This accomplished Austrian earned a law degree from the University of Exeter in While pursuing his education he became interested in accelerated learning, using himself as a test subject on his developing techniques. Graduating in , he took a position at Linklaters Law Firm in but eventually resigned in order to devote himself full time to his real passion—covert hypnosis. He discovered the work of Dr. Milton Erickson, a physician who believed that hypnosis has a positive effect on everyday life.

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My mission was to develop a speed-training system. One that ingrains the basics of conversational hypnosis right into the unconscious mind. Fact is, I've created a process that shaves years off the learning curve. It requires no rote memorization and you'll retain everything necessary for any covert hypnotic encounter.

No figuring out how to make hypnosis work. No guessing what to say and when to say it. The right words and gestures flow out with ease. Like water from a spout. At just the right time. Which means, this is the perfect fast-track to covert hypnosis mastery so you can After exposure to this process, hypnotizing people during conversations is second nature. It will happen in a "nice-and-easy" spontaneous manner.

A friend told me about this secret while I attended Exeter University. I was studying for a law degree. The workload professors dished out was "insane". I had to cram an enormous amount of information into my head. And at warp-speed. Time was of the essence. So I took his advice and began using this secret. I used it before sitting down to study.

I used it before reading. I used it during tests. Basically, I used it all the time hoping to gain an edge. Before discovering this secret, school frustrated me to no end. I dreaded study time. Reading bored me to tears. Taking tests made me break out in a cold sweat. After applying this secret, everything changed. I finished twice the work in half the time. My grades shot up.

My confidence exploded. I graduated with ease It hands you the tools to be a force for good in the world. Influence people to turn their lives around on a dime.

Help them make profound changes fast. Convince, influence and motivate others to comply with your requests Which reminds of me of the amazing stories three of my students recently shared I just love it when my students take the secrets I teach them and improve their lives. One of those students was broke with no prospects. He was couch-surfing to put a roof over his head.

Then he ran across my conversational hypnosis system. The first major improvement for him took place while he was working as a waiter. Customers loved him so much they showered him with big tips. Which blew everybody away. He simply applied a few covert techniques. People starting eating out of the palm of his hand. Needless to say, he no longer had to couch-surf. Later, he opened a successful hypnotherapy practice.

The lady in front of him the one whose car he hit was livid. She flew out of her car spitting fire as they say. Pure rage flushed across her face. My brother knew this could get ugly. Really ugly. Without thinking, a simple conversational hypnosis technique came to mind. He said a few words. Nothing earth-shattering. The "mad-as-hell" woman stopped in her tracks.

Her anger diffused like a time-bomb seconds before blowing up. They exchanged details and All due to a couple choice words. Another student wanted prime shelf-space for a product in the fastest-growing supermarket chain in Europe. The executive in charge decided to give the space to someone else. My student got on the phone with the decision-maker. He had to save this deal.

His job and livelihood was on the line. In a matter of minutes, he turned a multi-million dollar loss into a multi-million dollar gain. He convinced the executive to change his mind and give him the coveted shelf-space. They are practical and apply in the real world. You can use them to increase your income. You can use them to turn a dreadful situation into peaceful resolution.

You can use them to land a much-needed sale or dream client. Or anything else you want. This problem stifles the learning process, curbs natural creativity, baffles the heck out of hypnosis students Afterwards, the conscious mind catches up. This, of course, flies in the face of "common" knowledge and practice. The entire educational system is based on consciously acquiring information and technical expertise. The inaccurate assumption is that the mind retains by thinking.

You "drill" facts and figures into the brain. As a result, all the stuff you studied sticks in the memory banks. Learning anything this way is painful Most of us hated school because of the way "they" forced us to learn. Consider this: You're driving around town with the radio on. The sun is shining.

Birds singing. You feel relaxed while the new "song-of-the-month" plays every so often. Without trying You never consciously sat down with the lyrics to memorize them. You probably never even heard the entire song from beginning to end. Yet, within a few effortless exposures to the music This is called Scientists David Shanks and Mark St.

John in Behavioral and Brain Sciences define it as:. The way implicit learning works is like this: You perform a series of small, seemingly unrelated tasks. Each task builds on the previous. You add other more complicated tasks. This happens all by itself. The exciting thing is you by-pass the conscious mind. You remove it out of the way. The skill ingrains in your unconscious.


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Igor A. Ledochowski is probably most well-known for his work in the area of hypnosis and is credited as the founder of the 'Street Hypnosis' movement and for bringing many original concepts and techniques to the field of NLP. He is the author of several acclaimed books and movements in the field of hypnosis. In he was employed and mentored by the prestigious law firm Linklaters and became a solicitor. During his enrolment at University and Law School, Ledochowski developed a keen interest in the field of accelerated learning in order to achieve academic success in his exam finals with the least amount of revision; he passed comfortably and was quickly offered employment. These early successes further spurred his curiosity in uncovering the abilities of the Human mind. In , a family member recommeded that he might do well to examine the field of Ericksonian Hypnosis , and he quickly found much of his free time dedicated to its study.


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The power of conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis lies on how you use them. If you want to learn the technique of hypnotizing people through conversations, it is important that you do not use them for any unethical and illegal means. This skill will be and can only be beneficial if you are responsible enough to use it not to bring harm and trouble to your fellow. As its name suggests, conversational hypnosis is usually carried out with a casual conversation. It is also termed covert hypnosis, as the person being hypnotized does not have any idea about the hypnosis. In this technique, you will be able to make the other person agree or do what you want him to do. Most often, sales people who want you to buy their products use this technique and some others may use this in settling disputes and arguments.

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