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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Resultados: se recibieron en el hospital pacientes. Conclusiones: estos resultados nos hacen pensar en la necesidad de estar alertas y crear acciones encaminadas a proteger o evitar las intoxicaciones en edades tan vulnerables. Medicamentosa keratoconjunctivitis: A case report. Full Text Available We present a case of medicamentosa keratoconjunctivitis in a year-old woman who complained of eye redness, blurred vision and pain after using inappropriate medications for treatment.

Examination revealed severe conjunctival injection as well as punctate stains on the corneas. The patient was advised to stop her former medications and was prescribed an artificial tear supplement, an antibiotic-steroid combination and a topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Possible conditions that could elicit similar clinical features are highlighted. Keywords: Superficial punctate epitheliopathy; Medicamentosa ; Factitious disease; Dry eye syndrome; Benzalkonium chloride.

Mortalidad por intoxicaciones agudas producidas con medicamentos: Cuba, Ocurrieron defunciones para una tasa de 1,4 por habitantes. We undertook a descriptive stuy to determine the incidence of fatal outcomes of acute drug poisoning in and and the main risk factors for the Cuban population.

There were deaths accounting for 1,4 death per pop. In pediatric ages, under 1 year-old infants are at the highest risk whereas risk for adults increases with age, being females the most affected ones. The most risky ages for women are from 55 years and over, and for men after 75 years of life. Voluntary poisonings in adults prevailed spcially suicides from psychodrug-taking; diazepam and phenobarbital were the most used drugs for this end.

Adverse drug effects was the second cause, which are mainly caused by antibiotics particularly penicilims. Lastly, accidental situations created. Embolia cutis medicamentosa : an unusual adverse reaction to terlipressin. Terlipressin is a synthetic long-acting analog of vasopressin widely used to control variceal bleeding by lowering portal venous pressure.

We report an unusual adverse reaction to terlipressin in a year-old patient with esophageal variceal bleeding who developed skin necrosis soon after treatment initiation. Skin biopsy revealed embolia cutis medicamentosa.

Embolis cutis medicamentosa , a rare preventable iatrogenic complication. Full Text Available Embolis cutis medicamentosa is an uncommon iatrogenic complication characterised by variable degree of skin and tissue necrosis, likely to follow intramuscular injection. Intense pain and purplish discoloration of overlying skin, with or without reticulate pattern subsequently followed by tissue necrosis and scarring is highly specific for this syndrome.

It has also been reported following intravenous, intra-articular and subcutaneous injections. Herein we are reporting two cases of this rare preventable entity. Serum proteomic analysis reveals potential serum biomarkers for occupational medicamentosa -like dermatitis caused by trichloroethylene. Trichloroethylene TCE is an industrial solvent with widespread occupational exposure and also a major environmental contaminant. Occupational medicamentosa -like dermatitis induced by trichloroethylene OMLDT is an autoimmune disease and it has become one major hazard in China.

Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Full Text Available Objetivo. Avaliacao de interacoes medicamentosas potenciais em prescricoes da atencao primaria de Vitoria da Conquista BA, Brasil. Avaliacao de interacoes medicamentosas potenciais em prescricoes da atencao primaria de Vitoria da Conquista BA , Brasil. Interacoes medicamentosas potenciais em pacientes com doenca renal cronica. De um total de 1. Crotalaria incana L. A retrospective study of remote consultations by phone to report toxic events in children in the year was conducted to develop prophylactic measures.

Variables such as sex, age, causative agent, circumstances in which the poisoning occurred and hospital care were analyzed. The highest risk group was years-old male patients. On the basis of the detected situations, preventive measures in 3 fundamental areas are suggested, that is, health education, training of medical staff in charge of the poisoned child and the promotion of services rendered by CENATOX.

Reacciones adversas e interacciones medicamentosas en el tratamiento de las enfermedades respiratorias agudas. As part of the pharmacovigilance studies conducted at the Intensive and Intermediate Care Unit of the "Saturnino Lora" Provincial Clinical and Surgical Teaching Hospital, the adverse reactions and drug interactions detected in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases were evaluated.

The method of intensive surveillance of the hospitalized patient was used to validate the data obtained from the pharmacological and statistical point of view.

These values were related to clinical and demographic aspects. The possible risks were attenuated by the measures proposed in each therapeutic plan and the pharmacological advice given to the patient. En 10 individuos, se presentaron enfermedades de base y en 15, enfermedades concomitantes.

A case of drug interaction is here described in a year patient undergoing a successful anti-obesity treatment with sibutramine. Sibutramine is a drug that inhibits serotonine and noradrenaline reuptake. Soon after the introduction of finasteride to treat his alopecia, a paranoid-psychotic behavior developed.

Finasteride is a powerful 5-alpha-reductase type 2 inhibitor. Drug interaction is shown through a careful clinical follow-up and the application of Naranjo algorithm. The patient's general condition and clinical progression are also described. In addition, the most likely mechanisms of drug interaction are discussed. It seems that finasteride inhibited the hepatic metabolism of sibutramine that, by its turn, displaced finasteride from its plasma protein binding.

This phenomenon resulted in higher plasma levels of finasteride and lower metabolism of. Increased frequency of rhinitis medicamentosa due to media advertising for nasal topical decongestants. The aim of this study was to investigate the frequency of rhinitis medicamentosa RM in patients attending the ENT outpatient clinic of the General Hospital of Rethymnon Crete, Greece before and after the launch of an intensive nasal decongestant advertising campaign in Greece.

We analyzed and recorded the gender, age, and related clinical information of the patients with RM. In the same months in , patients out a total of patients were diagnosed with RM 8. The frequency of RM in these groups was therefore found to have increased significantly between and In , 8 out of 10 patients with RM reported that they had made their purchasing decision solely on the basis of the information supplied by the drug advertisement without consulting their doctor or pharmacist.

We suggest that the intensive media advertising campaign for nasal topical decongestants particularly on TV which started in is probably the main reason for this "endemic" RM.

Identification of serum biomarkers for occupational medicamentosa -like dermatitis induced by trichloroethylene using mass spectrometry. Occupational medicamentosa -like dermatitis induced by trichloroethylene OMLDT is an autoimmune disease and it has become a serious occupational health hazard. This is a case report of drug interaction in a 53 year-old woman diagnosed with depression and arterial hypertension.

As a result of a low-salt diet and the use of the captopril an antihypertensive that inhibites the angiotensine conversion enzyme, her pressoric levels had been stable till venlafaxine was introduced in her therapeutic regime. By then she started to show an unstableclinical condition, with elevations of her arterial blood pressure ABP. Venlafaxine is a potent last generation antidepressant drug, acting in the central nervous system CNS by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonine and noradrenaline.

The drug interaction is demonstrated by monitoring the ABP and using the Naranjo's tool. The patient's general clinical conditions and herprogress are presented, and the hypothetical mechanisms to the interaction, such as. METHODS: A multicenter, retrospective and cross sectional study conducted with patients in the seven intensive care units of teaching hospitals in Brazil.

Information on drugs administered at 24 hours and hours of hospitalization was obtained from the prescriptions. Midazolam, fentanyl, phenytoin and omeprazole were the drugs with higher frequency of drug interactions. In light of these findings, all actions of health professionals who provide care to these patients must be integrated in order to identify and prevent.

Trichloroethylene TCE has long been well known as a major pollutant that affects both occupational and general environments.

In this study, we analyzed 18 OMLDT patients and 29 professional TCE contact people on serum proteomic analysis by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and ClinProTools bioinformatics software. Our findings provide an alternative proteomic approach to differentiate the OMLDT patients from TCE contact workers with high sensitivity and high specificity, which will be of potential value in clinical diagnosis for occupational disease.

Foram pesquisadas as bibliotecas virtuais MedLine, Lilacs e Scielo. Se ha visto que este tipo de estudio es reciente y que pocos hablan de la realidad brasilera. It is a bibliographical revision that objectified to analyze scientific publications of nurses on, errors in the handling of the medicine therapy, carried through for the nursing, indexded in. Desta forma, o objetivo deste trabalho foi realiza A descriptive, retrospective and serial study was conducted among patients under 15 discharged from the Pediatric Hospital of Cienfuegos with the diagnosis of acute poisoning aimed at determining the behavior of some clinical and epidemiological variables.

The sample was composed of patients discharged with this diagnosis from to The following variables were taken from the medical histories and analized in all cases: age, sex, origin of the poisoning, place of occurrence, etiological agent, route, level of medical attention received and complications. In this group, Cytokine expression and cytokine-based T-cell profiling in occupational medicamentosa -like dermatitis due to trichloroethylene.

To explore whether such expression profiles reflected their steady state plasma levels, a Luminex liquid fluorescence analysis was conducted. Os intensivistas devem ser alertados para o reconhecimento do problema e criados mecanismos para o manejo adequado e prudente, diminuindo iatrogenias. The lack of compliance with drug therapy can be influenced by factors related to patients, doctors and medicines. Os pacientes foram acompanhados mensalmente, por meio de fichas. It can, however, occur in patients with chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis RA.

Nowadays drugs interactions constitute one the most important subjects of pharmacological for clinical practive of health professionals. The concomitant use of many drugs as therapeutic strategy and the growing number of agents available contribute to enlarge the benefical effects of therapy.

Besides, these factors can also permit the mutual interference of pharmacological actions that result in alteractions of therapeutics effects. The aim of this article is to review the principles pharmacological related to the mechanisms of drugs interactions, to describe the types of interactive drugs; the groups of risk patients and to suggest specific nursing interventions aiming the prevention of occurrence of adverse reactions from accidental interactions.

Full Text Available PURPOSE: Although drug-drug interactions constitute only a small proportion of adverse drug reactions, they are often predictable and therefore avoidable or manageable. There are few studies on drug-drug interactions from Brazil.

This study aimed to assess the frequency of drug-drug interactions in prescriptions and their potential clinical significance in patients of a Brazilian teaching hospital.


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