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Latest Projects Education. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Search Forums New Posts. The wretched thing is giving me a frequency of x clock instead of x clock using pin 12 Q8. I would be grateful of a bit of an explanation here. Wondered if it's due to the ripple counter glitches? I realise these are neanderthal nowadays but the project requires nothing 'state-of-the-art' really.

Regards Nick. Scroll to continue with content. AlbertHall Joined Jun 4, 9, Hmmm, just checked on my schematic 'Diptrace'. AnalogKid Joined Aug 1, 8, The individual outputs of a ripple counter do not have glitches. Ripple counter glitches appear only when multiple outputs are being combined in gate logic, like AND-ing two or more outputs together to decode a non-binary-increment value.

The glitch comes from the time delays among the transitions of the individual stages. Over the years there has been some variation in the , , , and datasheets and in CAD libraries about what to call the outputs. If the output of the first flipflop is Q0, then how do you designate the output of the 's oscillator, Q-1?

Or rather the names of the pins are different. So whichever chip you have, pin 14 is the divide-by output. Wolframore Joined Jan 21, 1, The example above I like the Q1 number better Either way it should be the same result. Thank you very much gentlemen, my stupid mistake, going backwards and forwards between layouts my ancient eyes got crossed somewhere.

I assumed it would be something daft, or somebody daft me Q1 tomato Not everything requires programming and flashing. I luv 'em too really. Just glanced at a data sheet, didn't really look. You must log in or register to reply here. You May Also Like. Continue to site. Today at AM. Feasibility of using reflectors to "half" radiation patterns of known antennas. General Electronics Chat.

Tuesday at PM. Monday at PM.


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