The module has a reasonable power consumption of approximately mA during calls and mA when idle with SIM card registered on the network. This article will summarize my experiment with this GSM module and describes some interesting findings. The module has four 2. The onboard MAX is connected directly to the 5V power supply while the rest of the board works with 3.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Command Reference. Table of Contents. The Terminal may interfere with the operation of these devices.

Industrial standard interfaces and an integrated SIMcard reader mean it can be used rapidly, easily and universally as a dual band GSM Terminal. Attaching The TC35 Terminal can be attached with two screws. Use screws approx. The TC35 Terminal can be attached to a top-hat rail using an additional fixture see the following page.

Page 12 Installation Mounting kit for top-hat rail installation The TC35 Terminal can be attached to a 35mm top-hat rail using this mounting kit. There are two screws that are used tofix the top-hat rail adapter to the TC35 Terminal.

The TC35 Terminal can be inserted onto the Page 15 Fuses A permanently installed, non-replaceable fuse in the TC35 Terminal ensures electrical safety in the event of faults. Connect a fast 1. Mode 4: Any handset can be connected to the TC35Terminal. Votronic handset HH-SI Ingbert Tel. Page 20 GSM Make sure that there is no voltage applied to the TC35 Terminal. Page 21 Interface description 3. Page Rs Interface PC.

The RS interface is implemented as a 9-pin D-Sub socket with a screw fitting. Use and operation In order to control the Terminal and transfer data, the customer application e. Page Startup If the recommended plug-in power supply unit is used, the ignition line is already connected to the supply voltage line, and the TC35 Terminal is thus immediately switched to the active state. It starts the network search and registers with network operator.

The operating voltage for the GSM module is disconnected the switching regulator is off. Paging is performed with the GSM network in order to obtain The AT command structure corresponds to the TC35 module used. These interfaces must be designed in such a way that the upgrading ofthe TC35 Terminal is integrated in the application. M20Terminal The modified version passive version of the Votronic handset must be operated at the audio interface in accordance with HH-SI Order no.

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Exploring the SIEMENS TC35 SMS GSM Module



board GSM SIEMENS TC35 SMS Wireless Module UART/232 dev


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