Dare to make the jump and see if you. We guide you as you evaluate your opportunities so that your next move is consistent with your overall career goals. Grounded in the extensive relationships we have built over the years with successful global organizations, IMD offers one of the most selective MBA programs available today. Dare to make the jump and see if you could be one of the 90 exceptional people in the next IMD MBA class who will shape the future of business. Top executives of leading multinational companies tell us clearly: they need leaders, not managers. Leaders with the insight and ability to address issues and problems that are more complex and changing more quickly than ever before.

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One year, real life, solid education. Leadership development. TO ACT. Program Director. Competition and markets do not guarantee progress. They are mere conduits for business advance. For business to drive progress, it is not enough to figure out how to address customer demands, excel in operations or comply with regulatory standards. Rather, business needs to know why it does what it does and at which value and costs to whom?

This calls for the broadest appreciation of issues at stake and for leadership based on technical competence, self-awareness and moral judgment. They inform our choices of program content, teaching method and research agendas; and they help us to select the best group of participants every year. We cater to a select group of experienced, mature and globally-minded participants and we offer real-life, solid education recognized for its direct applicability and impact.

As you prepare yourself for the next phase of your career, the choice is yours. We would be happy to talk to you or put you in touch with our alumni to help you decide if this is the right choice for you. These are valuable opportunities to find out more about us and ask any questions you may have. We also strongly recommend a campus visit and a look around Lausanne and the surrounding area to help you decide whether to apply. Register for our events at www.

I continue to use the IMD business leadership framework as I face increasingly complex issues around the world. Returning to IMD. I can rely on to move into action immediately. IMD was the perfect place to explore my own leadership perspective. You learn from the best, both faculty and classmates. You are constantly challenged and get prepared for dealing with anything that comes your way.

In my current role as an entrepreneur, I draw on what I learnt at IMD every day, be it finding investors, recruitment, hard skills and a deep understanding of business, or having likeminded friends to bounce ideas and experiences with. Next to the learning at IMD, two things will have a lasting impact: first, knowing the destination is not nearly as important as knowing how to get there.

IMD taught me the relevant questions to ask myself. Second, I have gained friends for life — people I can rely on through thick and thin. Use your international experience and recognized leadership potential for a career leap. Widen your managerial and technical competences. Assess real-life business challenges and confidently select adequate responses to them.

Recognize moral dimensions when dealing with managerial dilemmas. Increase self-awareness, inspire group performance and assertively shape your future. Benefit from personalized learning and individual coaching and share knowledge with a small group of experienced classmates and international executives.

An institute entirely devoted to excellence in real-life executive development. An international faculty recognized for its. A vibrant community of. Situated in the center of Europe. A one-year, full-time curriculum that.

October to December. Immersion Course. Assignments range from full-fledged industry analyses, marketing and business plans to organization audits, next-stage financing proposals for new ventures and personal leadership narratives. These tasks are interspersed with integrative exercises, group projects, individual, comprehensive exams and opportunities for participants to explore and understand how their own moral compass impacts decisions.

Subsequent tutoring sessions concentrate on personal development goals, career planning and recruitment strategies. Our world today needs leaders, in both the public and the private sector, who are committed and well prepared to erase poverty and inequality.

I had no doubts that I would get the best tools at IMD. I had high expectations and they were certainly met. July to September. Advanced Analytics. Discovery Expeditions.

Team Dynamics. International Consulting Projects. Participants initiate their individualized course work and in-company projects to meet specific skill and knowledge requirements of immediate career targets. This is followed by assignments involving the application of advanced analytical tools to integrative business problems, a discovery expedition to explore political and cultural obstacles to improving social, economic and business conditions in emerged and emerging markets, as well as substantial strategy assessment and implementation projects for corporate clients and NGOs.

The module culminates in an exploration of leadership issues surrounding group performance — as experienced during project work or while engaging with client teams. Electives feature IMD and non-IMD faculty and provide an opportunity to further customize the curriculum and pursue deeper insights in a number of particular fields.

Personal debriefs conclude the module. The second half of the program allows participants to individualize their curriculum in view of post-MBA career requirements and to showcase themselves through consulting assignments, company engagement projects or executive briefing events. Every year the institute attracts around 9, executives and 90 MBAs — a ratio of — put differently, we leverage educational focus at the largest possible scale.

The Career Services framework identified what motivated and mattered to me. It helped me to identify career paths that would provide these stimuli and the key areas to focus on in the short and long term. My Company Engagement Project enabled me to change both industry and function. There was no way someone would have hired me just on the basis of my CV for this position. Until today, our MBA teams, guided by faculty, have completed more than ICPs with clients in over 65 countries.

Clients include large multinationals, small and medium-sized businesses as well as a number of non-profit organizations. This in turn calls for the close attention and cooperation of faculty, mentors, professional coaches and psychoanalysts and also demands that participants support each other throughout the year. The result is often transformational — both professionally and personally. I have worked with a number of MBA teams and a number of business schools and I have never seen a team accomplish so much or deliver such strong results.

It also changed ours. It also helped me to fulfill my passion to make a difference in the lives of people through healthcare — immediately, not later.

Equipped with this kind of solid education, IMD students are ready to take on the demanding challenges that await them during our two-year program. W Investments. Wintershall Holding Wipro. ZS Associates. In my experience it is definitely the best campus and we always appreciate the warm and professional welcome we receive. Lausanne is large enough to be interesting, yet small enough to avoid the problems of larger cities.

There is an abundance of cultural activities and plenty of opportunities to do sports in and around the city, on the lake or in the mountains.

Our participant services will assist in your relocation, from visa requirements to apartment search, to ensure a smooth transition to Lausanne.

They will also take care of details related to the pre-program logistics and course requirements. Partners are encouraged to sign up for the Integration Program which supports them to find new bearings quickly and smoothly, so that they can make this year an experience of their own. I had no idea just how enriching and enlightening the IMD experience would be for me.

The partner network is fantastic, fun and very friendly. It is a real family — you never feel alone. Daniel Lo Giudice Australian Partner With encouragement and guidance, the MBA Office supported me to define and pursue my goals and quickly integrate in Lausanne.

The partner network provided me with great learning opportunities as well as a circle of reliable, like-minded friends.

Asma Batool Pakistani Partner We look for the best group of individuals — those who have demonstrated the potential and desire to make a difference, who are looking for the next step and are committed to learning from each other. Prerequisite qualifications include. At least one language in addition to English. Admission is based on your written application, recommendations and the results of a three-part assessment day.

Your written application must demonstrate strong academic ability, solid career progression, international outlook, responsible decision-making, business achievements and real leadership capacity. Your essays should clearly express your values and priorities.

Three letters of recommendation should inform us about your personality, business achievements and leadership capabilities. At least two should come from business-related sources.

Lasting a full day, the assessment consists of a personal interview, an impromptu presentation, and a case. We will have an opportunity to assess your intellectual capabilities, integrity and ability. You have a chance to evaluate us, meet participants and possibly attend classes.

We encourage you to apply online as early as possible. You benefit from wide-ranging perspectives and you truly live a stretch. Using the assessment day to get a glimpse of the IMD experience was a great idea.


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The directives positions must be occupied by managers and entrepreneurs capable of directing and leading organizations in a competitive, global and dynamic environment. Also, they must have the global knowledge of business management in an international environment that allows them to develop the management skills essential to lead complex projects in all kinds of organizations. Thus, the MBA responds to the real needs of the business world. Master in Business Administration MBA , where students are expected to achieve solid and practical knowledge at an advanced level in the following fields: management and organization, finance, accounting, organization and management of enterprises; accounting; finance; marketing; corporate taxation; commercial law; and quantitative methods for decision making.


Imd Mba Brochure


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