I always thought my mother's spiritual seeking was silly. So I almost couldn't believe it when a wacky new age community helped me cope with her death. As I squinted toward the glowing lights in the distance, a warm wind lashed my face and spun dust around my feet in small flurries. But as I walked the wide dirt lane into town, the darkness lifted.

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Johnny Lovewisdom After 25 million readers of the American weekly were informed he had been chosen as the Father of the New Race in , in Doctor Johnny Lovewisdom was given renown described as a "Hermit" or "Saint of the Andes" to million world-wide by the "Mundial" magazine of Montevideo "Picture Post" G. As disciplinarian, he warns the world of Apocalyptic disasters starting before the end of and the New Age.

Excavations in Siberia show tropical animals and vegetation being once near the equator. Seller Inventory APC More information about this seller Contact this seller 5.

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More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Createspace About this Item: Createspace, Everyone knows that the fourth is the Gospel of John the Evangelist, who we have revealed to be an Essene, but very few realize that another N. Gospel was written by a man named John, who was the son of Simon Peter the Zealot, since now his Gospel is labeled only by his patronymic, Mark. Luke the Essene in his Acts says Simon Peter "went to the house of Mary, the mother of John, whose surname was Mark, because many brethren were praying there.

John the Evangelist and Apostle ignores any such division of identity, and insists in identifying John with the man who Jesus found on the Jordan for his baptism, and proceeds to tell of his own disciples following Jesus as the Word of God that the Evangelist preached. Yet, John says , "I came into this world as the Light; so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. He reveals what is hidden of him, - what is hidden of him is his Son. His wisdom contemplates the Word, his teaching utters it, his knowledge has revealed it.

This comes from the word bosom, HaNA. Bosom is also written HaDIA, the same word as glad, joyous or cheerful. This then is the Spirit of John the Evangelist which he calls the Jesus that his disciples follow and listen to as the Word of God. As to John Mark, he is described as a youth who is the son of Mary as well as the son of Simon Peter, the disobedient, stumbling stone as he calls himself.

In our volume one we already revealed that Judas was the son of Simon Iscariot patronymic meaning a warden of the prisoner or another reference to Simon Peter the Zealot. This means Simon the Zealot has two sons, Judas and Mark. This being the case with John being Mark, it solves the series of riddles, since it makes the brother of John, James, the Fisher of the Sea of Galilee helping Simon the head fish-butcher.

So that, since John is the son of the high priest Zachary, and Elizabeth, who with the death of the father are orphaned secretly in hiding from King Herod, to become Salome the mother of the Apostle John, but named the virgin born "Jesus" among the sons of Joseph. As we have already traced, Simon Peter is the fish-butcher of Galilee, who has two partners who turn out to be none other than James and John masqueraded, the two sons elsewhere know as Judas and Mark. Johnny Lovewisdom Special Appendix: Diet of the Essene Jesus and The Healing Transition Diet amplified and revised edition Now for the first time in the west, we have a facsimile reproduction of the Principal Mysteries just as they were thought out and recorded in the original wording.

Lovewisdom focuses on the importance Buddhism had in the creation of Primitive Chrisitianity. Buddha was born in India and gained enlightenment on India soil. We in the west owe so much to Buddha according to Prof.

Universities as great centers of learning first came into existence during the golden age of Buddhism in India from the time of the Buddha 6th century b.

Our concept of libraries was first developed in these prestigious Buddhist Universities. Democracy can be traced back to Buddhism and how the Sanghas or communities were governed by voting. Buddhist art at Ajanta inspired all of Asia. Indian scholars have pointed out that Patanjali s yoga sutras are really a Hindu version of Buddhist yoga and the Bhagavad Gita is claimed a post-Buddha scripture. Shankara s Vedanta system has been shown to be largely borrowed from Buddhism according to Dr.

Das Gupta. The Buddha influenced India to become largely vegetarian after being a heavy beef-eating country. Your editor's conclusion is that given the same vicarious atonement animal sacrifices, slavery among men and intellectual authoritarian servitude to Brahmanism at the time of the Buddha, -the teachings of Jesus Christ would have converted the world to peace instead of war.

Now in the 7th verse reveals: "If we live in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sins. The blood of lambs, oxen, doves and other animals, and not even the bloodshed of humans can give us life, nor Life Everlasting.

Rather, as we have already explained, the blood of the Son of God is grape blood, and Genesis teaches that the Prophesied Savior will wash his bodily raiment or robe in the blood of the grape. Francis confesses in a sermon after a severe illness: "Dearly beloved!

I have to confess to God and you that I have eaten cakes made with lard. Francis' gift of sympathy seems to have been wider than St. Paul's, for we find no evidence in the great Apostle of a love for nature or for animals.

Francis' love of creatures was not simply the offspring of a soft sentimental disposition. It arose from that deep and abiding sense of the presence of God. To him all are from one Father and all are real kin. Francis placed the chief hope of his redemption and the redress of a suffering humanity in the literal imitation of his Divine Master.

I by Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom Go to for more information on this book and amendments to the appendix concerning the essene diet. Now for the first time in the west, we have a facsimile reproduction of the Principal Mysteries just as they were thought out and recorded in the original wording. Yet now, finally cleansed of the numerous errors, subtractions, additions and interpolations which the critics lament but were never able to cause to be read in English direct from the most ancient manuscripts.

The author researched half a century to compile the background for illustrating his appraisal of the Divine Mysteries to be unveiled in the Gospels which required no less than a deep study of the undermeaning of the Nazarene Savior s own Palestinian Syriac dialect of the Aramaic tongue. You ll learn: The real direct words of Jesus as translated by a respected theologian from the original Aramaic language handed down through out the centuries without censorship or changes made by church authorities or complacent scribes.

How the Alchemy of Living Plants, transmuting elements of earth, manifests the Divine Materialization, which with God Consciousness can make our life a true Paradise.

The Paradise School of the Eternal Youth Life has since its inception laid emphasis on the physical manifestation or materialization when speaking of realizing the Will of God, the Divine Design to be done on earth as in Heaven, including the Immortality of Life and Youth, and other new powers at present unknown to man. However, materialism, putting emphasis on material things and physical aspects of Life, among pious and religious people and principles is considered taboo, the very contrary of Spiritual Living.

That the Divine practices Materialization never occurred to them, or in other words, Creation, or Nature is Divine in origin. Human mind has sought to prove Nature as chaotic and foolish, and substitute selfish escape patterns and devices which never the less end in suffering.

This habitual pattern has made man s perfection and spiritual goals an artificial existence, with an after-life and beyond earth existence built out of the substance of dreams. The embodied Spirit or Creative Godhead is seeking realization on all the planes, and each soul, as the Spark of the cosmic Flame, realizes fulfillment, the plenitude of Joy in Living thru Cosmic consciousness coordinated on all planes.

If God was seeking to get out of Matter or the physical plane, He would not have entered it, or made it manifest out of His Omniscient Intelligence as the Creator. God is God in all. Thus Webster defines Hygiene Hygienos Greek: healthful as the "Science of the preservation of health; sanitary science; a system of the principles or rules designed for the promotion of health.

However, within the years after the coining of the word Hygiene, by Hygienists, the Medical or Allopathic Doctors had surreptitiously appropriated hygiene for their own use ignoring the exact original meaning, so that vegetarian diet, fresh air, water, sunshine and many other factors needed for health were taught as dangerous causes of people's ailments.

Published by Paradisian Publications About this Item: Paradisian Publications, Condition: Very Good. Ships from the UK. Former Library book. Great condition for a used book! Minimal wear. Seller Inventory GRP Now we shall speak on the pathetic status of human society whose diet causes bodily sin biologically which has bearing on the moral, mental and spiritual life of man.

Nor can we limit the Forbidden Food to seeds any more to include raw grains the best egg producer according to poultrymen , raw nuts, legumes, and plant seeds in general, besides animal seeds eggs , but all these have been modified to stimulate overeating by cooking, fermenting, spicing and supplemented by the products of animal slaughter to even more augment the fire of lust.


My Strange Adventure With the Devoted Followers of Dr. Lovewisdom

After years of silence I once again had contact with the Luminous Being who spoke to me at the Hungarian Puszta in Before I went to Ecuador I received a book in my hand at the library in Gothenburg. I recognized Johnny Lovewisdom since he earlier operated as John the Baptist. He was also a thousand years before incarnated as the greatest saint of Tibet, Milarepa. I looked for Rolf Blomberg, who since many years where living in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, where he lived together with an Ecuadorian woman. He informed me by letter that Johnny Lovewisdom had left Ecuador and moved to California.


Johnny Lovewisdom

Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform Seller Rating:. Condition: Used - Very Good. Used - Like New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since More information about this seller Contact this seller 1.


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He promoted a raw food diet called "Vitarianism", a diet that includes raw yogurt, vegetables, and a great deal of raw fruit. As a youth he promoted a strict fruit diet but later changed it to the "Vitarian" diet with vegetables, raw yogurt and avocado. In , inspired by visiting young fruitarians, he returned to promoting a strict fruitarian diet, which he called the "Vitarian Fruit-Salad Diet". He tried to live solely on the papaya tree's fruit and leaves. Eventually, he started to bleed profusely as a result of developing a severe allergic reaction to papaya. Likely as a result of various diets, he suffered from paralysis and poor eyesight, and is thought to have had neurological problems associated with vitamin B12 deficiency.

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