose pair, on the other hand, is delighted to see the sun but they themselves cannot delight others of their kind. The one resembles the action of the fish nourishing its young ones by the concentration of will and the other the action of a juggler who creates towns and cities.

The former gives its power to its young ones also, but the later has no such power of giving it to his creation. In all cases quoted above the power of continuing the line of succession seems to have been vested in the mother. The Guru is, therefore, rightly called the mother. Once the transmission of power is effected in a disciple by his Guru, all the processes of Asan.

Pranayam, Mudra, Pratyahar. Dharana and Dhyan are easily mastered by the former. He will require no special effort or struggle of any kind and guidance for this purpose. For the power herself will guide the Sadhak through all these processes. The greatest point in favor of this kind of Sadhan is that the Sadhak is always safe against injury and harm of any kind.

A worldly man can avail himself of its various advantages. The delight and peace, the great boons one expects to get from the arduous and difficult process of Yoga are easily attained through this Sadhan. A Sadhak following other paths of Sadhan has to pass through a trying period of painful experiments in the hope of attaining bliss at the end of a difficult course of discipline. But this Sadhan brings with it bliss and when the power within is awakened, the Power herself leads the Sadhak to the goal of Self-Realization.

The Power continues to work incessantly until the disciple attains the supreme state. In the meanwhile, if it becomes necessary for the Sadhak in exceptional cases to pass through many lives, the awakened power will continue awakened and will never sleep again until the goal is reached.

Such is the assurance of the Guru in this path of Sadhan. All that has been said above will, it is hoped, convince the reader of the great importance of awakening the Kundalini Power. Once the Sadhak is initiated through the transmission of Power, he cannot by himself do any process of yoga nor can he feel happy in doing it.

It is the impulse of the Power within that he will obey. Any disobedience on his part will make him miserable. When a man, for instance, is overtaken by the sense of sleep, he cannot do without sleeping.

If he acts against the natural impulse, he will be restless and unhappy. It is the sleep alone that will give him rest and happiness. Similarly, when the Sadhak sits on his Asan, there comes to him the impulse from the Power within to do a particular thing or to make a particular movement and he must act accordingly.

If he disobeys he is troubled and restless. But on the other hand, he opens himself to the action from within and follows it. He is calm and happy.


Makaraksharatle Gulavani Maharaj

Contact PPP Baa. Baa meet me at B. It is known as Shiv Swaroday please give me detailes about it. We carry couple of books that provide some insight into this. However Kundalini jagruti is an experience that we can receive only through the grace of a very capable and experienced master. Shreya Mahajan. I wonder if it is possible to take initiation in line shaktipat..


10 Yogiraj Shri Waman Rao Duttatreya Gulwani Maharaj




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