Short title and commencement. Courses to be imparted at the Institute. Obligatory functions of the Institute. Qualification of persons to be eligible for admission in the Institute.

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Maharashtra Legal Metrology Manual For official use only. Legal Metrology Organization is one of the i mportant organizations of. Government of M aharashtra. When this or ganization was st arted, it was a. The provisions of thi s Act are based on. These recommendations keep on changing and accordin gly.

This is a S tate l evel. Each pos ition is assigned with certain powers for decision. Their roles and responsibilit ies are also defined. All these are hig hlighted in the. The Inspector is the low est field functiona ry entitl ed to be called Legal.

Metrology Officer. Mini mum qualification required for appointment as. Legal Metrology Officer is graduate from a recognized universit y in.

Public Prosecutor in thos e courts. His jurisdiction consists of one or two. Assistant Controller is a Legal Metrolog y Offi cer ranked above the. Assistant Controller is appointed from amongst the Inspectors. Mechanical, Electronics or Computer or M. Sc with. Physics b y M aharashtra P ublic Service Commission. Ideally, this i s a. District level post. However, in some cases an As sistant Controller has to.

He is h ead of the office, dr awing and. He is r esponsible for moni toring the work of I nspectors under his charge. In his concerned District, he exercises certain del egated powers regarding. The powe rs delegated to hi m include renewal of licences o f repairers of. Deputy Controller. Deputy Cont roller is the R egional h ead and respons ible for working of.

He is the supervisor of all Legal. Metrology Officers working unde r him. He exercises certain dele gated. Rules made thereunder. He issues licences to the repairers of weight or. He is in-charge of Secondary S tandard Laboratory. He also. While i nteracting with Officers of this Organization, the Controll er of. Legal Metrology, who i s an I PS officer, realized that despite having. Despite having. Analyzing t he. The procedures followed were mainl y dependent on the circulars issue d. But the applicable period of most of these cir culars.

Hence, a departmental. Almost all States have Legal Metrology O rganizations but their. Also, Legal Metrolog y. In Maharashtra it is working under Food, Civil Suppl ies and. Consumer Protection Department, which i s very rele vant as the duties. In man y States the Leg al Metrolog y Organization i s considered as. G overnment of Maharashtra has considered this. In Maharashtra this organization goes b y.

Similarly, there is no u niformity in the organizational structure of the. Legal Metrolog y Or ganizations in the country. In some St ates there is a. States have no such post s.

In man y States t here is no Assistant Controll er. Therefore, there is no u niformity i n working procedures. There is no manual for uniform working existing even within a State and. When He ad of the. Organization i. Controller of Legal Metrology is changed or transferred,. With a view to bringing uniformity in t he working within the. Maharashtra State, a co mmittee under the Chairm anship of one Deput y.

Controller was constit uted for pr eparing a Departmental Manual. Committee initiall y con sisted of a chairm an, two Assistant Controllers. The num ber of members of the Committee was. Finally, the Committee consisted of Shri. J adhav, D y. C ontroller as Chairman, th ree Assis tant Controllers,. J oshi, S hri. Chate, Shri. Bagal and six Inspectors,. P atil, Shri. Shinde, Shri. Waghmare, Shri. Poradwar, Shri. Rajderkar, and Shri. They all. Several meetings. Secretary, Law and J udiciary Department,.

Government of Maharashtra and a p reliminar y draft of the manual was. This draft was circulated among different constituted sub-gr oups to study. The draft wa s th oroughly discussed on.

The suggestions. Metrology, New Delhi and representatives of oth er St ates, who attended. This d raft. The scruti nized final draft was subm itted to Government. State Government has accorded its. About the Manual. Maharashtra Legal M etrology Manual explains in detail the duties and.

Procedures specified in this. Maharashtra State Legal Metrolog y is the first organization. State is again the pione er in providing a proce dural manual for Legal.

Metrology Officers in the State level. Since The Legal M etrology Act,. In the background of the globalizing world econom y, qu estions. Legal Metrolo gy Organization of the State. Prepar ation of t his was.


Maharashtra Legal Metrology Manual 2011

The doctors keenly observe weight of expectant mother and accordingly medication is prescribed. After the birth of a child, weight of newborn infant is noted. This is a beginning of a human being, which goes hand in hand with legal metrology. In the pre-medieval era, we find standard prescribed for weights and measures.


Maharashtra's legal metrology department to test taxi meters now

In the biggest move yet to free Mumbai's commuters from the fraud of tampered meters in taxis and auto rickshaws, plans are afoot to transfer the power to test and verify these meters from the short-staffed regional transport offices RTOs to the legal metrology organisation falling under the state's food, civil supplies and consumer protection department. Sources said that two meetings on the issue were conducted this week between top officials of the state transport department and the legal metrology organisation. Both sides agreed to the transfer and minutes of the meetings are being finalised, said officials. Incidentally, the metrology department is well-equipped legally to tackle the problem because schedule 11 of the Maharashtra Legal Metrology Enforcement Rules, has an item number 12 under the heading 'Linear Measuring Instruments' which refers to auto rickshaw and taxi meters. Additional transport commissioner S B Sahastrabudhe said, "The matter was discussed and the procedure is being finalised. Speaking to dna, Sanjay Pandey, controller of legal metrology weights and measures , said, "As per law, any measuring instrument that leads to a transaction should be verified by the legal metrology department. So we will be doing it.

1943 LEY 0028 PDF

Means that part Metrology which treats units of weighment and measurement, methods weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirement which have the object of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of weighment and measurement. In order to ensure uniform enforcement of laws related to matters in Legal Metrology through out the country, the Govt. Controller of Legal Metrology Department is the competent authority to grant the licence. Application for licence should be submitted to the Inspector of Legal metrology who will inspect the firm and forward the same to Controller of Legal Metrology with recommendation for consideration.

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