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Saturday, April 5, The human energy system is, among other things, in constant operation. Frequencies, consistently found in every form, can be translated into numbers,which provides a method of keeping track of these patterns.

Every number has a certain power expressed by the representation of the symbol and these resonate and are connected with and to universal principles. Numbers have relation to all things in nature.

These consistent and repeatable patterns comprise the structure of our world and inform our senses and sciences Lloyd Mear and the Energy Balancing by Numbers System EBN The numbers represent frequencies for the body to use to heal itself. The body is an energetic mass which is, primary water and a balance of minerals. It operates as an electrical system at various levels of electrical energies frequencies.

If you are not well then some of your frequencies are missing or not functioning at optimum levels. Reading numbers is like sending an intention to the body. You can learn more about Lloyd's work by watching the following Interview and Demonstration Videos. He is able to develop the numbers that the physical body needs in order to operate at optimal level.

Lloyd discovered his abilities after a massive heart attack and triple bypass. Since then, he has dedicated his life to balancing the body with number frequencies and, through contact with a higher Source, perfected this system of healing and ultimate health and wellness.

Lloyd is also heavily involved in the science of water and nano water and is able to enhance it with specific and individualized healing properties. His work has been conducted in conjunction with a quantum physicist for over fourteen years and has shown great success. Lloyd believes, that like a car, the physical body also needs a tune up now and then.

Emotions as well as environment and heredity play a large factor in our physical well-being. It is for these reasons our frequencies can change day to day.

He has devised a manual to give us the correct frequency numbers our body should have along with numbers that will help eliminate undesirable frequencies in our body. Checking our frequencies as needed or on a regular basis will help our bodies function optimally. Lloyd has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows as well as interviewed on networks such as Conscious Media Network Gaiam TV. Ethann F. Lynn M. Micheila S. Event organizer. Skip to content COVID advisory For the health and safety of Meetup communities, we're advising that all events be hosted online in the coming weeks.

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Lloyd Mear and the Energy Balancing by Numbers System

She is passionate about energetic frequencies and uses them as the foundation of her treatment protocols and therapeutic programs. Science and numerous case studies support her philosophy of healing-through-vibrational-frequency. She uses her skills to convert frequencies into numerical codes targeted to specific symptoms and goals. Her list of codes expanded more and more until she had developed pages and pages of healing codes. She had the epiphany to make the searchable database available online. The Codes of Life Database is a culmination of her desire and determination to make her dream of an online database possible.


It's Rainmaking Time!®

Healing by Numbers. Frequency healing numbers for your energy body. Lloyd Mear often tells the story of the day he had his heart attack while driving in a very remote area of Canada. The nearest hospital was 60 miles away and he was by himself. Determined, Lloyd put up an extraordinary fight, suffering extreme nausea and often finding himself passed out on the wrong side of the road in oncoming traffic.


EP78 Lloyd Mear Healing With Numbers on Exploring Possibilities


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