Christianity not Mysterious is a book by the radical thinker John Toland. The work was published anonymously between December and June Toland admitted his authorship in June Christianity not Mysterious is a seminal work in both freethought and Irish philosophy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Born into a Catholic, Irish-speaking family on the Inishowen peninsula of Co. Donegal, John Toland became a Protestant as a teenager; he later embraced deism and became the first exponent of pantheism. Toland left Ireland under threat of arrest and spent the remainder of his life in Britain and on the continent, where Christianity not Mysterious was enormously influential. The publication of Christianity not Mysterious was a defining moment in the movement into the Enlightenment.

A book such as this teaches us that from people such as this all subsequent ages can learn. The issues he wrote about, and the influence he had upon others, were both national, archipelagic and international in scope. John Toland remains something of a mystery, let this edition of Christianity not Mysterious contribute much to his permanent unravelling there is much of value here for the reader.

Lilliput Press — July 16, The most wonderful fact is that it was written in the time when people were killing for religion. I am not sure how sensational this book would be if it were written in the th century when people stopped assigning such great significance to religion, but for his time and place especially Ireland! The burden of truth carefully remains with the defenders of revelation and is never realized in this debate Toland pretends to have with himself.

With cunning and an apparently insatiable appetite for controversy, Toland does a marvelous job of appearing to walk the literary fence dividing the heathens from the faithful. But an occasional glace between the lines will leave no doubt as to where he truly stood. Toland maintains that reason, not revelation, should be the basis of religious belief. Toland believes in God, but maintains that there is nothing contrary to reason in Christianity. He angers the priestly class by showing how ancient pagan rituals were adopted by the Roman Catholic Church, which then found their way into Protestantism.

In essence, Toland relates that anything contrary to reason should be rejected. If we do not know something, we should remain in ignorance rather than embrace superstition and miracles. He also indirectly relates that there are no need for intermediaries between a man and God. I say indirectly because one had to be careful in this era. This book,of course, infuriates the Anglican Church leaders.

Consequently, the book is banned and burnt in Ireland, and Toland is forced to flee to the European Continent. A member of the Irish Parliament called for Toland to be burned. Toland was a lifelong freethinker, proponent of deism, pantheism, and human liberty. For these reasons he made eternal enemies of the Anglican and Catholic churches. Read the book and free your mind! Your Review. By: Richard Kearney. Please place your order and we will post books out as soon as possible, given the current restrictions.

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Christianity, Not Mysterious

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Christianity not Mysterious


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