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Advertising in Kumudam Magazine. Tamil Nadu. General Interests. Kumudam is a Tamil weekly magazine published in Chennai, India. It features latest news, film, politics, health, interviews, and more. Step 2: Email the filled table to help TheMediaAnt.


"Kumudam" magazine's idea of morality: Shaming women wearing leggings on their cover

What was the point of these photos, one wonders. Popular Tamil magazine 'Kumadam Reporter', known to be a sensationalist magazine, is now at the centre of the controversy over a cover story on the trend of women wearing leggings and doing shocking things — wearing leggings and riding pillion on a two-wheeler, walking, etc. The story talks about a ban on leggings in some colleges in Tamil Nadu and takes the views of various women. In the process of taking a high moral ground, the magazine has used images of women, in all probability without their permission, which is an invasion of their privacy. The magazine is crafty, and says that the pictures are not meant to invade the privacy of the women, but to show readers what some men and women think of "our mothers and sisters". There is also a poem from an anonymous male writer, stating that since men cannot change and will continue ogling at women, it is better women should change themselves.


Kumudam Health 01-07-2011

The moral policing in India might just have hit the sweet spot between being extremely offensive and outright disgusting. Popular Tamil magazine Kumudam Reporter is now at the center of controversy over a cover story on the trend of women wearing leggings and has invited the ire of readers on social media, women journalists and activists, reports the Quint. In the latest issue of the magazine, its cover story "Obscene leggings: Youth are exceeding limits" is illustrated with close-up photographs of the backs of women wearing leggings. The story blamed women for wearing "obscene clothes" and said men stare at them because they wear skin tight clothes, reports Hindustan Times. Also, the fact that the women who were featured in the photographs were probably unaware that their pictures were taken were pointed out by many on the social media. Many journalists and activists on social media have demanded an apology from Kumudam magazine for their misogynistic take on women, reports India Today.


Kumudam Health Magazine


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