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Je li ubijen, otrovan? Je li se opio do smrti ili je u starom Babilonu "pokupio" malariju ili tifus. Fotografija s piramidom je bila crna. Fotografija je pokrenula brojne rasprave, ali nije jedina NASA se nikada nije izjasnila o spornoj fotografiji. Ufolog Scott C. Sve glasnije se govori da bi pulsko brodogra Bio je to jedrenjak od tona sa tri jarbola koji je porinut Je li to vjetar?

Ili pak ljudski kostur? Njegov je odgovor bio "jebe mi se za Isusa". Naime, kad su Hvala vam! Podzemne NLO baze? Od Ukratko, to je jedan od najtajanstvenijih, fascinantnih i ponekad smrtonosnih dijelova zemlje u Sjevernoj Americi, ako ne i planeti. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Continue Reading. Investigation into the hiking they found without eyes and language The Office of the Russian state lawyer said that they renew the investigation of the mysterious death of nine young things who died 60 years ago in the hurricane.

The Speaker of the state lawyer, said these days that he would explore the never explained the terrible death of these people in the devil's pass, and hope that there will finally be answers that were still unknown to today, radio free Europe. As he said, despite many theories, and as 75 of them, the prosecutor believe the cause of the mysterious death is probably a lion or a large snow storm.

The Mountain pass of the djatlov in the north of massive Ural in the late s turned out to be deadly for nine experienced Soviet too. Seven Men and two women died under the clear circumstances on the night from 1.

The students of the shelves from Ekaterinburg were experienced by the students, they all had 2. Category of climbing, and after this trip and conquered mountains, they were supposed to get the highest, 3. Otorten in the language of the people who are living on the mountain means ' don't go there ', but it didn't scare young too, but it didn't scare young too under the leadership of Igor Djatlova. When they came to the small village of vizhai on the very edge of the wild, hosts told them stories and hunters of the people of the people who were regularly missing at the mountain crossing which was called 'death mountain'.

One Hunter, Yuri Judin, got a dysentery and was forced to stay in the village, and it is especially significant that there is a legend of nine hunters who lost their lives on the mountain, but that did not demotiviralo the hunters.

After a few days of climbing, they were caught by a snow storm and were forced to make a camp and stay there. This is exactly why nobody in their sports club was worried they didn't come back within time. However, when they exceeded the term, yudin was worried, as well as members of the hiking family, so were organized. The colleagues from the club did not find friends so both army and helicopter were mobile and helicopter.

When the camp was found, it became clear that it was spooky empty, as well as someone cut the back of the tent so they could escape from it. There are food, ski and warm clothes left in the tent.

They followed the tracks in the snow made by the barefoot hiking, running in an unknown direction at temperature On the edge of the forest, frozen. They lit a small fire but didn't help them keep them alive.

Three more bodies, including the devil, were found on the way back to the tent. The months have passed and spring came when the bodies of the other four were found. They were warm dressed in the clothes of their friends who were found on the edge of the forest in the underwear. It seems like they were outside the tent when they were attacked, but why did they wear other people's clothes? They got their eyes out, their tongue pulled out, broken ribs, and a brain, even though they didn't have external injuries.

The Autograph has shown that they were exposed to some radiation material, which authorities never wanted to comment. The whole area was closed to the public and hiking for three years. The Chief Officer Lion Ivanov later said that the mountain was flying by great areas that year and that he was ' convinced that it was alien s'.

Authorities have offered answers such as a snow lava, bear attacks or murder by but over the years, events on the mountain have been fascinating by many plot theory.

Lava is not even an impossible explanation because the dead people often take their clothes off because their brain sends signals that they are on fire and worse although they are actually freezing , but that does not explain other mysteries such as injuries, radiation and wearing other people's clothing. Numerous books, movies, stories and documentary have been written and filmed about the incident at the mountain crossing of dyatlov.

Alien, the secret of testing by the Soviet Army, American secret agents and even the hurricane equal to jetiju - change - has been mentioned for decades as potential answers to the question - what happened to the nine hiking that has the name of the expedition leader today.

Buried Alive: He was stuck and couldn't say he was alive One of the most common nightmare, apparently, is to be declared dead while you're actually alive, locked in your own body and capable of communication to hear everything, see, and maybe feel. The death of a great military leader and the owner of Alexander the Macedonia's mystery has been a mystery for over 2.

Was he killed, toxic? Did he get drunk to death or did he "pick up" in the old Babylon or typhus. The New theory says that maybe none of it is about it at all, but something much worse. The Legend says his body did not show natural signs of falling for six days after his death.

To his friends, and to the old Greek, it was a sign that Aleksandar is truly God and hero. Modern Park Science says he suffered from a rare anti-immune disease that had him and made communication impossible, although Aleksandar was fully aware of everything, and he died only six days later. He was born in the kingdom of Macedonia in before Christ, and followed the throne at the age of 20 His teacher was an Arizona who became one of the greatest general and winners ever. He conquered a powerful Persian Empire, Egypt and came to India.

Until the Years of life he rule the team large, and endlessly different, territory on three continents and five million kilometers of square. He died in Babylon, today's Iraq Years before Christ. It is written that he had heat and pain in his feeling, and soon became so weak that he couldn't walk, move or talk. Well, how does dr. It seems to be the key to mystery.

He probably got Infected with the campylobacter pylori, the most common cause of a very self-safe and healing syndrome. But there's a great chance he was aware of his surroundings and that at least he could hear.

He could hear them argue over how he would share the empire, hear the arrival of the Egypt experts and how he will start the job ". The fact that he did not fall apart is not a divine intervention, but simply the result that he was not dead yet. But, unfortunately, so far, so far, so the mystery continues to live ", says hall. Jesu li sve ove fotografije samo igra svjetla i sjene ostaje na vama da prosudite. The pyramids have always been the theme of mystery and mystery.

And while about the pyramid on earth let's say we know a lot, they are a complete mystery. In December was sent to the moon in December 17 under the control of the euro. The Mission was to take soil samples, biological experiment and taking photos.

The Photo with the pyramid was black. However, an enthusiasm was looking through photos and by a change of the range in the photo shows an object that is probably not of natural origin. The Photo has launched numerous discussions, but it is not the only one One can clearly see a structure that looks like a pyramid.

Ours never explained about the controversial photo. Ufologist Scott C. He got access to our photos and among them found a photo of the of the crater itself in the middle of them. Are all these photos just a game of lights and shadows remain up to you to judge. The curse of of: how the biggest ships disappeared On this morning, specific police actions have also started due to malfeasance in uljaniku.

Maximilian Percan was arrested, boss may 3. It is more and louder that the pula ship could close the door forever. Two World Wars survived, but not croatian corruption. Two especially painful points of of are the ships of the berge istria and berge vanga. Berge Istria was a ship owned by a Norway shipping company. Bergesen D.


Popis stripova, strip junaka i serijala

The Sacred History is an account of the workings of the supernatural in history. It tells the epic story of angels, from Creation, to Evolution through to the operations of the supernatural in the modern world. This tale of how people and peoples have been helped by angels and other angelic beings is woven into a spellbinding narrative that brings together Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Elijah, Mary and Jesus, Mohammed, Joan of Arc, the angels who helped Hungarian Jews persecuted by the Nazis, and stories from African, Native American and Celtic traditions. Told from the spiritual point of view, The Sacred History relates every betrayal, every change of heart, every twist and turn, everything that looks like a coincidence, every portent, every clue, every defeat, every rescue moment before the prison door clangs shut. This is the angelic version of events.


Moja kratka povijest (My Brief History)


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