Glaz-Tech Industries introduces a new line of framing and entrance systems that incorporate stability, thermal performance and aesthetics with Kawneer Industries. Engineered for functionality and performance, Glaz-Tech complements its commercial hardware with todays best performing insulated glass products making it an ideal choice for quality and a single source for efficient fabrication. Inquire with Glaz-Tech Industries for available hardware systems and glass configurations to determine the best complete product suitable for your project. Glaz-Tech Industries provides several glass configurations to help you maximize the efficiency and visual aesthetics of your Kawneer hardware.

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This die will fit the Acura Punch twin cylinder hydraulic units. It saves a lot of time. Now, we can punch a piece of storefront in seconds that used to take us 10 minutes to do by hand. The die set is stuck in the closed position after punching. How do I correct this? Before removing any covers check that the switches the foot pedal depresses when the pedal is released are both being fully depressed.

The most common cause of this is the pedal stop bolts that limit the pedals up travel have become out of adjustment. These are located on the front of the machine directly above the pedal. To re-adjust, loosen the locknuts on the stop bolts and screw the bolts In until the switches are limiting the up travel of the foot pedal. Turn the unit on and see if the die will now open.

If the die opens properly this was the problem. Recheck machine operation. These stop bolts take the abuse when the pedal is released and prevent the switches from mechanically bottoming out. Correct adjustment will lengthen the lifespan of the switches. B One of the 3 switches is faulty. Check the indicator lights on the solenoid to see if it is receiving power. Only one light should be active at a time. If it is not then have an electrician check the switches or replace the switches and confirm all wire connections are tight.

C Faulty coil or stuck solenoid valve. With the unit running manually shift the solenoid spool back and forth. The proper punching of holes is highly dependent of the clearances between the punch pin and the die plate hole and the sharpness of both. If the die plate hole has become oval shaped these clearances are affected.

Once the clearance becomes too large the metal will be pushed forming a raised burr on the bottom instead of a clean shear. The die plates and punches will need replaced. To get the longest life of the consumable parts make sure to fully close the die when punching and never try to re-punch holes to elongate them or to confirm they were punched through.

When the quality of the hole becomes unacceptable due to burrs or the punch pin have excessive aluminum buildup causing the extrusion to be damaged when being stripped from the punch pins.

It is recommended to mark the front of the die plates and punch holder before removal to aid in the indexing of the parts during reinstallation. Press the hydraulic unit foot pedal until the die closes. Shut off the hydraulic unit while pressing down on the foot pedal. Turn the hydraulic unit on for 2 seconds to release pressure on the nuts.

Next, unplug the hydraulic unit. Remove 2 cylinder rod nuts. Lift the die from the hydraulic unit utilizing the appropriate lifting device. Place the new die on the hydraulic unit. If the rod is depressed more than 2. Install 2 cylinder rod nuts so that the top of the nuts are flush with the top of the cylinder rods.

Plug in the hydraulic unit. Turn on the hydraulic unit. Depress the foot pedal until both nuts contact the top of the die firmly. Turn off the unit while pressing down on the foot pedal. Release the foot pedal and turn the hydraulic unit on and then back off quickly. Rotate the nuts either direction to align the 6 bolt holes. Depress the foot pedal and turn the hydraulic unit back on.

When the nuts contact the top of the die top, firmly turn the hydraulic unit off while holding the foot pedal down. Lastly, apply a liberal coat of rust preventer ex. WD to the die that is going to be stored. The hydraulic unit operates on single phase VAC single phase requiring 20 amps. A dedicated 30 amp circuit is recommended. Yes, the hydraulic pump does have a pressure adjustment.

It is located on the back of the pump body. Lowering the bar will increase the open height and vice versa. Light oil sprayed on the pins frequently will help to keep the aluminum build up to a minimum which will help with the stripping of the metal off of the pins after punching however there is no dramatic effect on the life of the parts wet of dry. The double cylinder hydraulic machine is the foundation for the entire punch press system.

The hydraulic unit comes complete with a volt, 1 phase 2 Horse Power Motor that is Compatible with any Acura Punch die set available. Replacement hydraulic oil tank for 2 horsepower motor. Filter screen, Return tube, Suction tube, Hose clamp and O-ring.

Replacement foot pedal limit switch located bottom right and top return rod. Normally closed microswitch. EMAIL info acurapunch. All photos are a representation. Actual product may be different. Web Design and Development by Imagemakers. Improved Efficiency Compatible with over 85 extrusion systems 10x Faster.

Die Unit For twin cylinder hydraulic stand. Stand not included. Read More. The oil level should be. The guide post bushings should be greased weekly or every 10 hours of operation.

Replacement Pins and Punch Plates. Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement hydraulic cylinder. Compatible with all Acura Punch hydraulic stands. Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Replacement seal kit needed to rebuild one hydraulic stand cylinder.

Hydraulic Reservoir Replacement hydraulic oil tank for 2 horsepower motor. Normally open microswitch. Measuring System Stop Each stop is built to be adjusted along the measuring system bar. Measuring Tape Flexible 12 ft.

Set of 4.


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