U You, our stakeholders, are at the centre of everything we do. Our relentless efforts to ensure that we make a difference in your lives — as shareholders, as consumers, as business partners and as citizens — has helped us achieve a position of pre-eminence in the Indian industry. It has helped us develop and evolve a portfolio of world class products that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. It has helped us to become an integral part of the communities we operate in and seek to serve. It has helped us become a part of your everyday life — right from your morning cup of tea to your brushing routine at bedtime.

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Kannan - Independent Director Mumbai - Nikhilesh Panchal - Independent Director. The total Your Company continues to operate through two units, one focused dividend paid during the financial year amounts to Rs. Geetu Verma was appointed as an Additional Director of the in white spaces and launching Indian heritage brands like Pears and Company with effect from 22nd September, In accordance with Taj Mahal into new geographies.

Your Company continued to invest the provisions of Section of the Companies Act, , she would behind Brand Building and work closely with Unilever team which hold office till the date of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting. This year saw a good Mr. Consequent developing brands. Girish Anantharaman ceased to be Whole—time Director of the Company. Home Care and Personal Care segment of the business has witnessed Accordingly, the designation of Mr. Brands like Pears have registered healthy growth in the 29th April, , eligible for re - appointment as a Director.

The Board of Directors of your Company had appointed Foods and Beverages segment of the business witnessed a decline Mr. Kannan and Mr. Nikhilesh Panchal as Independent Directors in current year. In accordance steady however, the tea bag exports faced challenges with some with the provisions of Section of the Companies Act, , volumes moving to manufacturing sites closer to the source of Mr. Nikhilesh Panchal shall hold office upto the demand within the Unilever network. There are robust growth plans date of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting and are eligible to in place to mitigate the loss of volumes.

The Company has received notice along with the requisite deposit, under Section of the Your Company showed a decline in profitability due to lower volumes Companies Act, from Hindustan Unilever Limited as a Member in high profitable segments and on account of currency depreciation.

Geetu Your Company continued to focus on cost saving measures to Verma, Mr. Girish Ananthraman as Directors and Mr. Kannan and optimize the business performance and generate funds for growth. Sridhar Ramamurthy, Mr. Dev Bajpai, Mr. Hemant business. Bakshi and Mr. Company with related parties;. However, in case of a special and urgent business need, subsequent meeting of the Board.

The Audit Committee met five times during the financial year ended 31st March, on 25th April, , 11th August, , The notice of Board meeting is given well in advance to all the 22nd September, , 26th November, and 23rd March, Usually, meetings of the Board are held in Mumbai. The Agenda is circulated a week prior to the date of the meeting. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee is During the financial year ended 31st March, , six Board meetings currently headed by Mr.

Pradeep Banerjee and has Ms. Nikhilesh Panchal as its Members. During , 26th November, , 23rd March, and 30th March, Hemant Bakshi, Mr. BP Biddappa and The interval between any two meetings was well within the maximum Mr.

Girish Anantharaman ceased to be Members of the Committee. The Board Committees are set up under formal approval of the Board to carry out clearly defined roles. The minutes of the meetings of all options, pension etc; Committees are placed before the Board for review. Girish Anantharaman as employees; its Members.

During the year, Mr. BP Biddappa, Mr. Pradeep Banerjee and Ms. The Audit Committee performs the following functions: The minutes of each Nomination and Remuneration Committee meeting are placed at the subsequent meeting of the Board.

The Corporate Social Responsibility provisions of all applicable laws and such systems are adequate Committee is currently headed by Mr. Kannan, Independent and operating effectively. Director and has Mr. Pradeep Banerjee, Ms. Geetu Verma and Mr. BP Biddappa and Mr. Girish Disclosures with respect to remuneration of employees as per Section Anantharaman ceased to be the Members of the Committee.

Your Company strives cautiously to conserve energy by adopting innovative measures to change to eco friendly and cheaper fuels, reducing wastage and optimizing consumption. The Company has not accepted any public deposits under Chapter V of Companies Act, during the year.

According to the Directors of your and fuel to your Company and the journey of your Company on the Company, elements of risks that threaten the existence of your effective utilization of energy conservation continues. Company are very minimal. Hence, no separate Risk Management Policy is formulated.

There was no capital investment made on energy conservation equipments during the year under review. The Company maintains interaction with Unilever internationally.

LLP were appointed as Statutory Auditors of Your Company is receiving support and guidance from Hindustan your Company at the last Annual General Meeting for a term of Unilever Limited and Unilever to drive functional excellence in five consecutive years.

As per the provisions of Section of the marketing, supply management, media buying and IT, among others, Companies Act, , the appointment of Auditors is to be ratified by which helps your Company in product improvement, cost reduction, Members at every Annual General Meeting. There has been no products, innovations, technologies and services is commensurate qualification, reservation, adverse remark or disclaimer given by the with the needs of your Company and enables it to win in the Auditors in their Report.

During the year, no complaints with allegations of sexual harassment were filed with the Company. The Directors take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders for Rs. It accords the highest priority to the health and safety of its employees, customers and other stakeholders as well as to the protection of the environment.

The management of the Company is strongly focused on continuous improvement in these areas which are fundamental to the sustainable growth of the Company. HUF supports national priorities for socio-economic development, through its Water for Public Good programme. HUF along with its partners has initiated 18 projects in more than 4, villages of 82 districts in 13 states located across 13 river basins in India since inception.

The collective action of HUF and its partners has helped in the creation of cumulative water potential of nearly billion litres. Kannan as the Chairman and Mr. Nikhilesh Panchal as Members of the Committee. Average Net Profit of the company for last 3 financial years 16, Prescribed CSR Expenditure On behalf of the Board.

Form No. Cosmetics 37 2. Tea 26 3. Soaps Category of No. Promoters 1. Indian — Bodies Corporates - 29,75, 29,75, - 29,75, 29,75, 0. Foreign - - - - - - - - - Total shareholding - 29,75, 29,75, - 29,75, 29,75, 0. Public Shareholding - - - - - - - - - C. Name change in No. Hindustan Unilever 0 0. Balaji At the beginning of the year 0 0.

There are no Key Managerial Personnel in the Company. Lakhs Sl. Particulars of Remuneration Mr. Girish Anantharaman, No. Whole-time Director 1. Gross salary a. Salary as per provisions contained in section 17 1 of the Income-tax Act, Profits in lieu of salary under section 17 3 Income-tax Act, Stock Option - 3.

Sweat Equity - 4. Commission - Total A Remuneration to other Directors Directors other than the Whole-time Director did not receive any remuneration from the Company. All transactions are placed before the Audit Committee of the Company. Net Rs.


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