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With additions from said articles. We hope to be able to deal with these adequately in a subsequent article. The Holy Table Plate I. The Skryer obtained from certain Angels a series of seven talismans.

Other Pantacles were obtained in a similar manner. Here Plate II. On four others stood the feet of the table. These names will be found in the Pentagram and about it. These angels are the angels of the Seven Circles of Heaven.

The Shew-stone, a crystal which Dee alleged to have been brought to him by angels, was then placed upon this table, and the principal result of the ceremonial skrying of Sir Edward Kelly is the obtaining of the following diagrams, Plates III.

He symbolized the Fourth-Dimensional Universe in two dimensions as a square surrounded by 30 concentric circles the 30 AEthyrs or Aires whose radii increased in a geometrical proportion. The sides of the square are the four great watch-towers Plates IV. This great cross divides the Tablet into four lesser sub-elemental Tablets, the left-hand top corner being Air of Air, the right-hand top corner Water of Air, the left-hand bottom corner Earth of Air, the remaining corner Fire of Air.

This is the way in which the names are drawn from the great Tablets. The 3 lines of the central cross of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost give the names of 6 seniors. These three sets of names rule the whole tablet, and must be invoked before specializing in the lesser angles of the sub-elements. Plate IV. Plate V. Plate VI. Plate VII. The Black Cross, or Table of Union. Attributed to Spirit.

Plate VIII. The Calvary Crosses. The name upon the cross read vertically is the name which calls forth the powers of the lesser angle. Above the bar of the Calvary Cross remain in each case four squares.

These are allotted to the Kerubim, who must next be invoked. The initial determines the file governed; e. These angels are most mighty and benevolent. Beneath the bar of the Calvary Cross remain 16 squares not yet accounted for.

Triliteral names of demons or elementals are to be formed from these 16 squares, uniting the two letters on either side of the upright of the cross with a letter chosen from the Central Tablet or black cross in accordance with rules which will be given in their due place.

The following rules explain how the sides of the pyramids of which the squares are formed are attributed to the Sephiroth, Planets, Elements, and Zodiacal signs. Linea S. But the order of the decans in each sign is reverse, and thus the planets which fill the right-hand side of the Pyramids go in the first two cases downwards, and in the third from left to right.

The upper sides of the Pyramids are all attributed to the Element of Spirit, the lower sides to the Element of the Tablet. Each square is also referred to the small card of the Tarot which corresponds to the Decan see The upper sides of the Pyramids are uniformly given to Spirit, the lower sides to the Sephiroth, in the order shewn. The left-hand sides are attributed to the element of the Tablet, the right-hand sides to the sub-element of the lesser angle.

The upper sides pertain to the element of the Tablet, the lower sides to the sub-element. Right-and left-hand sides in this case correspond, according to a somewhat complex rule which it is unnecessary to give here. The attributions to the Court Cards of the Tarot naturally follow. The upper side of each pyramid is governed by the Kerub standing on the pile above it. The lower side is governed by the Kerub also, but in order descending as they are from right to left above.

The left-hand side refers to the element of the Tablet, the right-hand side to the sub-element of the lesser angle. The upper and lower sides are equally attributed to Spirit. The left-hand sides to the element of the file, in this order from left to right: Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire. The right-hand sides to the element of the rank in this order: Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Follows Plate IX. It is the Alphabet of the Angelic Language. The invocations which we possess in that tongue follow in their due place. Plate IX. The Thirty Aethyrs or Aires and their divisions and angels are as follows [We omit for the present consideration of the parts of the earth to which they are stated to correspond, and the question of the attributions to the cardinal points and the Tribes of Israel. Plate X shows us the names of these governors in the four Watch-Towers.

Compare with Plate III. Note that the sigil of each Governor is unique; the four sigils at the corners of Plate X.

These are Most Solemn Invocations. Use these only after other invocations. Key tablet hath 6 calls, 1 above other 5. Use it first in all invocations of Angels of that tablet, but not at all with other 4 tablets. Not used in invocations of 4 other tablets. For those of Tablet ORO as a whole and for the lesser angle of this tablet, which is that of the element itself, viz. So for others —. The remaining 12 Keys refer to the remaining lesser angles of the tablets, the order of the elements being Air, Water, Earth, Fire.

Pronounce Elemental language also called Angelic or Enochian by inserting the next following Hebrew vowel between consonants, e. The Sign of the Rending of the Veil. The Sign of the Closing of the Veil. The sign of Osiris slain!

The sign of the mourning of Isis! The sign of Apophis and Typhon! The sign of Osiris Risen! The Light of the Cross. OL sonuf vaoresaji, gohu IAD Balata, elanusaha caelazod: sobrazod-ol Roray i ta nazodapesad, Giraa ta maelpereji, das hoel-qo qaa notahoa zodimezod, od comemahe ta nobeloha zodien; soba tahil ginonupe pereje aladi, das vaurebes obolehe giresam.

Casarem ohorela caba Pire: das zodonurenusagi cab: erem Iadanahe. Pilahe farezodem zodenurezoda adana gono Iadapiel das home-tohe: soba ipame lu ipamis: das sobolo vepe zodomeda poamal, od bogira aai ta piape Piamoel od Vaoan 2! Zodacare, eca, od zodameranu! I REIGN over ye, saith the God of Justice, in power exalted above the Firmament of Wrath, in whose hands the Sun is as a sword, and the Moon as a through thrusting Fire: who measureth your Garments in the midst of my Vestures, and trussed you together as the palms of my hands.

Whose seats I garnished with the Fire of Gathering, and beautified your garments with admiration. Moreover you lifted up your voices and sware obedience and faith to him that liveth and triumpheth: whose beginning is not, nor end cannot be: which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palaces, and reigneth amongst you as the balance of righteousness and truth!

Move therefore, and shew yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am the Servant of the same your God: the true worshipper of the Highest! Vi-i-vau el! Sobame ial-pereji i-zoda-zodazod pi-adapehe casarema aberameji ta ta-labo paracaleda qo-to lores-el-qo turebesa ooge balatohe!

Giui cahisa lusada oreri od micalapape cahisa bia ozodonugonu! O you! Whom I have prepared as cups for a wedding, or as the flowers in their beauty for the chamber of Righteousness! Stronger are your feet than the barren stone: and mightier are your voices than the manifold winds! For you are become a building such as is not, save in the Mind of the All-Powerful.

Arise, saith the First: Move therefore unto his servants! Shew yourselves in power, and make me a strong Seer-of-things: for I am of Him that liveth forever! E — the Root of the Powers of Air.

H — the Root of the Powers of Water. N — the Root of the Powers of Earth. B — the Root of the Powers of Fire. The Four Aces. Shaddai El Chai! Sign of Shu. And Elohim said Let us make Adam in our own image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fowls of the air.

Norezodacahisa otahila Gigipahe; vaunud-el-cahisa ta-pu-ime qo-mos-pelehe telocahe; qui-i-inu toltoregi cahisa i cahisaji em ozodien; dasata beregida od torezodul!


Aleister Crowley - Liber 084 Liber Chanokh (473.0 Kb)

Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of various spirits. It is based on the 16th-century writings of John Dee and Edward Kelley , who claimed that their information, including the revealed Enochian language, was delivered to them directly by various angels. Dee's journals contained the Enochian script , and the tables of correspondences that accompany it. Dee and Kelley believed their visions gave them access to secrets contained within the Book of Enoch.


Liber אנוך (Chanokh) sub figura LXXXIV

With additions from said articles. We hope to be able to deal with these adequately in a subsequent article. The Holy Table Plate I. The Skryer obtained from certain Angels a series of seven talismans. Other Pantacles were obtained in a similar manner.


Enochian magic



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