It contains a giant robot, a small spacecraft, two Spyrius astronauts and a robot minifigure. The giant robot has a small docking bay for the spacecraft in its centre section, which is open to the rear. The head section, which is also the cockpit, is mounted on a 4x4 turntable that can be detached for independent operations. When the head section is detached, the small spacecraft can be used as an alternate head for the giant robot. The two robot arms are equipped with a gripper arm and a magnet holder respectively.

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Medium accuracy. It's been a few months since we have seen Robo-Guardian for sale in primary or secondary markets. The current value of this set might be slightly higher then what we have estimated. The last new Robo-Guardian seen was sold on ebay. Year Buy this set at. Amazon ebay Bricklink. I own this set. I want this set.

Amazon Bricklink. My Collection. Set Details. Set number. Set Pricing. Retail price. Annual growth. Quick Buy. Bricklink Check. Set Facts. It contains a giant robot, a small spacecraft, two Spyrius astronauts and a robot minifigure.

The robot's positionable arms have movable elbow joints and a mechanism to hold them up at the desired height with release levers on the back. Robo-Guardian was the largest giant robot of the Spyrius faction. Subtheme Analysis.

This set's annual growth CAGR vs. About Space Spyrius. Spyrius was a LEGO Space subtheme released in that consisted of 9 sets until it was discontinued in with some additional released sets a couple years later. The story line featured a group of spies that frequently stole technology from other factions with their robots.

The Spyrius' base was found on one of the outer planets of the galaxies, also called Spyrius. After stealing items from other space factions, they would bring their catches back to their planet, and guard it with their giant robots.

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Sign up for free! Medium accuracy Robo-Guardian was a piece Space set with 3 minifigs released in


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6949 Robo-Guardian


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LEGO Space Robo-Guardian (6949)


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