The Buster PiX10Hub is here! Created by the Community, for the Community. Contact X Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Just curious as to if anyone has used the ccwhisplc for fan control and had it transmit status?

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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I bought one of these fan controllers and have it up and running. They are expensive but nice. I have gained basic control of the swtich in Homeseer, but now I need to customize this device for more accurate control.

The controller has three settings: low, medium and high. Any help appreciated Paul. Tags: None. July 31st, , PM. Where did you buy the switch? Comment Post Cancel. August 1st, , AM. Rupp, I bought it at worthington for I cant seem to get any decent control of the fan. If I select the device as compose, it acts strange under dim commands.

It seems to work most dependably under interface variable device. Is there any way add a custom device with your own set of dim commands? I'm not sure, but one possible way would be to create 3 events. I guess you would trigger them in any number of ways, but you need to select the device, then insert the preset dim codes.

Another thought would be to create an event that triggers on a specific device code other than the one of the fan. Create a script that would run when the event fires. This script would need to know the last command. You could trigger the fan by using a keypad for example.

The script would send the codes exactly as you described using hs. ExecX10 Sorry for not being more specific, but as I'm at work, I can't lookup the exact commands and do an example. But this shouldn't bee too difficult for you to figure out. Thats alot for a switch. I've seen them before but thought its way to much. Is it worth the money? Does it hum at all? The switches are definitely expensive.

But if anyone has had the aggravation of the annoying hum, rest assured that those issues have been resolved. There is absolutely no hum on low or high setting and only the faintest of hums on medium setting which you can only hear if you put your ear up to the switch. The fan noise itself completely drowns out the hum sound.

The switch feels nice and can be preset to low medium or high with one tap of the switch. It can then be changed by holding the switch down for the other settings. One quirk: the fan always will come on high first for an instant then power down to medium or low setting as needed.

This is only an issue if you are like me and get confused easily. Probably not. But maybe if I can get the control of it to work well. It might be nice to have fan speed control based on room temperature and I can especially use this in the sunroom which gets very hot in the summer afternoons.

GenevaDude: you don't know who you're dealing with here I have most of the day off from work and will be messing around with this but I have no clue about scripting. I guess the price of the switch may prove valuable if it makes me learn more about homeseer. August 1st, , PM.

Update: I was having difficulty with the switch because I didn't have it set right to CI mode and X compatibility mode. Got on the phone and got it straightened out. Spent some time learning basic scripting. I did this script to add icons for the fan in the web viewer. The switch isn't responding to polling however. Could this be a line problem or is something else wrong? I am glad to hear those switches work well, I bought 2 of them and have not had time to install them yet. Expensive yes, But certianly very high on my waf list.

Why oh why didn't I just leave things alone, they had been working. I have one of these installed, and a second I will install this weekend if I can find some time. They are great. I have mine defined in HS as a Compose Switch. I control it using a script and one event. The event is triggered by any command for a control device code not the device code of the fan The script only responds to ON or OFF.

If the fan is on at any speed, an OFF turns it off. The fan really has only three settings. If you don't send it the exact setting for that speed, it chooses a speed, but I'm not sure exactly how it decides which speed to go to, whether its the next highest, or next lowest, where the cutoff is between the two, etc. I never had the time or patience to figure that out. I think the only way to change the dropdown list for a device is using a plug-in, but I will spend some time this weekend researching this because I want to do it for some virtual devices I have set up for something else.

Update: You can change the drop down list with a script, but you need at least one event and a script to cause anything to happen when you select an entry from that drop down list. Also you can't do this for an X10 device without messing up normal X10 processing, so you'd have to set up a virtual device like I am doing.

Can you post the example script to add the drop down buttons? I can't find the instructions at the moment, but I seem to remember that you have to enable 2way, its not on by default. I searched on worthdist's site for a half of an hour and can not find the link. Anyone have a link. Rupp, Sorry, wasn't clear about what I meant. I'm talking about the "Control" feature of the device command drop down list using hs.

From the drop down list created by DeviceValuesAdd you can change the value not status of a virtual device, and then use that change to trigger an event that calls a script that then does something. There is and example of this in the help file. Rupp, When I went looking again a week or so ago I couldn't find them either, I was contemplating buying one more. I don't know why they took them off the site, at one point they had a special on them, maybe they are temporarily sold out?

I'd give Worthington a call or send them an email and ask. Yes No. OK Cancel.



Last Post by jjdumas May 6th, I guess the price of the switch may prove valuable if it makes me learn more about homeseer. Is it worth the money? Does anyone know anything abou this or if there is a setting I need to do? I cant seem to get any decent control of the fan. Compose device value vs status change by dschoppe.



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Lightolier CCWHISPLC-W Compose 3-Speed Fan Control - White

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